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November 04, 2010

Well! Well! Well!

YY has indeed arrived in the blog world.

Check out her recent post for some entertainment. I am so amazed by all the coincidence that Im quite speechless.
Let me try to decipher what happened.

2. SG decides to write a Golu post this year and searches for a golu photo in google images.

3. Of the millions of pictures, the one in Page 19 strikes his fancy and he uses it. (Im guessing here!)

So far so good.

4. When the commenters compliment on the Golu, hes quite non committal in the beginning. (Thats the conscience, I guess and one should always, always listen to it!)

5. But when commenter, Anu Bharat praises the Golu, he gracefully accepts the compliments!

Except that they are MY GRANDMOTHER and MOTHERs bommais!! (ok, ok. I got a little carried away too. "Our". Not "My". And now my sister's.)

6. A few days later, he participates in Paruls By the Watercooler contest.

7. A week later, Parul announces the winners and SG is one of the five winners. Parul links his blog.

8. YY reads that post and follows the link to SG's blog. (What are the odds, huh?)

9. And she randomly checks the archives only to see her own Golu photo staring back at her. (Again, what are the odds?)

Im shocked at all these coincidences. A Bay area resident writes about Bay area Navarathri complaining mostly about the food (on how theres no "originality"!) only to copy and use another Bay area residents Navarathri Golu photo (unknowingly, I hope!) and then not clarifying that its neither his picture nor his Golu.

Im so fascinated by this Butterfly Effect that Im neither angry nor upset about this theft. Just intrigued. :)


bitsofchocolate said...

Glad that you've written about this as well - will hopefully get the word out even faster - and at least beget an honest apology (Galti se mistake ho gaya hai boss style) from the errant blogger in question

Sh... said...

ha ha ha...I wonder how YY must have felt. Let us wait to hear from him.

RDX said...

Well! well! well! is right and Butterfly Effect is BANG on :D

Praveen said...


btw did you check out what he calls himself on his profile?

Parul said...

anubharat said...

Akka vum thangaiyum enakku ivolo publicity thandhirukka vendaam. Unga post la mention aagirukkara Anu Bharat saakshaath naane ;). I made sure the appreciation went to the correct source.

anubharat said...

Your tags for this blog, totally crack me up

Choxbox said...

WOW! Unbelievable!

Bhargavi said...

ha ha !!!loved your tags.. "aapu"!! Thanks for pointing me to them ,anu :-)

Poppy said...

Cheh. He could have easily linked up to her - why this?

Anonymous said...

Only now - reading this spicy diwali vedi that you and yy got going for diwali season! :) Crazy butterfly effect indeed. Should we call this blog butterfly vedi :)

Anonymous said...

Anga oru Vadai sutta kadhai (source AnuBharath!) and inga oru Golu sutta kadhai! Although, I could read the story only from the cache since that story was taken down.

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