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November 25, 2010

Movie going experience indeed!

Last Friday, BFF and I decided to go out for a movie. She, very wisely, took the train while I drove from home since the bus connection to my place is nt great after 11 pm. Big mistake. I was near the theatre at 8.00 pm for the 8.30 pm show but absolutely no parking spot. I circled that area a dozen times. No luck. (Im sure my Paati would be saying, "pillayaara pradhakshnam panninaa punyamaavadhu kidaikum. ippadi cinema theatre a suthi irukkiye*?")There were so many cars parked illegally and the nearby indoor parking garage which I had counted as my backup plan (because its uber expensive) was FULL. 700 parking spots and it was full! At 8 pm when none of the shops are open. Only restaurants, bars and cinemas. Guess every one decided to go out on the one day I decide to go watch a movie! And do you think its easy to out for a movie for us poor folks? The same time the previous week the husband and his friend decided to go for the very same movie (The Social Network. I ll come to it eventually.) They decided in the evening and vamoosed within an hour and even found a parking spot 2 mins from the theatre! But us? Me and some other friends talked, talked and talked about going out for a month. One or the other was always busy. Or the kids were sick. Or the baby sitter was nt available. Or the husband was traveling,... yaada yaada yaada. And at last, S and I decided enough is enough and that we both will go whether the other friends could come or not. Once the day was decided, then theres the whole planning for the day, of course. Make dinner, eat dinner, pray all Gods that the husband comes back from office in time to hold the fort, go online and find nearby parking garage from the theatre, say bye to the crying kids who are hanging by your feet,.. Ok the last bit is not true. Ashu actually said bye and slammed the door on me! But you get my point, right?

And after all this, I cant find a parking spot! Grr.... Anyway, parked at another Parkhaus and literally ran from there to the theatre in the freaking cold for 15 mins to reach the theatre in the nick of time! S was waiting for me with our tickets while I walked in panting like a dog. Once inside, more surprise awaited! First row seats!!! oh Goody! Thankfully the two corner seats next to us were free and we moved there and turned our heads in a 75* angle to the right so that we don't have to stretch our neck upwards! But then it was all worth it! What a movie! I loved it. What fantastic dialogues! And the casting was pitch perfect. Did anyone think of Sheldon when watching Zuckerberg on screen? I did. (May be the dialogue delivery?) Though I have watched The Fight Club, Seven, Panic room and liked them all, David Fincher was never in my favorite directors list. I dont know why. But with this movie, hes up there in my list. (slightly below Nolan, mind you!) And I read that Rooney Mara who played Erika, Zuckerberg's ex girl friend, is playing Lisbeth Salander in Fincher's next movie, The Girl With The Dragan Tattoo. I cant W.A.I.T! I read the Stieg Larson books only recently and loved them. Yet to read the third book though. S, the above mentioned friend, pulled a fast one on me by lending me only the first 2 books! Since I tried to beg, borrow or steal "The Girl who Kicked the Hornets Nest" and did nt succeed, Im going to buy it. Soon.

"Pay them. In the scheme of things, its just a speeding ticket" is so going to be my new motto for 2011. Its one of my favorite lines from the movie. But Hd is a bit wary. He thinks I mean, Pay "for" them, them being shoes, clothes and bags. Cant blame him, can I? ;)

* "You should walk around a temple instead of a theatre". (It sounds better in Tamil what with the rhyming words and all, trust me!)


Choxbox said...

ROFL @ speeding ticket line’s interpretation!

Have heard decent reviews of Social Network. Wogay here we go then.
These days both kids go to school full day so no need to worry about babysitters and such like. Plus driver drops/picks from the front door so no need for pradakshinas he he.

*hopes this will convince Boo to move to des*

Niv said...

too good, this is one of your old style posts:)
really rotfl after this one, especially the part where Ashu slammed the door on you and the interpretation of the dialogue you rendered for us:)

Anonymous said...

Same pinch! :) I just came back from IFFI - Goa, going crazy watching three movies each with taking turns minding the two unruly kids for 2-3 hours each, in parks, beaches and hotel room and feeding them bread and jam all day!
I was jealous that you have short term care for kids to have some happy times - India desperately needs such service.
But I can imagine the frustration of looking for parking lots :) ...
Heard about this movie through a student discussion group here ... Must watch eh? After reading your blog I am itching to watch it as soon as I can ... For now still IFFI for another week here! :)

mnamma said...

What an adventure!!! LOL at your maanaseega dialog with your paati!! THe GIrl who kicked the hornet's nest (book) absolutely rocks. A very fitting finale to the trilogy.

Mum's delight said...

After reading this post and the earlier one about your tough day with the kids am thinking twice about our move to Zurich (this is Ro's friend here!)!!! Maybe we should wait till the kids are teenagers :)

btw am curious why didn't you just plan for a Saturday afternoon show, would have been much simpler?

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