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November 27, 2011

The One in Which Ashu Loses Her First Tooth.

Just when I started to focus on Antu again, Ashu had to lose her first tooth and steal her thunder! The much awaited milestone arrived finally this weekend! Ashu has been really impatient the last one year seeing all her friends lose their teeth one by one and her's were nt even wobbly. Around 6 months back, she was thrilled to announce that one of her lower front tooth is teeny-weeny wobbly even though I could nt feel a thing. More like wishful thinking, I assumed. A couple of months back, I did see it wobble a bit and we were all eagerly waiting for the big day! Two days back I saw a new tooth sprouting behind the wobbly one and it looked really weird. By this time, the wobbly tooth was hanging by a thread so to speak and I asked Ashu if I can pull it. "No way!, she screamed. She wanted the tooth to fall while in school so that she can go to the nurse and get a cute little box to put it in. I wanted it to fall while shes home because I wanted to witness the grand event, of course! And finally when it did fall, it had to be on a Saturday while she was attending a birthday party and I was nt even there! A friend dropped her home after the party and Ashu was all excited to show something and while I was thinking that it was some cool return gift, it was her tooth! awww... I had to blink back tears. It does hit you, this losing the baby tooth business! sigh!

Before you ask what the tooth fairy gave her, let me answer you. The child does nt believe in fairies. I told her that she ll get a gift only if she believes in them but nothing could shake her resolve.

How do you know, Ashu? They may be real. Try putting the tooth under the pillow and see.
Amma! Its the parents who give the gift. Not the fairy! And I need the tooth. I want to take it to school on Monday.
You believe in Krishna, dont you?
Yes. But he is GOD. Not a fairy! Also I saw a tooth fairy book in the fiction section in the library. It means its not real!

Check and mate.

I found the box with the tooth safely tucked in her school bag. Decided to surprise her and put a CHF 5 coin in it. She found it this morning and came and thanked me. I told her thats an advance amount for all her teeth and she is nt getting any more money. "But Amma! The upper tooth is bigger. You need to give more money for it when it falls down." Holy guacamole! I need to plant a book on money in the fiction section right now!


En Kay said...

Love your writing style boo! Was smiling all the way to the end.

Anonymous said...

smart kid! :)


Sumana said...

Lovely post Boo. And wait let me tell ya Ashu is an intelligent soul. Ya the front teeth costs more...;)

Anonymous said...

a BIG milestone indeed...for mom for daughter...and first born, at that! Lots of hugs to Ashu

Subha said...

I love to read Ashu's comebacks. She is brilliant. Antu is very gifted to have such a sister. She is going to learn it all.

Sachita said...

Ashu is really a smart cookie - her come backs are awesome !

cantaloupe's amma (CA) said...

Whats up with these kids wanting to have their tooth fall in school ... cute boxes ... gosh !! Cantaloupe has the exact same wish ...

Congrats Ashu !

Usha said...

The worst part is when the tooth fairy doesn't have any change but only a Rs.500 note:(..she gets generous by force!!! And Boo, when Saankhya lost her tooth in your house, the fairy knew to come to Switzerland instead of B'lore but gave Rs instead of Euros!!! lol....
I love Ashu's inferences...

Anonymous said...

Hey Boo, I have a question about Antu..

I remember a post where you had blogged
"She uses her left hand most of the times and Im eagerly waiting to see if she's going to be left handed. Im a secret admirer of lefties. :)" (kashtapatu thedi copy pannen!!)

I adore left handers too.. what is she now?

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

loved the last line! :) money in fiction section ...

yeah and I want to know too, is Antu left handed - we are wondering if Daya would be ...

Nithya Sriram said...


Neera said...

Wow jaw dropped on "I saw the tooth fairy book in the fiction section!" and LOL at 'money in the fiction section!"

This was a hilarious read! Congratulations on the milestone :)

--Sunrise-- said...

Hi Boo (aunty?!)!

I don't think you will have remembered me, I started blogging (and blog-hopping) back in 2006 and yours was one of the blogs that I used to follow a fair bit. I 'remember' Ashu when she was so tiny! I remember being pulled in by your writing style and I loved hearing about your beautiful girl. :) I *think* you may have been pregnant with Antu at that point? My memory is really hazy and terrible :P

Then, over the years, I lost touch with some of the blogs (I went through a lull in blogging myself too) and etc. etc. Then, about 3-4 months ago, I was searching Google for some soft Hindi songs to listen to, and came across some blogs that listed their top 50 soft songs... and me being the blog-hopping-obsessed girl that I am, I blog-hopped through a couple of blogs from the side links... to find 'Boo's Baby Talk' on one of the sidebars!!! :O Imagine my random surprise and nostalgia, I knew the blog name sounded familiar and oh my, when I clicked on your page, how the beautiful baby I saw had grown!! And she was a big sister too, now!! It brought such a smile to my face. I have been following your blog on and off since then, but never commented as I wanted time to share my story of delight with you. :)

I hope you are all doing well, your girls are absolutely gorgeous. I simply love reading your stories, because you write in an engaging manner and also because I love reading mom blogs ha (the inner broody, want-to-get-married-and-have-babies-already girl in me takes over...). :) Maybe it's because it provides me an escape from my own family, which can be so broken and messed up at times. All you moms have inspired me to start a similar one if touchwood I am ever lucky enough to be in that position. :)

And re. this post - I used to love waiting for the tooth fairy! Smart alec your daughter is! I really wanted to believe in the tooth fairy, I used to keep asking my parents over and over again whether the tooth fairy was real or not and I was completely convinced she was real! :P But yes, maybe you SHOULD start putting the books on money in the fiction, help save the future generation from a financial crisis! ;)

Love and holiday cheer from the UK,


--Sunrise-- said...

PS: I just realised - going through some old blog posts - Ashu's full name is 'Arushi' (or the name you have given her on blogger, anyway!), which means the first rays of the sun, apparently! GOOD TASTE in names you have! ;) I simply love the name and its meaning. And I have used the pseudonym 'Boo' before on messageboards, too! (It was, I'm SURE, what drove me to check your blog out in the first place many years ago!) :-)

B o o said...

En Kay - Welcome and Thanks.

Ashok - Is nt this whole generation smart? *shudders*

Sumana - :)

Etc - Danke. Wie gehts?

Subha - Or intimidated by her sister all her life! *ahem* ;)

Sachita - not when i have to be the mom! ;)

CA - I know! and the box she brought looks so ugly and flimsy! All for this?!!

Usha - ha ha ha!

B o o said...

Sujatha - awww... you remembered. now im 99.99 % sure that shes a leftie. will confirm once she starts writing!

M - yup. im sure she is. but sometimes she sends mixed signals. lets wait and watch. this is exciting! :)

Nithya - Thanks.

Neera - Thanks.

Sunrise - you better be a teenager to be calling me aunty! :) and thanks for the kind words. You made my day!

Choxbox said...

Seriously, these kids! Fiction section = not real! LOL!

The tooth fairy does not exist here either - its you of course Mamma is the line I get. And guess what I kept forgetting to keep the treat and after reminders for five whole days finally put one measly frog-shaped sharpener under the pillow and that was enough to send her over the moon next morning. Bah.

--Sunrise-- said...

Hahaha, I am unfortunately not! I have completed 21 running 22. Going to be completing 22 and running the dreaded 23 in a few days' time too.. ugh. Perhaps 'akka' is a better term (I am Telugu)? :) Glad it made your day, my day was made too, stumbling upon your blog after so long!! :) :)

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