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April 01, 2010

Ashu has 2 weeks spring break and even though spring came and disappeared again, we are making the most of the break. Did I tell you we got her a bicycle? Yes we did. An early birthday gift and shes having a blast. She riding it with the trainer wheels, of course. We bought it on Saturday and since it rained that day and the next, we did nt go out much. Then on Monday I took her down after breakfast, after lunch and before dinner. And she was so excited. Reminded me of the days when sis and I used to rent a rickety old cycle from the cycle kadai and used to take turns with another friend riding the cycle. Sometimes, we were at it the whole day! Ah! Nothing like the beginning days of cycling, I tell you! I relived it again through Ashu.

Since we wanted to be fair, we bought a cycle bell for Antu! It has even mickey mouse on it! Its a different story that as soon as we came home, we fixed the bell to Ashus cycle! Poor Antu is going to spend a fortune on therapy.

We are off to Lake Como for the Easter weekend! See you all on the other side. Have a great weekend everyone. Leaving you with a special photo. Courtesy - Lindt. Only in Swiss! :)


ambulisamma said...

An untitled post?
BTW every one has this cycle kadai's cycle training i guess.Enjoy the vacation.

utbtkids said...

Cycle and cycle bell??

Antu is going to receive online lessons from Mieja and then she will be saying, 'I want aaka's cycle and I do not want her to ride it at all. I want it to be mine'. This in spite of getting two cycles, one for each child ....

Sachita said...

munnu chakra cycle for antu?:) the 'hand me down' one?

Anonymous said...

A whole day on the rented out rickety old bicycle and taking turns ... wow those beautiful memories of childhood!

Is that whole car a chocolate?! My goodness ... Got super tempted and made myself some chocolate!!! :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Enjoy your cycling Ashu ... I thoroughly enjoyed mine for 10 years :)

Boo, I remember the days Cantaloupe starting biking ... she looked so cute on it ... and mastered it quickly (without training wheels I mean) ... now whenever the weather is good outside, there is huge demand for biking or riding the scooter .... Junior who merely pushes her tricycle with her legs is on akka's side as well !

B o o said...

ambulis amma - I scheduled a post and totoally forgot about it and left for como. thats why.

utbt - sigh!

sachita - oh yes. im pushing her in ashus old trike now. but we ve also bought a balance bike for antu. so all is well! :)

Madura - no they are nt chocos. i wold ve licked it clean otherwise, na? :)) Smart cars dressed up like bunnies!

CA - They do look so cute, na? Im hoping Ashu will learn without the training wheel by this summer. lets see. shes too careful for her own good!!

countchocula said...

We went to Lake Como last May ...loved Bellagio it is soo pretty.
We even took some Italian cooking lessons from Chef Moreno who runs a rustic Italian restaurant in the a little hammet Gittana in the hills above Varenna.
Also had some great food in Bellagio & Varenna ..lots of veggie options
You should definitely it give it a try ...would not recommend it in summer as it was quite warm 30C in would just get hotter.

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