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January 18, 2007

Bigger, better & older Boo.

I don't think Big Boo wants to remember this birthday. I mean I would nt want to too if I were that old! ;) But luckily, I ll always be younger than her. Oh, come on Sis. You are moping anyway. One mean post is nt going to hurt you any more!

But in case you were expecting something special, how about this? You have one more girl looking up to you now. Happy Birthday, Sis! You are loved by everyone but loved the most a lot (Happy now, Jeeju?!) by me. And our little girl.


Anonymous said...

Is your sis turning 30? Happy birthday to her.


upsilamba said...

I was looking at your picture (you and sis) in that old post; gosh! Ashu resembles you a lot.
same eyes and similar look/attitude....cute.

Anonymous said...

Podi podi pokkathavale... Photo pottiyo thappicha.. Thanks! :-)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

I was blog hopping and I landed here. Guess what!?! we use the same blogger template:) Getting back tot he post must be fun to be the younger sister? Happy b'day to your sis!

Me said...

..happy bday to ur sis....:)

... ennaku minnadi upsi sollitaanga... post was my mandai vedichings...

...did u ever get a chance to read that personal diary???

...did ur dad find out that u had a share in breaking that chair?

...btw how come no one asked these questions...vetti oor vambu at all....:p

upsilamba said...

me - you are all over. hush for a while, will ya.
jee, kids!

B o o said...

Vee - Let me just say that she ll be happy to see your comment!! ;)

Upsi - Does she? Wait till I put a baby pic of HD! :)

S - I always have an escape plan! :)

B o o said...

Orchid - Welcome. I bloghopped to your blog a few weeks back and then lost you. I am so happy to see your comment now!

Me - We told our dad in passing some years back but he did nt even remember the incident. Duh!
And I read my sis' diary a few months or may be years, Im not sure now, later and it was so boring. So major anti-climax! Endaa kettom nu irukkaa? ;)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to her. I sympathise with her entirely, being an elder sis myself!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to your wonderful sis boo!!!
and yes! i didnt have any trouble finding out who's who in that picture(you and sis)...ashu resembles you a lot....anyone who has seen ashu's foto can find out easily....:)


Anonymous said...

cha, kandu pudippa solla vandhaa... makkal erkanave soltanga. Ashu is your xerox copy! Especially the cheeks.. :) She looks veryyyy cute in the photo u dedicated. :D

Akkare said...

I cant believe how much Ashu resembles you...and you do have a naughty glint in your eye.

B o o said...

MG - :)

Suni - I think Ashu was a chameleon in her prev birth. She has been told as a xerox copy of me, hubby, my sis, my mom, my mil, my grandpa, my cousin, ... and shes changing every day! :)

Viji - Thanks Viji. Read my above comment to Suni.

Akkare - May be that photo was taken very soon after reading that secret diary of my sister! ;)

mommyof2 said...

My belated wishes to ur sis:-)

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