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November 23, 2011

About time I updated on Antu.

OK, lets talk about Antu. High time, right?

She is in this utterly-butterly cute stage. Loves life like crazy! Going to school is exciting. Eating breakfast is exciting. Going to the grocery shop to buy milk is exciting. Going to pick her sister up from school is even more exciting! Her enthusiasm is so infectious. Still very much a daddy's girl.

The other day we were going to her German playgroup and she told me that she does nt like her English preschool. She says she does nt like her German one when i drop her at the English one! So I told her,

You can like both, Antu.
No, Amma. I dont like English school.
You don't have to say you dont like that just because you like this, OK? Just you like both Amma and Appa, you can like both.
But I don't like Am....
I like only Appa!
(hurt voice) Why do you like appa so much, Antu?
Because I don't like you!

Its not enough to plunge the knife in my heart, she has to twist it too?

Her preschool had a Halloween party and little Missy chose her own costume by mixing and matching the pink party frock, tiara, etc... So of course I had to take photos and compare and contrast with Ashu's 3 year old photos. Here you go.

I don't know how she does it but exactly at 3 pm everyday she comes to me and says, "Lets go to Akka school and get her, Amma!" All this lurve only when shes out of sight. As soon as she comes home, its adithadi fight for every little thing! And Antu is such a kozhsolli.(tattletale) Akka did this, akka did that, akka said this, akka said that,... uff! Its just too much! I hear Ashu sometimes telling Antu, "You are such a silly goose, Antu! Now go tell this to Amma!" LOL!

At any point of time, you can see Antu surrounded by at least five books. Whenever I call her, the answer will be "Wait amma! I'm reading!" I don't know if shes just copying her sister or shes really interested! Reading means looking at pictures and pretend reading, of course.

She calls Emily Elizabeth from the Clifford book as Amily Alphabet! The other day we were all laughing at it and Ashu asked her very sarcastically, "Do you even know what an alphabet is, Antu?" And she says, "Yes. Letters!" I was shocked. So I asked her "And what are letters?" She gave me a look and said, "ABC, Amma!" and proceeded to sing the whole alphabet song! She can also count up to 100. Recognize all the alphabets. Knows the months, days of the week. Mostly thanks to Ashu who plays teacher, teacher with her and teaches her stuff!

Unlike the 3 year old Ashu, Antu has a rocking social life! I drag her everywhere with me. School meetings, lunch with friends, coffee mornings, school events, Ashu's violin class, dance practice sessions, ... and she loves all of it. She loves "dress-upping" and dancing and I'm looking for some class for her. May be from January.

I think she finally realized that I'm hurt or something as she keeps saying "I love you full-time, Amma!" these days! But never make the mistake of asking her whom she "likes" though! In spite of it, I love you full-time too, Antu. All the time!


ashok said...

"i like only appa" sounds so familiar :)

Delightful to read rest of the stuff...

yaadayaada said...

Again drishti suthi podu!

Vid said...

Hey I often lurk, read and enjoy your blog but havent really left any messages, so here it is - its awesome to catch up on your kid's and your life. We just recently moved from US to Germany and getting used to life in Europe.

Anonymous said...

Antu is super sweet and those pictures, they look so much alike..Its I like daddy here as well..what is with all these girls and their daddys..I am so J..

Anonymous said...

she looks so adorable... The knife comment was too cute boo :)

Sujatha Ramesh

Anonymous said...

I laugh very rarely but reading Antu's "I don't like Am..", I laughed.Thanks for posting.

Reva said...

They are both such cuties! And that curly hair is so cute :)

Btw.. any surprise visits planned to the US?

Anonymous said...

"full time" sounds so sweet! :) upto 100 already - man ashu is going a good job then! I practically blackmail daya everyday into calling me a good girl now - I make it clear 'call me a good girl it doesnt matter that I am bad' - it is never too early for a boy to learn what to say!!! Divya seems to be a mommy's girl now since I am far away! :) But she does love her father a lot.

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Sumana said...

How cute she is... Don't worry all the second ones turn out to be appa's. I thought atleast boys might turn out the other way, but invain. Amma is always optional.Amazing at how she responded on the Letters ABC.

Usha said...

Hey which is Ashu and which is Antu!! Romba cute! XOXOXO to both A & A...

Vidya said...

lovely curls and beautiful pics! she sounds like my sis.. she has curls and used to 'kozhsollify' all the time to mommy:)

Medha said...

awwww... I wish I could squeeze and squish both your lovely girls and give them a big hug and kiss.
You'll do that for, won't you?

B o o said...

Thanks kind people!

Vid - Good luck.

Medha - done. :)

Sachita said...

I agree this kozhsolrathu is more of the youngest one's trait i have it.

Ashu has an innocent look in this photos while antu already has know it all look!

--Sunrise-- said...

hahahaha! JUST like me and my sister!! My little sister used to copy me ALL the time! And she misses me when I am not there, and when I am there, she turns into a monster! :) So cute, especially the pictures!

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