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December 26, 2006

Quite a heavy thought for the day.

I really don’t like my dad that much. I don’t consider him a great father at all. I fight with him a lot. I question his role. I ask him why he brought me into this world. I don’t like his rules. I don’t like his role as a husband as well. But I go to him whenever I need help. If I am standing on the middle of the road with a flat tyre, I call him and ask what to do even if he is in another city. I ask him to do something to make me pass my exams even though he can’t do anything about it. If I am in any tricky situation, I seek his advice. I ask him for money. I ask him for guidance. I ask him to choose. I call him and ask him to come and visit me just like that. I tell him all my problems even though he can’t solve them all. I trust him. I need him. And I am totally selfish. According to me, he is just there to give. And I thank him occasionally. I want him to be partial towards me. I don’t try to please him when I want something, I just ask. I blame him for everything that’s wrong with my life. I want him to set everything right for me. I respect him. I don’t tolerate anyone who say mean things about him. I say mean things to him. I don't lie to him. I want him to protect me. I will trust my life with him.

And today I realized that I treat my father and God equally.........bad.


Anonymous said...

Hi .. lovely post. Made me get all choked up and think about me and my dad ... lot of truth in what you've said. have a gr8 new year.

Anonymous said...

very true- in my case more amma than appa- really do take them for granted

it is said- " u can be your mean self only with loved ones"- need to change that

B o o said...

Thanks Shobha. Wish you a happy New year as well. I dont think anyone can be as mean as me though!

Art - The same case with my mom too but at least with her I ve given her lots of gifts, appreciated her cooking and house keeping skills, took her to trips with me since she loves traveling. But what do you get for dads? Especially for dads like mine who have very simple needs and think its waste of money if children get gifts for parents!! May be thats one of the reason I treat him like the way I do! Decided to mend my ways and got him an expensive watch yesterday to celebrate his office promotion! He of course did nt like it one bit(the price part I mean!) but it did make me feel better! :)

Something to Say said...

When we were at school - we were all required to do an essay about what God meant to us. After we all turned in our stuff - the teacher explained that for most people - your attitude towrds your parents(esp dad) usually equals to your attitude to God.
Mostly we want stuff from Him - but want to give nothing in return...
Your post brought back memories of that experience

mommyof2 said...

awwww.. this is very deep but very cute post:-)

Happy New year to u & ur family:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi boo,

first of all a very big congrats for being a successul mom and blogger at the same time and the reason for this comment is that I lost my DAD recently all I wanted was given to me by him and I never gave anything back to him. When I look back How much we take things for granted.


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