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November 30, 2010

The Girl with the Purple Glasses.

I dont know if its a milestone or not but the big news is that Ashu is wearing glasses. So a little more than a month ago, I took her to the eye doctor. Somewhere around June, Hd and I felt that her eyes need to be checked. We both are short sighted and thought that the sooner she gets checked the better. She did nt show any signs though. Nothing we noticed, that is. We got an appointment only in October. One part of me was cool about it and another part of course was a little apprehensive. The retinal dilation drops were given three times and the test was in the evening, Ashu was too tired. And it was a horrible experience for me trying to make Ashu cooperate and get it over with rather than come another day and go through the same thing once again. The doctor and the nurse were extremely patient with her. She was tested and the doc confirmed that she needs glasses. I remember I was 12 when I was tested and I was over the moon that I can wear glasses because they were cool. My parents and sister are nt short sighted so I felt really special. Thankfully, kids are still the same and Ashu was thrilled that she can wear glasses. One of her friends from school wears glasses and two more boys we know wear them too. And of course she sees me and her dad with glasses almost all the time. So thankfully she was ok with the idea.

A week later, we were off to this big Optical shop in Bahnhofstrasse. A kind saleslady guided us and Ashu was treated like a princess. She showed us the frames and after trying a dozen of them, Ashu selected a purple one. It looked nice on her, I thought. We ordered the glasses and walked out with a balloon! And a week later, ta-da! Ashus first pair of glasses arrived! I spoke to her class teacher about it and she told me that she will have a talk with the class about it. Ashu skipped to school that day and came back even more happier! Phew. It has been a month now and she wears them regularly. She is very careful with them too. She takes it off carefully and puts it on top of the drawer before falling on the bed face first! Even when she's upset about something! Thats more than what can be said of her mother! It helps that she is like her father in some things, huh? :) Here she is happily drawing with the window glass crayons! Best thing I ever bought, I tell you! Madam was upset that I would nt hang a Happy Birthday banner for her fathers birthday so she took it upon herself to decorate. :) On that note, Happy Birthday Husband Dear!

I ll be on a short blog break. See you on the other side.


Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Purple glasses .... nice choice !!
Is that a "Fancy Nancy" book there ... have a big fan in these parts ..

anubharat said...

Ashu looks very cute in her glasses and gives her a stud look. Lovely. You going on a blog break? Ouch! Hope you come back soon.

Aneela Z said...

this is so so nice...I remember bursting into tears when I started wearing glasses, hiding my face, school was cruel. I wonder who/what is responsible for this change. It cant all be Preity Zinta and Kal Ho Na Ho right?

R's Mom said...

Wow..she looks cute...I got glasses when I was 10 or something...and boy was I happy or what :)

Sumana said...

She does look cute in the glasses and glad she likes wearing it. I know of my friend's daughter who started wearing when she was a 1.5 years old. It was tough on the baby to make her wear it. Atleast Ashu that way is fine.

Sunitha said...

Ashu looks adorable :)

mnamma said...

Glasses look good on her :) I somehow was very upset when M and N both had to wear glasses. Now I have come to terms with it and of course it gives that studious look :) Come back soon after the blog break.

Anonymous said...

Dear Boo,
I have been reading your blogs from past 2 months.. and they are just gr8..
pls compile them and publish a book.. u are a fabulous writer.. very addictive ..:)
and i am 7 months pregnant.. Never thought pregnany & baby is such a joyful exp' :) thanks for the wonderful experiences you have shared..

Anonymous said...

Hey cute Ashu..I know I used to be so jealous of ppl wearing spectacles when I was young...

What blogging break aa?? What going to the US or India;)) Enna surprise this time:))


The Inquisitive Akka said...

Romba sweeta irikka pa!I was in Germany when I started wearing glasses. I didn't want to wear them at all but my class teacher spoke to my class and all the kids complimented me when I entered wearing my new glasses :)
On another note, we've been taking my son for eye tests every month (preemies are at a high risk for eye problems and add a SEVERELY short sighted mother to that equation..)and the doctor told us junior will probably have to wear glasses when he's two. I have decided he will look perfectly adorable :)

Anonymous said...

Oh No! It makes me sad to see that children are wearing glasses at 5 or younger already! What is to blame? I don't think it's genes alone..

My daughter had to get her glasses when she was 6, when the school nurse sent us a note. It really broke my heart. No matter how cute they look with the glasses on, it is a big hassle at this age. When she was playing during school recess another big kid came crashing onto her and her glasses broke.. thankfully nothing got in her eye.

Re: your blog break, have you finally given into YY's persuasion?

Anusha said...

Hi Boo,
First time here. I have been reading your blog for quite some time and was waiting to finish all your posts before I posted my comment. Now I have to say this. The way you write is mind blowing. I mean, to bring in humor in each and every one of your posts is not a mean deal and you have just transported me to Zurich and to Boodom with your words. I love the way you write and I have to bow my head to you and to all those moms and home makers and woman who juggle home and work out there who manage their home and yet find time to blog. I just have my office work to do as I am not married yet and I still find no time to keep up with my writing. How you people do it and do it fabulously is beyond my grasp. I can only bow my head and salute you all in reverence. Keep up the good work boo, and keep us entertained. And btw I simply love ashu and antu and have learnt a lot about parenting from your blog that I am gonna practice with my 8 month old nephew :)... And did I tell you I too am the youngest in my family and have an elder sister and can relate to all your sisterly tales.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I know two women who look awesome good in my campus lately, with their glasses on - I think one has a purple frame. It almost felt like "glasses" as style statement is coming back. Frames used to disappear into thin lines, or even just top line in the 90s but now thick broad colorful frames add a wonderful drama to the feminine features.

All said and done I think I have to come back and read this blog to get some positive spirit and courage when my kid/s wear glasses. I was(am) shortsighted and got it lasered to perfection in my 25th year - almost a decade now no problems. I guess I was a bit uncomfortable in 6th standard when I got it, but with corrective lenses on my eyes I ended up as outstanding student - DUH! (that blind I was until then, then?!)
But I actually became proud of my elite look with glasses only in college - but I hated it after college - tried lens, I was too careless to maintain it - LASER was a miracle for me. I wish my children get prax's gene in their eyes - I so much wish that I am willing to prax to God on that! :)
But then I can always come back to your blog if genes win prayers! :)
Positive, positive, totally positive outlook.

By the way, Prax is busy hunting for glass crayons after you mentioned it - impressive work by Ashu!

Anonymous said...

عظيم آخر. لا يمكن أن تنتظر لقراءة تلك التالي :)

Dubukku said...

nice photos and the art in the glass looks fab. Belated wishes to HD. you are on a break - avvvvvvv

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

I found your blog through IndiBlogger. Cute post about your daughter and her new glasses. I'm glad that she has taken to them.

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We are on the search for more global mothers to write for us! Pop by and check us out, and please help us spread the word!


Veronica Samuels :)

A and A said...

very Cute

Anonymous said...

Got it right.

the mad momma said...

aww.. she looks very cute with them. but then she'd look cute in anything.

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