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November 17, 2010

What is Antu upto?

Antu is growing up so fast that it hurts me unbearably. I don't know if its with the second borns but with Ashu I was always looking forward to the next stage. May be now that I know whats coming, it pains me whenever Antu reaches a new milestone. Crazy, I know! A month ago, Hd was short listing play schools for Antu and I glared at him. "She so ready, ok?", he said. "But what about me? Im not ready to send her. Ever", I replied. "The thought of sending her to school feels like someone is stabbing at my heart with a knife and then twisting it!", I added. He sighed, shook his head and gave up. Shes almost 2 1/2 now and I know its a good idea to send her from Jan. But it breaks my heart. However weird that might sound, it truly does. Yesterday I took her to a new play school for a tour and she just went in, took her shoes and jacket off and went straight to the play room and started playing. As if she has been coming here every day all her life! She even found a friend. The boy is a friends son and she has seen him a few times before. And an hour later, when I was ready to leave after talking to the caregivers, I had to go and find her and she refused to come! So my brain tells me that shes so ready but my stupid heart is in denial. Hoping 2011 will knock some sense into me!

I was watching TV one day and there was this commercial for some charity. A picture of a starving, sick African baby. All skins and bones and lying on the ground. Looking straight into the camera with painful eyes. Since I had seen this ad many times before, I quickly turned my eyes away from the TV with a bit of a guilt. And I heard Antu say so cheerfully and loudly, "Look Amma. A baby!" And she had such genuine happiness in her face and was thrilled to see a fellow baby on screen. I was captivated by the childish innocence. When do we start losing it?

When we ask the dreaded question, "Whom do you like more? Amma or Appa?", she does nt waste a moment before answering "Appa!" The ungrateful brat! 5 years and counting and Ashu has never ever said anything but "both" to this question. Karma, surely! I remember I used to say "only Appa" when I was a kid. Actually, I think I still do! :)

And another day she brought a drawing to me and said "Lookit amma!" I think she was tired of always seeing her sister bring me drawings to show and get all the compliments. So I oohed and aahed at the drawing and asked her, "Who did this, Antu?" and she immediately answered, "Ashu did it." My poor little kid! Im sure she ll get there one day!

Antu is such a happy child with a smile pasted in her face all the time. She has to reach out and touch babies when she sees them. She has to go sit near kids in parks. She comes to us for random hugs. Shes delighted to see Ashu after school. Its just impossible to be mad at her for more than 2 seconds because she ll totally charm your pants off with the most sweetest "sorry"!

Needless to say, she has her dad neatly wrapped around her little finger. The other day I had a talk with Hd on how hes letting her get away with anything and that he has to be more stern. And his reply, "But she's a baby. She's not even three!" This is the same guy who gave time outs to Ashu when she was 2 years old, mind you!

Talking about time outs, Ashu hates this word even now and takes it as a huge insult if I say the T word. But Antu? Gives herself time out happily and goes and sits in a corner for 2 mins, apologizes, gives me a hug and walks away content as if she has taught me a lesson!! What the hell!

She uses her left hand most of the times and Im eagerly waiting to see if she's going to be left handed. Im a secret admirer of lefties. :)

Antu started eating chocolates very recently and is not a big fan yet. I know things might change rapidly but Im proud nevertheless.

Shes a total party girl. She loves to drop Ashu at school and then pick her up. Loves when Ashu has friends over. Loves when we go to a friends place. Loves to accompany us to the swimming pool for Ashu's class. Can name every one of Ashu's friends and their siblings to boot!

She has a special bond with men. Her dad, her uncle, her grandpa, friends son, a friends husband,... are a "leetle" more special than the boring women in her life!

Both Ashu and Antu have always been good sleepers. They give me grey hairs in the food department but if theres one thing I totally escaped from, its sleep deprivation. And thank God for that. Because to be honest I am quite murderous even after 8 hours of sleep! But while Ashu was always rocked to sleep as a baby or by telling a story after story for an hour in the dark until she went to sleep after she turned two, Antu learnt to sleep on her own ever since she turned 7 months old. She even tosses and turns for an hour sometimes before going to sleep and is quite content just lying on the bed. Just like her mom, I guess! ;) The other day at party in a friends place with house full of adults and kids, Antu was nowhere to be seen. I went to their kids bedroom to see Antu on their bed blissfully asleep hugging a stuffed bear while kids were making a ruckus just outside the room. My heart just swelled. Theres something about sleeping kids, I tell you. Especially when they are out like that in a party leaving you to eat the Kuzhi Paniyarams in peace! :)


Anonymous said...

