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January 11, 2007

Playing in the park.

Yesterday my father-in-law came to visit. As soon as he entered the door, Ashu ran up to him and showed her right hand and said "Uvva". She had a mosquito bite in one of her fingers. Such a diva, this one! In the evening we went to a park and Ashu had fun with her grandpa. There should be a ban on Balloon salesmen entering parks. All the children went crazy as soon as they heard that squeaking sound he does with the balloons. Ashu needs no pied piper, she followed the balloon-wala all through the park. The suckers that the grandpas are, FIL decided to buy a balloon for Ashu. I did nt want him to. Firstly, they were those HUGE pillar like 5 feet balloons. We cant even take it in the car back home. Secondly, all the other kids would feel bad and the parents would curse me! Just like that time when I was 20 and was traveling alone in a train and opened up a can of coke. The 3 year old boy sitting next to me started crying his lungs out and demanded a coke from his mother. What am I to do? I had only one can. The train was moving, so could nt buy another one even if I wanted to. I drank each sip with guilt and thats the last time I did something like that. Anyway, back to the park. But of course FIL did nt listen to me and bought Ashu the balloon. And guess what? Ashu would nt even take it, said nahnah and kept following the balloon-wala. HA! Now try to buy the balloon-wala Appa, I told my FIL. He would have if he was my father! (That story for a later post!) Thankfully, Ashu got distracted after a while and started playing with the balloon. For a few minutes. Then I had to carry that stupid balloon rest of the time. We went to a temple later and Ashu would nt leave the sannadhis. Each time, we had to drag her to the next. She was fascinated by the huge idols. Since they were hardly a few people in the temple, we had our hearts content looking at the Swami. The Alankaram(decoration) was awesome. (Whats the right word for "Lakshanam"?) FIL had to leave the same night. Ashu did nt like that one bit. And yes, the big balloon burst even before we came home.


Anonymous said...

Daughter in law ratings increased now? :)

B o o said...

Prabhu -
A perfect ten as a DIL
when it comes to FIL.
Its the rating from MIL
that I have left to
Gods will! ;)

Artnavy said...

She got a matching balloon!
thaathas are very indulgent of their paythees ( who are more like payees sometimes)

hope this was not lost in translation

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

"A perfect ten as a DIL
when it comes to FIL.
Its the rating from MIL - that
I have left to Gods will!"

Wow.. that was a perfect one, suits me too ;)

Nisha Rakesh said...

Yes Boo, truly for all DILs, the MILs rating is best left to God's will. Read one of your old posts today, which said you're moving to swiss again. when are you leaving?
after drawing inspiration from you, i managed to write 2 articles, which i would actually love to email to you. I've never written anything in my life, apart from exams and to-do lists ;-) hence feeling a little conscious of publishing something that the whole world has access to.

upsilamba said...

Is that a pencil shaped balloon?

Anonymous said...

Luckily she didn't ask you to buy a temple idol...and the balloon did burst...

Terri the terrific said...

Hi, boo,

You can now find me at Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Is this the nice BDA park in BTM near Shopper's Stop?

Anonymous said...

That's another of Murphy's laws - MILs and DILs will never get a perfect ten from either;-)

Itchingtowrite said...

i am curious abt buy the balloonwallah story

B o o said...

Art - U r right about the pay(t)ees! ;)

Kowsalya - I think it suits most DILs!

Nisha - To Swiss: Anytime now. Once I ger my visa for which I have been waiting for 3 months! :( And you should blog. I have the worst complex and if I can blog, then anyone can!

B o o said...

Upsi - Nope, just pipe shaped.

Mumbai Girl - May be next time, she will! ;)

Terri - Nice of you to send the link. Thanks.

B o o said...

Anon1 - Whoa! U got that right! Have we met? :)

Anon2 - True!

i2w - Thats nothing. But will sure put a post soon.

mommyof2 said...

She look adorable:-) Sound like she had great time with her grandfather.. I hope she is not missing daddy after seeing grandfather..

Story Teller said...

lakshanam - can we say ideal masculinity or PHRENOLOGY (thanks to google).. not sure... that coke story was excellent.. poor chottu.. (well i swear this is my last comment to your blog for today..)

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