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December 31, 2006

The customary end of the year musings.

Looking back at the year 2006:

Really sucked. All I will remember about this year is being a mom to a toddler. Every waking and sleeping moment - I spent it as a mother. I did nt take a day off. No weekends. No breaks. Changed approximately 1500 diapers. Washed bottles around 1000 times. Did nt watch loads of movies I badly wanted to watch. Did nt go anywhere out of town except to parents and in-laws place. And that sucked even more. Fought with my parents all the time when I was with them when I should nt have. Did nt speak to my MIL at all when I was at my in-laws when I should have. Of course there were loads of good times too. Lots of precious moments with Ashu. But I realize now that those are not enough. I should have taken some time off and gone somewhere with HD. We did plan but it just did nt work out. I know this is how its going to be forever. But we should have gone somewhere special to fondly remember about this year. With or without Ashu. At least if I had left for Swiss by now and joined HD, this year would have ended on a happy note. But no such luck. Hope 2007 is better.

May be being away from HD for the first time on New Years eve is putting me in this negative mood. May be not.

Ok! Moving on...

As a mother - I rate myself 9/10 this year. The one point I cut because I shout. A lot. Not only at Ashu but generally. I am loud mouthed. Need to work on that. I should really stop screaming. At least reduce. That would go as a new year resolution if I believed in it. But I dont. Will try anyway.

As a wife - 9/10. For the same reasons I said above. ;)

As a daughter - 1/10. I sucked. I screwed up big time this year. Hope to make it up next year, Dad & Mom!

As a daughter-in-law - 0/1000.

As a sister: 10/10. Well, long distance relationships are always easy for me. So this year has been great what with Ashu now. Thank you for a wonderful year, Sis. If there was one silver lining in this bleak year, it was you! (And that includes you too, Jeeju!)

As a friend: 5/10. I did nt reach out to many friends. I was just content with family, blogging, etc.. I dont even know whether I should change myself or not on that front. Well, I just answered myself, did nt I?

Happy New Year people! Let 2007 rock for all of us! :)

Take a look at Ashus journey through 2006 here. Thanks baby for all the special moments which bring a happy tear to my eyes whenever I think about them.


Shammi said...

As a blogger: 10/10 for quality of posts if not quantity :) Happy new year, Boo, and here's hoping 2007 brings you goodtimes!

Anonymous said...

Shyam stole my comment :( But she got the marks wrong. You scored 979 marks. For 100!!

Like Rajnikanth scored in Thillu mullu when coconut srinivasan conducted an interview ;)

Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Shyam stole my comment :( But she got the marks wrong. You scored 979 marks. For 100!!

Like Rajnikanth scored in Thillu mullu when coconut srinivasan conducted an interview ;)

Happy New Year!

Premalatha said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Happy New Year from Tara to Ashu! And i'm sure you were 10/10 in the mom department...! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Boo. Perhaps waiting for the Swiss visa is actually affording opportunities for you to improve your daughter and DIL ratings!

I am sure it will come thru in the New Year and soon!!

Hang in there and wear your best spirits hard as it gets.

mommyof2 said...

tell me about being loud mouth & screaming.. Last night I was thinking the same, about controlling but seems impossible..

btw tag is up:-)

Me said...

haapy new yr..:)

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year Boo, as Shyam says 10/10 for the blogger Boo. Fingers crossed the visa comes through soon.

tris said...

hey where is my comment :-(

Unknown said...

have never seen anyone rate themselves at the end of the year..

hopefully my family, friends and relatives dont start rating me at the end of the year !!

let me give you some "yaam petra inbam " advice.

when you have ashu #2, you will definitely change less diapers.. you will not change a diaper unless it absolutely has to be changed.. just one little pee pee wont qualify for a diaper change on the second kid..

happy new year 2007!!!

ps. there is a very easy way to get the water out of your boat with a hole at the bottom.. just put another hole!

B o o said...

Shyam - Thanks. It means a lot to me. It did nt cross my mind to rate myself as a blogger since theres no pressure on that front I suppose!

Prabhu - Thanks pal!

Latha - I ll mail you.

B o o said...

Aqua - Thank you. Same to Tara from Ashu too!

Tharini - Actually its the other way around. I can improve the relationship only by leaving! ;)

Mommyof2 - Its impossible indeed! I dont know where to start! And thanks for picking up the tag.

B o o said...

Thanks WA.

Pipa - What comment?

Sundar - I rated myself before someone could! ;) Regarding diapers, dont have to wait for #2. Im already into changing only when the diaper leaks! BTW, what Ashu #2?!! *head spinning* And regarding the boat with a hole story, I can so understand the "yaan petra inbam" factor! Nice try! ;)

Artnavy said...

diaper changing will reduce, wont it?

the screaming thing has been a chronic ailment for me- no cure found as yet- only temporary release...oops...relief

Anonymous said...

0/1000 as DIL? That's a very surprising rating cos rarely do DILs find fault with themselves;-) What does HD think abt u and ur ILs?
All said and done, ur a wonderful person - we all love u:)

B o o said...

Art - Nice to know I have company! Like I tell HD, "if I can control it, wont I control it?"

Anon - The rating is what people expect from me and how I have met their expectations. So do you see the point now?! ;)

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