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November 05, 2010


Every year, I get the blues on this day if I am out of India. This year is no exception. I try to make this day as exciting as possible for the kids but if theres no prospect of going out of the house bright and bushy tailed even before the sunrise and burst crackers, whats the point of getting up early and dressing up, pray tell? Nevertheless, I took Ashu and Antu out shopping yesterday and let them choose their new dresses. Ashu loved the experience and felt all grown up. I made Double ka Meetha sweet which Ashu and Antu refused to even try and Diamond biscuits which did nt even live to see daylight because Antu thought that that was dinner! Getting up early has never been a problem in this household. For the kids, I mean. So they got up around 5.30 am and came to our bed. And instead of swatting them away and curling up in my duvet like I always do, I yelled "Happy Deepavali" and got up much to their collective shock! But it was just the beginning. When I heated up some oil and massaged their hair with it, they crinkled their nose because of the strong smell and Antu who on regular days hates water in her hair, glared a "dont you dare at this time of the day!" look at me. Ashu was all whiny too. For a minute, I wondered what the whole point is! Ashu has school. Hd has office. As usual. What am I going to achieve by doing all this? Then I let out a deep sigh and decided I am not letting go of this tradition. Never. Its one of the strongest memories for me and if I close my eyes I can smell the arappu, nallennai and all the smoke form the burst crackers and sparklers. I did what any self respecting mother would do. "Do you guys know you can eat as many sweets as you want today? You can even eat your gummy vites first and then drink your milk, Ashu!" Bribe. Nothing works like bribe. Ashu could nt believe her ears. "Really, Amma? Wow!" And Antu who has never eaten a piece of chocolate until today and thinks that chocolates are "dirty" decided to change her mind and try one. Welcome to the big bad world of chocolates, my dear girl! If not on Deepavali, then when? Bathing, dressing up, etc.. were all done on fast forward with minimum crying by Antu. I decided to make Hd feel special too by making Pongal and Chutney and the man does nt know what hit him! Hes off to drop Ashu in school now. (Did nt I tell nothing works like bribe? ;) Parents, Sis, Bil and a special friend called to wish and now at 9 am, it does feel a little like Deepavali with my damp hair, the fragrance of incense sticks and candles lingering in the air, our new dresses with a touch of kungumam in them and a very tempting dabba of double ka meetha.

Wishing you all a wonderful, wonderful Deepavali!


KalpanaKrish said...

aah the new clothes ( pattu pavadai when we were younger ) ganga snanam and the deepavali sapadu :) Happy Deevapali to you Boo and on this day i must tell you,there is this regular reader of your Blog from Brussles.:)

Shankari said...

Happy Deepavali to you Boo. You are right, living so far away from home, it does seem sometimes very pointless to follow traditions, but I think it is important we follow them lest it is all forgotten!

Hope you have a great rest of the day and enjoy the weekend in true Deepavali style!

neha vish said...

I so know what you mean. I got up early, had an 'oil bath', but then felt strangely lost. Now what? Do I deck myself up and sit for a while, and then change and get to work?

But it works out.. it does. :) Happy Deepawali..

utbtkids said...

Happy diwali.

I think it is the powerful nostalgia working its charm on every one.
I seriously wanted to take a rain chk this year. But last min went and bought clothes for the girls.

Even the husband is in quite a mood. HE MADE GULAB JAMUNS - you know my husband, can you believe it??!! I made murukku.

Now off to do the idli vadai routine.

Gayatri said...

Wish you a happy Deepavali.
I enjoy reading your blog. I too have tried to continue tradition. My child got new clothes and also had to go through "ganga snanam".

Anonymous said...

Dear Boo,

Happy Deepavali to you and family...

Pongal and Chutney sounds so inviting after a protein bar!!

Sujatha Ramesh

Sangeetha said...

Happy Deepavali Boo! I am a regular reader but a first time delurker. I too wanted to give up on Deepavali as it is a busy working day for us but then last minute did a small pooja, wore new clothes for like 10 mins in the morning, lit some diyas and had some store bought sweets. Well, maybe next time I will plan ahead and make my own sweets. Nothing like Sun TV and pattasu to bring the spirit of Deepavali out!

Me said...

happy deepavali boo & family!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Deepavali!

I know that whats-the-point feeling - given that CH is unlikely to allow firecrackers anytime soon (Can you imagine it? :)) - maybe you can round up some friends for a sleepover next year, and have a gala get-up-early party!


