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April 29, 2010

Where is the party?

It has become a norm to celebrate Ashus birthday thrice. Once at home with close friends and family during a weekend. The second one, on the day of her birthday - a simple affair in her class. The third, a joint party along with her best friend (both their birthdays are a couple of weeks apart) in some play park or gym for the whole school friends. The first one happened last Sunday on 25th. Inspired by a friend(Hi Mons!), I decided to bake a rainbow cake. So went with a colorful theme for the party. The invite had a rainbow. Let me just post the pictures with captions. That way, I don't have to type much. :)

First, Ashu and I decided to make some rainbow decorations. I found
this beautiful idea for a craft. Once I drew the arcs, Ashu could cut on her own. So it was a team effort.

This is her counting the rainbows after we were done. (we did 10 more the next day)

And this is how it looked hanging from the door frame.

I could nt find a colorful table cover matching the tableware. So bought a cream color table cover(disposable) and let Ashu design it.

Shes at work.

The finished product.

The Tableware.

The Drinks.

The Goody Bags. (color pencils, smarties and gummy bears)

The Birthday Girl.

The fruit platter which Ashu arranged.

The Food. (mac & cheese, pasta salad and paneer stuffing for the sandwiches)
The Flowers.

The Balloons.

Hd reading the book "One" by Kathryn Otoshi to the kids. Its my most favorite book in Ashus book shelf and its about colors! (thanks, sis!)

And finally, the cake. (takes a bow)

* Ashu really worked hard for her birthday party and I'm proud of her. She also helped me decorate the cake with smarties and sprinkles! Helpfully suggested that the rainbow in her Dora blocks will be perfect to put on top of the cake. And also helped her dad blow the balloons.

* On the morning of the party, the pink piping on the white frosting ran and the cake looked hideous. I was horrified. Somehow salvaged it and it turned out pinkish! Ashu was such a sport, consoled me and told me that she loves pink and the cake looks beautiful! :)

* I had bought a tricolor ice cream for the kids but almost all the kids had a cold. So skipped it.

* The cake was yummy. I was using the food colors for the first time and was sure the cake would taste "chemical"! But it did not.

* Antu wore Ashus first birthday frock for this party! (now don't start a dharna, Sue! I'm a second child too, remember? ;)

* I was *this* close to adding food color to the tea I was making for the adults. Stopped myself just in time.

* It was a pain to buy all the assorted party stuff. I wish there were shops like dollar store and party city here. But then,... this was more fun! :)

* After the party, Ashu came to me and told, "Thank you for the nice party, Amma. Can you make me a rainbow cake again?" Need I say anything more? :)


Sachita said...

Wow.. Ashu sounds too ideal - na evalow eppo kuda panna maten!:)
Happy birthday to her again
ps: poor antu:)

Blogeswari said...

Supppperb... the decorations, the flowers, the colorful fruit platter, the dress and ofcourse the cake!

Awesome Boo!

Momo's Ma said...

the rainbow decor, cake all looks lovely. n lovely to see Ashu chip in for her own b de party. nowlets c a snap of antu also in the said bde dress..:)

Anonymous said...

"aathaa naan pass aayitten" is priceless :D

Anonymous said...

wow ... all this? I bow to thee!

I loved the row a boat from prev post too :) She is a daughter of a creative genius, what did you expect ;))) ...

Rainmusings said...

Thats a gr8 party u guys had. Thecake looks yummy.

Unknown said...

a colorful party indeed :) .. well done mumma n ashu! :)

ambulisamma said...

Unga oottu party,oru kalakkalana party!!

Swaram said...

Luved all ur arrangements! Happy Birthday Ashu :)

Choxbox said...

wow. kindly move to bangalore soon. i can outsource all this stuff to you and you can feel happy :)

bouncingbubble said...

fab theme! very creative... because I'm always curious abt saappadu samacharam, throw some light on cake recipe pls?

Me said...

Whata planning...whata creativity...whata execution...yengayoo poiteenga Boo!

MLC said...

v. enthu mom & daughtr!! hope yr hubby recognisd all the hrdwrk & said some nice wrds or atleast gave some hugs!!

Jira said...

Such a colorful party :)

Anonymous said...


too much and ashu have put in lot of effort...

cake looks fabulous...

I was actually reading your old posts and came across "Hd can't read"

guess you have trained him now!

GOD bless Ashu and happy birthday...

Sujatha Ramesh

PV said...