Lovely update..I agree.seems like we want the 2nd ones to remain babies for ever na..she is so cute in both the 2nd one looks like Ashu a lot..

Take care..


bitsofchocolate said...

Antu updates after ages - very nice !! Hope you can delay sending her to preschool a while longer

yaadayaada said...

Kala Tikka!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Lovely ... Antu sounds like a darling !!!
I see Antu is a member of Dora fan club :)

Sugar and Spice said...

Such a lovely post, Boo! Just loved every word of it..
Drishti suthi podunga, please...

Ani said...

lovely update.. she looks very cute in both the pics...

Anonymous said...

The first picture looks exactly like your header picture.

Anonymous said...

Hayyyy! An Antu update at last! As President of the Boo Fan Club I demand such updates every fortnight ;)

Manasi said...

Hey.. that is a nice post.. I can totally relate to you.. when it comes to sending kids to school.. My son will start play school from June.. and all this whiile.. I was soooo noot ready.. untill we were done with the admission formalities! Now.. I guess.. I am better prepared.. but still I feel nervous and anxious.. :)) It seems wierd.. but I think that is wht happens when u r soooo involved in your kids.. :))

I just loved Antu's pic.. she is sooo cute and adorable .. Pls give my love to Ashu as well..

Take care.

R's Mom said...

Awww! What a lovely post..can I be honest..after reading about Antu..I am thinking about another kiddo :):)

Anitha said...

Hi, I have been a regular visitor to your blog and absolutely love it. In fact, I find a lot common between us. My older daughter has the same birthday as your Ashu and my little one turns three in Jan. When I read your posts, I feel like I am reading about my own kids. The kids are just way too similar in a lot of ways. My older one has been a very calm, composed, always adjusting little lady, while the little one is always up to mischief and manages to get away, effortlessly. My kids are also too kind to me, who cannot handle sleep less than 8 hours:). Anyway, this is going really long..Keep up the good work and thanks for leaving us all with a smile :)

Anonymous said...

From the earlier pics, I always thot Antu and Ashu had no similar features, but now I can see that Antu does look a bit like Ashu.

I was going to say "Than vinai thannai sudum".. re: the liking Appa more than Amma (how cud you?!!) thingy, but I see your "Murpagal seyyin.." is more apt.

mnamma said...

She is so so sooooooo... cute! Suthi podavum :)Loved the exclusive Antu update.

Sue said...

You know, in these pics I can finally see the resemblance between the sisters. Lovely post. *hugs*

Asha said...

Such a lovely post, Boo.

Btw, I initially used to think that the kid on the header is Ashu. :)

munmun said...

gorgeous post! My favourite toddler!

DC said...

delurking. a very cute post :-) but isn't the baby in second photo ashu?? you are just messing with us readers, aren't you?? ;-)

The Print Lover said...

Are you sure the last pic is Antu's? :)

anubharat said...

a lovely post on Antu. She is such an adorable kid. After reading your posts, the yearning to have kids has only increased so much so that I am ready to even handle twins :). Nice post Boo. Hugs and love to Antu and Ashu. Isnt the second picture Ashu's taken at the same age as Antu is now. I know it is the sibling photos strike again :).

anubharat said...

I take back my last comment after seeing the date on the second photo . Omg she looks so much like Ashu. Ashu's wish of Antu becoming a twin sister is after all true I guess :)

Sojourner said...

aww... soo reminds me someone..
so schweet :)

Aditi's Album said...

OMG, Antu looks exactly like Ashu. You should do one of your famous photo blogging post. Antu has very cute features just like Ashu

Anonymous said...

Amazing, you said everything what I had to say about my 2nd one... everything is dittoo... my freinds too feel the same about their second daughters. Is this universal truth??!!!

Usha said...

Very nice Boo! You just spoke my heart. When Saankhya started full day school I thought I would be extremely happy...instead had a big bout of depression. Yes, we don't want the second ones to grow up...especially when they love to hug, kiss and cuddle all the time:)

Sumana said...

