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April 20, 2010


It has been more than a year since Antu was sleep trained. So she goes to sleep on her own in her crib and wakes up again only in the morning.(To Hd - This is not boasting. Just blogging. I know. I know. Its all the same.) There has not been one night in this period where she has woken up in the middle of the night. And all was well with the world. And then one night recently, she started crying uncontrollably around 2 am. Hd went to her room to pat her but she just would nt stop crying. So he brought her to our bed but she would nt quieten down even then. Then I put her on my chest and she stopped crying. She went to sleep in a few minutes. Hd transferred her to the crib again. And then she got up at 8 am the next day. We were really wondering what disturbed her sleep. She had a bit of a cough and Hd was blaming it on the cold. But I had a different theory.

Me - I think it was a jinx.
Hd - What do you mean?
Me - The other day this friend went aahh oohh over our kids sleeping habits.
Hd - *in an accusatory tone* who asked you to go and boast?
Me - First of all, I did nt boast. She asked if they sleep on their own and through the night and I said a simple yes.
Hd - You could ve underplayed it.
Me- Look. I cant lie about the kids like you do. And most importantly, I dont believe in this evil eye business.
Hd - You dont? *smirks*
Me - I dont, ok? I was just thinking aloud about the coincidence, thats all.
Hd - But you did think about it that way, right?
Me - Dude! You are my husband! I will tell you whatever goes through my mind and you cant judge me!
Hd - Thats what you will say. And then you will go blog about it and tell the whole world!
Me - No, I wont!



ambulisamma said...

And you did blogged...He knows you very well.
Was it cough or jinx as you predict?
BTW is she sleeping all right now?(Dont worry i will not cast evil eye,though mine wakes up every two hrs for a short nursing session)

Rohini said...

LOL! Cute post :)

Me said...

You don't believe in that? I think you breaking your teeth trying to save Ashu from falling down the stairs was because of ellar oda kannu that you came to Switzerland. You are maha great if you never thought about it that way.

bouncingbubble said...

Irrespective of whether you believe in kannu padra matter or not, one thing you can be sure of! Henceforth your friends will think twice before asking you about potentially kannu padakoodiya things :D

dipali said...

He knows you so well!

B o o said...

Ambulis Amma - We will never know why she woke! :)

Ro - :)

Me - I dont believe in that. I dont think I can blame my carelessness on other people. Even if "the evil eye is nothing but negative energy" theory is true, I strongly believe in surrounding myself with positive energy rather than talking down about my kids to ward off the evil eye.

BB - LOL! my friends know me better than that! :)

Dips - *sighs* yes.

MLC said...

LOL @ yr tags! i thnk ppl w/ kids believ more in 'evil eye' than othrs. the presence of -ve energy wl b ther as long as ther is the +ve energy and the one tht the mind thnks/worries of more, wl eventually win! so i feel u're in the rite direction (surroundng yrslf w/ +ve energy) w/ yr thots:-)

Usha said...

Imagine if you would underplayed (saying the kids don't sleep well or thro the night etc) and this happened, then the "thathaastu' devadhai would have been thing, have a cool-off time before sleep and definitely no bed-time story by Ashu to Antu!!!:)

utbtkids said...

For toddlers in Antu's age around 1AM-3AM and 4AM-6AM are REM sleeping times. Dreams always occur at REM.

Antu might have had a bad dream, of course purely an educated guess. But she is abt the age where she can potentially correlate, retain and is capable of sorting her day to day experiences in to good, bad, ugly. So high probability that it is a bad dream.

PV said...

So is this a case of jinxed if you do and jinxed if you don't ;-)

Do a round of Drishti Sutti Podaradhu for both Ashu and Antu in any case

Anonymous said...

let's not call it evil eye, but do feel kids are susceptible to too much attention/praise.
having said that, a friend of mind told me, "the evil eye has power only if you believe in it. so don't believe in it."
must have been a bad dream or maybe just the temp not being right, why she woke up crying.

Dee said...

Rish and Nish slept by themselves for 1.5 yrs. It used to be a bliss to just relax waiting for them to sleep ;-) Everytime I used to mention abt this to friends, that night the kids wud surely cry :-) I had no other option with my Hd's Mba and frequent travelling :-(
Now I do it as I do not want the other to feel alone. But it such a challenge now. Sigh !!

Anonymous said...

I can only sleep with the kid next to me. illaatta i am unable to sleep. Is nobody co-sleeping?

Niv said...

Although i admire you for being able to let your kids sleep in another room, I am totally unable to even think of it;atleast until they are around 5-6 yrs old and then also, if there are 2 kids.

Anonymous said...

Maybe she just had a nightmare. They do sometimes.

B o o said...

MLC - You are bang on about people with kids worrying about this. We are paranoid. May be its in the job description! :)

Usha - LOL! And no Ashu has not yet mastered at being the scary one. Shes still the scared! :)

Utbt - Could be. Let me see if the pattern repeats itself.

PV - I think my mom will the next time she sees the kids! :D

Ummon - Exactly. The kids have absolutely no privacy and are discussed endlessly. Take my blog, for example! :D

Deepa - Good luck. Training them when they are older is tough, I guess. Ashu still resists but is too tired to rebel! :)

Vidya - I know plenty of parents who co sleep. It all depends on what one is comfortable with, thats all.

Niv - Right now, Ashu sleeps in her own room and Antu in another room. So they are not even together. But thats coz of space issues more than anything. Planning to bung them together once Antu is 2, lets see how that goes. Something tells me im asking for trouble!!!

Anon - It might be a nightmare or her cough or too warm, too cold,... Im just wondering about the coincidence, thats all! :)

Anonymous said...

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