Anonymous said...

Boo, did you see that SG has removed the blog entry for navarathiri??


starry eyed said...

Right here in Bangalore, I've been wondering what's the point, but made laddoos and chiwda and lit up lamps anyway. Elder one loves it, younger one whines. And I had to work :(

Happy Deepavali anyway!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Boo , spoke too soon about SG link...Did not check properly


Choxbox said...

Happy Diwali Boo!

Come off to India then. At least for Diwali.

Praveen said...

The nostalgia always gets us, doesn't it?

Alas, I don't have Diwali this time owing to my mom's demise early this year. I could only think of the oil massage she would give her grown up son's parata thalai and the delicacies she would prepare on this day.

Happy Diwali!

Manchus said...

Happy Diwali Boo and family. Send me your num by email. Want to talk to you, been a long time.

bitsofchocolate said...

Happy Deepavali to you and the Boo Family !!

Also, what are Diamond Biscuits ??

elegantstroke said...


new reader here..your post made me nostalgic, just as few other readers mention above :)

/*sorgamey endraalum */ - spot on.

anubharat said...

Wishing a very happy Deepavali to you and your family. During festival days it is tough to be so away from India, esp in a place where Diwali is just another day and you end up doing you regular routine. Miss being with family, the smell of crackers, the awesomely delicious sweets and all those tv shows. Atleast for the sake of kids, we end up celebrating most of these festivals here, so that they atleast have some idea about the importance and meaning behind these auspicious days.
Pardon my ignorance, what is double ka meeta and how do you make it

bouncingbubble said...

Happy Deepavali! I too made diamond biscuits. Sweet was cocoa cake.
Living outside India has made me feel better in so many ways, but festivals/dear ones marriage etc are times when I can't simply see the point.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Happy Deepavali !!
I did the massage thing to ... and surprisingly the girls didn't complain. Bathed them together ... so they had so much fun !! (usually I cannot handle 2 kids together in the tub ... but I survive it sometimes :) )

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Diwali!! :) btw, where did you get double ka meetha. I went all over hyderabad to find it and couldn't :(. Ofcourse, I just spent a day. :)


Anonymous said...

boo, we ate athirasam, munthirikoththu, panniyaaram, paal kozhukkattai, bondah, vadai, murukku, mixture, laddu, (all home made by mom!) and then watched nephew niece go crazy with lakshmi vedi, sara vedi, chakkaram, pus vaanam, annukundu, kuruvi vedi, bijli, and all that!

Make it to kumbokanam next year with kids and sis family :)

B o o said...

Thanks Kalpana. Somehow I never got pattu paavadai for Diwali. Another issue I gotta take it up with my mom!! :)

Shankari - As it is, I dont celebrate many many important dates in the Tamil calendar. If not for Deepavali and Pongal, my Tamil soul will burn in hell!!

Neha - I read your piece in the Guardian. bittersweet.

Utbt - R made Jamuns?!!!! Hd made Ulundu Vadai. The world is going to end, I tell you!

Gayatri - Thanks. Hope you had a wonderful Deepavali too.

Sujatha - LOL! Wanna trade?

Sangeetha - Like Utbt said, the power of nostalgia is too strong. :)

Me - thankoo.

M - But parties are always the nearest weekend, na? :(

Sujatha - why not remove just the photo, I ask. why the whole post?

Starry - I think I should be thankful that I dont have to go to work. A friend here kept her kids home on Diwali. Mebbe I should do that from next year!!

Sujatha - he did remove the post i ve linked is from the google cache.

Chox - I wish. But Ashu is in KG now, you know? And that apparently is serious school and cant take too much days off! *rolls eyes*

B o o said...

Praveen - Thanks. And Hugs.

Manchus - Thanks. long time indeed. Lets rectify that. :)

PV - the easy peasy maida biscuits.

elegantstroke - welcome here. and thanks. :)

Anu - its also called Shahi Tukde and its a Hyderbadi dessert. deep fried bread slices soaked in jeera and milk concoction with nuts.

Bouncing bubble - weddings! nothing like attending a big fat Indian wedding! :)

CA - it was ulta here. I usually bathe them together but did nt on Diwali. :)

San - Did you even read the post? I "MADE" double ka meetha. Hard it may be to believe but I did. *cross my heart and hope to die*

Kookaburra - I did nt read anything after Mundhirikothu!!! WHOA!

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