You are hereby crowned the Goddess of Rainbows !

The implementation, the photos, the cake, the fun the kids and adults must have had - the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow

Thanks for sharing your colorful day with your readers !

R's Mom said...

Wow...amazing theme..and great party!!!! the pics say it all...happy birthday Ashu

anubharat said...

Yummy cake, understanding daughter, wonderful decorations and superb show. Great job Boo!!!


Anonymous said...

I loved the table cloth creativity. Also, not to forget the cake... it looks yum!
Thumbs up!

DeepzDiya said...

Great effort by both of you. I would like to make a special mention to Ashu as I feel this amount of involvement is beyond her age... Very Good Ashu !!! I loved all the handmade things... Rainbows,Table cloth, fruit platter, cake...

Manchus said...

When are you sending Ashu here? Let's exchange!!Really ivallavu samathu engayum parthadu illey. Periammava kondundu irukka :)

Go touchwood..don't want to jinx :)

Happy Birthday to Ashu again.

yaadayaada said...

Manju, you made my day! :-)

Uttara said...

wow! I would love to try pink/rainbow coloured tea some time!

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

Happy birthday to Ashu. I love her dimpled smile.

Cake looks cool( I love pink :) and almost tried to make pink cake for my son last month). Next time when you prepare the icings use gel based food colors available for making Cake icing/frosting. Regular food colors have water and they run out when you use them on cakes .



Mamma mia! Me a mamma? said...

OMG!!!! (Repeat 100 times!!)

What a party! What an effort! What a success! What a perfect party helper :-)

Tremendous! I doff my hat to thee!

noon said...

Wow Boo - too good. Cake looks awesome! And Ashu's arrangement of the fruit tray was unbelievable for her age! Do you realize how good that is for her age?!!

Anonymous said...

Nice inspiration and a job well done. Ashu is so nice - saying thanks and all... Hope Antu will also turn up like Ashu - saying the right things at the right time.

Andha chinna paiyanaa unga husbandu!
Apdiye unga fotovayum long shotlayaadhu podardhu.

Asha said...

Looooooooooooooooove the cake!!

mnamma said...

Belated Birthday wishes Ashu!! THe cake, decorations and other food stuff all look fabulous. Hats off!!

B o o said...

Sachita - If its made to look like fun, Im sure you ll do it too! ;)

B - Thanks. *takes a bow*

Momos Ma - just posted a photo. check it out!

Inba - LOL!

Madura - i did nt know i had a creative bone in my body until she was born. so there! :)

Varsha - thanks.

Mindful Meanderer - thank you.

Ambulis Amma - thanksungo!

Swaram - thanks.

Choxbox - it will be a pleasure! :)

B o o said...

BB - just google rainbow cake. there are some fabulous recipes out there. what i did was - used a plain cake recipe, divided into 6 portions, added colors, poured one by one in the pan and voila! rainbow cake! :)

Me - thanks baa!

MLC - adhellam naanga kettu vaangiduvom la! ;)

Jira - its easy to make it colorful! :)

Sujatha Ramesh - wow! what a memory! no, no. hes still like that only. but Ashu and I let him have his share of work! :)

PV - what a lovely comment. thank you so much.

R's Mom - thank you.

Anu - and a wonderul comment. thanks.

Medha - it tasted yum too much to my surprise! :)

DeepzDiya - I will tell that to Ashu. Thanks! :)

B o o said...

Manchus - Brutus!!!

YY - correct aa vandhudu!!

Uttara - LOL! Sure thing! ;)

CS - It was the piping which ran. But i get what you mean. I read that in the recipes also that the gel colors are the best. But I could nt get them here. Its on my shopping list though! Thanks. :)

Mamma Mia - awww... thankoo!

Noon - I do. :)

Vidya - theres no way im going to post my photo, long shot or not, after your comment on Hd, am I? Grr....

Asha - thanks.

Mnamma - thank you.

Subhashree said...

Lovely cake and birthday preps... little Ashu looks so tall now... belated birthday wishes to her and the mom who baked such a lovely cake.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful party theme! Its so much more fun when the kids are involved in the planning and decorations. Belated Happy Returns to Ashu!

PVS said...

hi Boo, hope you dont mind my recommendation of this post for this month's Arty Crafty competion at Shruthi's blog. I enjoyed this a lot.

Unknown said...

can i link u to the latest artsy-craftsy challenge??

Mama - Mia said...

i am gonna steal the decoration idea for Cub this year! :D

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