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February 17, 2010

Whats the opposite of writers block?

Loads of things I wanted to write about and forgot promptly. So be warned! Here comes the bullet points post.

. Firstly, thanks to the kind soul who sat next to my mom in the flight to Dubai from Zurich 2 weeks back. As if sitting quietly next to my mom was nt a punishment by itself, you confessed to her that you read my blog as well. I understand how much my mom would ve talked if you asked her if she was "boosbabytalks mother" in less than two minutes! My sympathies. And thank you for letting her use your phone to call me from Dubai. Now I can tell Hd confidently that my bog is at least worth an international phone call! :) And please email me when you can. I don't think I can trust my moms memory and write to the email id she gave me because the last time I did something like that, some stranger got to read about my churidar kurta measurements!!!

. Ashu is leading a busy life with weekend ski lessons, play dates, parties, etc... and school of course! ;) Its her ski break this week and her father promptly signed her up for ice skating classes almost every day of this week. At this rate, he might also put her in a bicycle class to learn cycling! (No! That was nt a suggestion, Hd!) She is in the one hour group ski classes for kids on weekends. Go 15 minutes before the ski class, pay and learn! (kootathoda govinda dhaan!) Shes having fun and after 4 weekends, shes able to walk with her skis on! We sledge for a while after her ski class is over and thats my kinda fun. Though Antu is her grumpiest best in snow! (Thats Ashu with her friend in the picture.)

. Antu did nt look for my mom after she left like I thought she would. When asked where paati is, she answered that shes gone. ("paati oorukku!") Who asked her to grow up? We went to a friends place for dinner a few days back. Their 5 year old son, as a rule, does nt like babies. Though he played well with Ashu, he was nt nice at all to Antu. Within an hour of being in their house, Antu came and told me, "anna naanaa. vaasalla ponum" (the boy no-no. wanna go out) and was all set to go wear her shoes and leave! Hd and I could nt believe our ears! That a nineteen month old could understand that she was nt wanted and could vocalize her feelings so well. Sigh! Wish I could too.

. Out of the blue, I decided to do the
C25K thingummy inspired by a friend. Did nt want to announce here and jinx it. But now that I am in my 5th week of the programme, I can safely say that I ll stick to it. Though my fitness level has been average, my running has always been pathetic. I could nt run for 2 mins straight. C25K seemed to be the right beginning to rectify that and I'm also enjoying it. Now I ve a plan when I hit the gym. Hope it improves my fitness because running down a slope trying to catch a wayward sledge in the snow is no joke, I tell ya. Especially when the resident 4 year old is sitting on the said sledge!

. I cant get over the song
"Dil to bacha hai ji". I just cant. This song has been in repeat for the past one week in this household and its driving Hd crazy. I go to sleep listening to this song, I run on the treadmill to this song on repeat, I cook, play with the kids, read,... with this song in the background. Its playing right now too. Is nt it a fantastic song?

. Ashu and I have been doing lots of finger painting stuff thanks to
Shruti of mindfull meanderings and her artsy craftsy contest. Since I dont ve a creative bone in my body, I show that page to Ashu and we do whatever work she chooses! So far, the caterpillar, the hand tree, the flowers and the thumb print cards are the most repeated projects.

. Watched Three Idiots. It was on okay movie. Did nt understand all the hype though. Aamir Khan annoyed me for the first time.

. Read The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga. Was a good read. I dont know why but when a best seller(especially Indian writing in English) is about the poor people, it bothers me in so many levels. I ll leave it at that.

. Reading Thillana Mohanambal. Finished the thalahaani size part 1 and onto attack part 2 now. Amazing read. Too bad that I cant wipe out Sivaji and Padminis faces while reading though. Though no movie ever justifies the book and this one especially is such a long novel that no way they could squeeze everything in the movie, the book is a must read even if you ve watched the movie. Just for the Vaithi character. Its hilariously written and Nageshs Vaithi character in the movie is not even 10% of the book character.


yaadayaada said...

So Cute! Look at her in the snow!! Did you say anything else?

Sachita said...

What, there is a book on thillana mohanambal - need to get my hands on it. though it wudnt have marainthu erunthu!

