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January 01, 2007

Sappy me!

Whenever HD is away from me, I discover some new song and repeat it to death. Much to my Mom's annoyance. I don't know if the songs are more touching because I miss HD or the other way around. 5 1/2 years back it was Vaseegara from Minnale. We were in our first year of marriage and it was our first separation. Understandable. After hearing the song around 300 times a week, I quit my job and joined HD in London. Then 3 years back when HD left for Swiss, I had my German lessons left for another month. So stayed in Bangalore alone most of the time. It was Uyirin Uyirae from Kaakha Kaakha this time. And sometimes Kalaaba Kaadhalaa too from the same movie. But Uyirin Uyirae had the pain(!) I identified with. And this time, though this is the longest separation yet, I did nt really miss him as much as I did the previous times. Because of Ashu. I just did nt have the time. That is until I heard this song. Urugudhae from Veyil. Oh. My. God. What lyrics! What singing! From this moment, Shankar Mahadevan is going to be my most favorite singer. Without a doubt. He has been my favorite for a few years now but I used to waver when I heard some fantastic singing by Hariharan, Kaykay, Sonu Nigam, etc... But not any more. Just Wow!

I miss you, R. I cant wait to hear this song with you. Holding hands together, closing our eyes and lying on the bed and wishing that special moment never ended. Just promise me you won't fall asleep in the middle of the song like you did last time! And we both know how that moment ended, dont we?! ;)

ps. I have the lyrics of the song here in my Tamil Blog.


tris said...

Kalaba Kadhala is sung y B'bay Jaysree right?

I like that one too

Artnavy said...

lovely songs all- have u listened to guru?

u have not been visiting me of late-even so 9 on 10 for you as a blogger

one point less fo rnot being very regular

B o o said...

Pipa - I heard that song first in Hindi where Saif sings it. So its not my favorite. Lovely song though!

Art - You mean Im not commenting of late? Because I AM reading your posts as soon as you hit that publish button dear! :) Just being lazy to comment. Forgive me for that! :(

Something to Say said...

u are raising a daughter by yourself? sans hubby? 10 on 10 for you for that. i dont even have the courage to come to India sans hubby - coz i wonder how I will manage by myself (technically speaking hubby does nothing with sonny - and yet - he is moral strength)

Priya Arun said...

Awww, so sweet! :-)

Anonymous said...

*my nth attmpt at posting a comment*

happy new yr! here's hoping '07 brings you some lovely duets of ur own!!

-k's mom

Nisha Rakesh said...

Hi Boo. have been going through your blog the last 2-3 days and im saying the same thing that a million other people have already told you - you write very well :)
Found myself being able to identify with so many things that you've said, like, loving to sleep in the morning, sleeping at the edge of the bed after a fight :D, feeling like singing every song for/with R (my HD) when he is away and missing him soooo much.. and many more.
About me - Been married for 1.5 years, living in bangalore and considering whether to have a baby or not. Yes i did read your post on 'Why baby', but im still confused..maybe because I'm not a baby lover by nature and wonder why people do it if its so difficult. Anyway, more about me when i start the blog that Ive been thinking about starting for so long now. Maybe I should draw inspiration from you and just begin.
It was nice knowing Boo and Boo's world :) Shall stay in touch.
Have a great year ahead.

B o o said...

Something to Say - My moms here with me. So not exactly alone. But you are right about the moral strength! No one but Hubby can put up with me! ;)

Priya - :)

K's mom - Anything wrong with the comment system? Thanks for the wishes. I am hanging by the last thread. If the visa does nt come by this month end, .... Grrr...!

B o o said...

Nisha - Thank you so much for the lovely comment. Your comment lifted my spirits! :)

Yes i did read your post on 'Why baby', but im still confused..maybe because I'm not a baby lover by nature and wonder why people do it if its so difficult

The curiosity of why people do it is the reason why we have kids! At least thats the reason why I had! ;)

mommyof2 said...

I don't know the songs but I am aware of the outcome of

"And we both know how that moment ended, dont we?! ;)"

lol! I hope u guys get ur visa soon:-)

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