Oh what a lovely update. For me since i work, i wanted the second one to be out of home atleast half the day, so he does not miss me. But i realise i was thoroughly wrong, i miss him more and he is happy and gets disturbed after 6pm or so when he does not see me back yet. Antu is all set for her school looks like. Great going..

Shyamala said...

Lovely lovely post. Loved both the pics of Antu.
I have always seen you writing more about Ashu, finally very happy to see one exclusively for Antu :)

B o o said...

Bhavani - very true. i wonder how my parents coped when i got married and had kids!!! eeks!!

PV - I hope so too.

YY - adhu enna? paneer tikka maadhiri yaa? ;)

CA - Darling? yeah right! ;) Of course she is. the top is a hands me down though.

Sugar and Spice - :)

Ani - thanks.

Anon - the curly hair, right? thats why i chose the header too.

Inba - Second borns are always overlooked. Ashu got monthly updates. Antu is lucky if she gets once a year!! ;)

Manasi - I went through the routine with Ashu without blinking an eye. even though she hated going and cried all the time. but this one want to go and im the one crying here. irony!

R's Mom - dude! did you even read my previous post? just dont sue me, thats all im saying!!! :)

Anitha - Thanks for the lovely comment.

Anon - In the photos, they look identical. my mom who keeps claiming that they look different saw an old video of Ashu and thought it was Antu and would nt believe me when i said it was 2 yr old Ashu!! LOL!

Mnamma - I decided it was time Antu got a post of her own! :)

B o o said...

Sue - :)

Asha - You are not alone. When I saw this template, I had to have it. :)

Munmun - awwww.., thanks.:)

DC - LOL! not this time. It IS Antu. Look at the date in the pic.

TPL - Yup. :) I donconfuse their names and call Antu, Ashu at times. But it has nt happened to photos yet. ;)

Anubharat - Watch what you wish for woman! And yes thanks for noticing the time stamp. :)

Sojourner - Of whom, may I ask? :)

Aditis Album - Thats an idea for a new post. Will do. :)

Anon - If it is nt yet, we will make sure it becomes one! :)

Usha - I know! Full day school, huh? Time flies.

Sumana - Exactly. If I was working, thats a different story. But now I dont see the need. Anyway once they are 3, they start school and then theres no looking back. Whats the hurry, I ask!

Shyamala - Antu will have loads of material proof to take to therapy, I guess! ;)

Sojourner said...

A friend's kid :).. I was referring to the photos. But now I realize that
there's so much in common that I am not sure I would be able to tell the difference if there were no pictures or names :)

dipali said...

Awesome kid and awesome post! Cuddle Antu for me please.

Its our space said...

lovely update ! she looks so much like Ashu in the second pic - even the beautiful curls are the same !!!

A and A said...

She is so cute! very nice update!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

That was very sweet. I can understand. I feel the same too when I watch my son growing up.

Deepa said...

lovely post !! been there, felt that :)he was my daytime, lunch and nap companion and it was he goes to school 3 days a week and it feels nice to get a break ;) and I am getting some time for myself after a loonng time.
and trust me, second ones always remain a baby. my second one is extremely mature but can totally transform to a baby incl. baby talk and tug my heart even now.

Choxbox said...

she is ADORABLE - love the utterly beautiful curls! quickly do drishti - whether or not you believe in it!

PK said...

can relate to what you have written..
my daughter too is quiet smiliar to Antu..she makes my heart melt everytime she looks at me..i guess second born, somehow have a knack of making you feel special:)

Anonymous said...

.... I stepped into your blog for the first time 2 weeks ago., that doesn't mean I read Only your latest post...
Did you know that this Jobless Techie spent almost all her time at her workstation reading through ur blogs?????
And ask wat happened to Ashu in March 2010 and I can answer....And you made me stick to my seat staring at the monitor not caring who is passing by... You are the reason behind my lagging productivity.
Kuddos to all your experiences that you shared and is it because I am 3 months pregnant I was so curious to finish off all your motherhood history??
Awesome would be an understatement,,Keep going.,
You would be my inspiration if I start blogging about my mothering skills sometimes next year.,
My Wishes to Cute Antu, cheweet Ashu(choo cheweet, I tell ya), Mother Boo and Mr.Hd.,

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