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March 28, 2010

Snippets from a play date.

Ashus best friend G came home last week for a play date.

(G trips and falls on top of Antu.)

G - Oops! Sorry Antu.
Ashu - Its OK, G. I fall on her and squish her ALL the time!!


(They are playing Candy Land.)

G - I don't want to play this anymore.
Ashu - Why? You said this is your favorite game.
G - Yes but I don't want to play now. I want to play with your laptop.
Ashu - OK. Clean this up first.


(They are eating a snack.)

G - Yay! I finished first.
Ashu - (sticks out her tongue at G)
G - If I did that, my mom would tell me that I cant have a play date in a long, long time.
Ashu - I DON'T want a play date in a long, long time. OK?


G - Ashu said that Antu wont play with me. But I want to play with Antu.
Me - Antu will like to play with you, G. Don't worry. *glares at Ashu*
Ashu - I just thought that Antu is still sleepy and tired after her nap, Amma.
Me - Yeah right!


G - Ashu is screaming in my ears.
Ashu - No I did nt do it, Amma.
G - She did.
Ashu - No, I did nt.
G - You did.
Ashu - No.
G - Yes.
Ashu - No.
G - Yes.
(Boo leaves the room)


(3 hours later)

G - Bye Ashu. *hugs and kisses*
Ashu - Bye.
G - I love you.
Ashu - See you tomorrow.



ambulisamma said...

As your tag goes,'Arasiyala idhu ellam sahajam appa'

munmun said...

your missy knows the social norms well! I love the "clean up first" bit!

Anonymous said...

my older one has play dates like this, and i wonder why she even bothers. they enjoy getting on each others nerves i guess :)

Unknown said...

LOL! this reminds me - I better do a post on a similar thing very soon. :)

Choxbox said...

LOL! wait till your girls are older - it'll be permanent play-date scene then!

utbtkids said...

Today Mieja told her sister, "Yes means No and No means Yes", which translates to "If you say Yes, I will say No and vice versa."

Last Sat we did a play date too and I took the girls to the restaurant. I was smiling all the time cos I kept thinking of Bill Cosby taking a bunch of kids to a restaurant :)

Swaram said...

LOL .. what fun :P

Praveen said...


Ani said...

that's a typical 5 yr old huh?

Hawkeye said...

this post ended up making me slightly nervous.

i hope Ashu's father does not have to manage playdates.

Anonymous said...

VERY CUTE :) LOL @ 'I squish her ALL the time" :))

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