Diary Of A Stardusted Dreamer said...

Do you have that thing with the favorite song too? :) It drives the husband nuts when I latch on to one song and keep listening to it ALL the time, everywhere, many many times over. So much so that I usually get sick of it myself after some time and he gets a reprieve. till I move on to the next one that is :)

Vishakha said...

Oh dil to bacha hai is my absolute favorite too..have been listening to it endlessly too..thanksfully husband also loves it as much..what lyrics..what music!!

Poppins said...

Dil toh baccha hai ji didn't do anything for me :(

What's it with these second children growing up in a hurry? It was too cute what she said about the boy though! And she wasn't even upset about it - somebody has got too much self esteem :)

Sri said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sri said...

Thanks so mcuh for saying 3 idiots was an average movie!!Most of my friends were ready to kill me for saying that..

Praveen said...

Antu is super smart!

And did you like Ibn e batuta?

Niv said...

lovely lovely song....thank you for introducing me to it:)

and quite amazed to see that a four year old is going for skiing classes!

utbtkids said...

Stranger getting your kurta measurements, you crack me up :) And you say you don't have a creative bone in your body ?!

Have you seen Karadi's complete the story challenge? Do try, it is an order.

Some parts of the post, I already heard from you know who, but Ashu in ski lessons was new. That is so cool. Kids come with an amazing sense of balance.

Anonymous said...

What's the opposite of writers block? - Readers' Delight!

kg3 said...

ha ha ha...a stranger getting my kurta measurements....i could imagine....

kg3 said...

btw boo..i hv been following ur blog for around...say...2 yrs...and only now hv got the guts to post a tht i hv started my blog... i realise the importance of posting comments..

dipali said...

Boo- Antu's looking so cute in that pic. I love Dil toh baccha hai, so does the spouse. Didn't like 3 Idiots all that much either.I have had White Tiger in my house since last Jan- haven't felt like reading it. I guess we are soul sistahs:)

anantha said...

Dil toh baccha hai ji ROCKS! You listen to the remix too? Or just the slower version. I love both!

Anonymous said...

Been reading your blog for quite some time now... commenting for the first time.

Me liking this "opposite of writers block". You have a way with words... should write more often :-)

Oh and lovely girls you have there!!!

ambulisamma said...

Who authored thillana mohanambal??Excuse my ignorance.

B o o said...

YY - *rolls eyes*

Sachita - It does nt even have the AVM Rajan character! :D

Newmum - Ditto. ditto. ditto.

Vishakha - Hd told me that he likes that song and would ve loved it if i had nt played it non stop! ;)

Poppy - She has too much self esteem, thats correct. *shudders*

Sri - I did nt even discuss with friends coz they saw it way before me and raved about it!

Praveen - Oh I love that song too. but only melancholic songs get the non stop status in our household! :)

Niv - Ashu is almost 5. But you should see the 3 and 4 year olds here zooming off in the beginner slopes. I want to go kill myself!

Utbt - Thanks for the link. will try, ok?

B o o said...

Inba - aww... Can I trade YY and make you my sis? She has become this adoring aunt from an adoring sis much to my disappointment! ;)

Kg3 - welcome and thanks for your lovely comment.

Dips - Behanaa...... ;)

Anantha - played the remix version after reading your comment and ashu asked me, "what happened to the song? why has it become bad?" LOL!

Thanks Anon. Its writers block most of the time, what to do!

Ambulis Amma - Kothamangalam Subbu who wrote this book with his nickname, Kalaimani. It came as a thodar kadhai in Anandha Vikatan ages back, I guess.

Krishnapriya said...

hi...lots of water under the bridge and I am delurking again! Lovely song, have never heard it before and got hooked!
About Antu .. really, the younger ones seem to speak and articulate much faster than their annas or akkas did, right? Same with my daughter..she now talks almost the same as my twins, though she is two years younger!!! But I am enjoying her babyhood much more than my firstborns, what about you?

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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Bergrvyl said...

What, there is a book on thillana mohanambal - need to get my hands on it. though it wudnt have marainthu erunthu!

Kham said...

lovely lovely song....thank you for introducing me to it:) and quite amazed to see that a four year old is going for skiing classes! great!

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