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January 24, 2007


For the past 5 years, whenever we went abroad we never had the time to look for a tenant for our flat. There were lots of issues too. It will be partly furnished, one bedroom will be locked with our stuff, we ll never know when we ll be coming back, etc... But this time we made up our minds to let it out and Hd gave an ad in his office. This was in Oct. No one approached. I was happy that I don't have to clean the house and arrange things. Then my visa got delayed, so we forgot about the ad. But this sneaky hubby of mine re posted the ad 2 weeks back. An what do you know? I got 18 calls the first day and 5 visitors too! The first guy who came home liked the place and was ready to pay a token advance. I told him No problem, I ll confirm by evening. The second guy who came to see the flat is the reason for this post. He really really liked the flat and this would be a convenient location for him as well. But I told him that a person has already seen it and I have told him that he can take the place. But he would nt let it go. He started giving me a lengthy speech on why I should let my flat to him. I told him that I ve almost taken an advance from the prev guy and if that guy backs out, I ll consider him. But he started waving his wallet at me and asking how much was the token advance. I told him that my husband is still sleeping since its early morning for him in Swiss and will give him a call later. He left the house after 25 mins. And an hour later, Hd calls up and tells me that this guy has sent a long mail to Hd asking him to let the flat to him! I got really annoyed. Then I was taking more calls and telling people that the flat is not available any more. This annoying guy calls me thrice more to ask me if I have decided. I tell him that I cant say No to the first guy as I have no reason to. He tells me that Im the decision maker and I should choose him! Oh My God! Get a life, dude!

By evening, first guy comes home again and we seal the deal. 3 more people come to see the flat and go back disappointed. None stayed more then 5 mins, for your kind information! Then at 9 pm, I call the annoying guy and say that the first guy came home and we sealed the deal.( Because I told him I ll call him back and not to call me anymore in the evening.) Again, he gives a long lecture on why I should have chosen him. I say Im sorry but I had told the first guy that he was the first guy and I had no reason to refuse him. Again he reminds me that Im the decision maker and I could ve decided on himself. I tell him that I gave the first guy my word and I had to keep it. For this, my dear readers, he has the gall to tell me, "But no one is going to give you an award for that madam!" I said, “But it means a lot to me” and hung up. I am so glad that this fella did nt come home first. Some people!

And if you did nt know it already from this blog, I hate to say No and get really uncomfortable and all panicky in situations where I have to disappoint people! But hurting people I love, that I can do with a flourish!Yeah, thats me! ;)


monu said...

guess most of us are that way, meaning that we can't say to others,
but can hurt ones we love with flourish

happens way too often with me.
anyway glad that the first person got the flat!

Anonymous said...

Your flat must be really good! Is it the Mantri apt near Shopper's Stop?

Anonymous said...


Lucky that the second guy did came second... :)

Story Teller said...

hi.. i was just searching for in the google for the word "drishti suthifying" and landed up on ur blog, though i didn't get what i searched for, nevertheless i enjoyed your post (renting your house).. just wondering "manithargalil ithanai nirangala?"

Artnavy said...

thank god No.2 ( pun intended) did not come in first to se your house

Crumbling Cookie said...

And the Blogfare for the most conscientious person for the year 2007 goes to-Ashu's amma,Boo!! u have an award as well..ha! to the second person!!

Tharini said...

Oh my gosh! I'm just so glad for you that he didn't end up being the first one. What would have happened if you'd asked him to move out and he was bent on convincing you to let him stay on. *Shivers*

Anusha said...

this is almost scary...wonder if this qualifies as harassment...maybe if he calls you one more time it would? hopefully it ends here and the new tenant is not haunted!

that said, is real estate mkt in b'lore that hot? or is it just ur apt?

B o o said...

Monu - Im glad too!

Anon1 - Are you the same anon who recognized the park earlier? Hmm.., thank God Im moving out of the country soon! ;) And btw, no not that close to Shoppers stop! :)

Anon2 - Escape indeed!

Delhi Tamilian - Welcome and thanks for all the nice comments.

Art - Alls well that ends well!

B o o said...

SM - Is that a compliment? Gee, thanks! :)

Tharini - Now thats a scary thought! Never thought about that angle! Im double glad now! :)

K's Mom - Now Im reminded of that movie "Pacific Heights"! U r right, one more call would ve really scared me to death!

Real Estate has been growing like crazy in some areas, yes! But my flat is not so great to be honest. Not toddler friendly. We might have even moved if not for this Swiss trip. But the location is perfect to commute to HDs office, hence the demand!

Crumbling Cookie said...

Course that is a compliment..situations needing a negative answer make me panicky too..i thought u handled that rather well..hence the award..on hindsight, maybe u;ll have to share it with me..
sorry if u thot otherwise.

Anonymous said...

you get hurt only by people who love you (if the same act was done by a stranger u'ld get angry.. not hurt!)
jus my two cents.. nice blog u have here.. :)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

all's well that ends there.
dunno what I would've done...maybe started a bidding war :)hey, people do that y'know!

Anonymous said...

Guy 2 sounds really irritating. I hate people like that, think they're persistance is going to win you over when all it does is put you off.

Me said...

..since u r moving out of the would be good if u put a legal contract ...about the rent, % increase in rent/yr, pay by date, notice period for moveout...& all such things... advice nu nenachikavenam...some of relatives had yendapa veeda kuduthom kinda feel....

Anonymous said...

Hey does this mean the visa's come thro? Congratulations

Shammi said...

Agree with Mumbaigirl. Gotta dislike people who are too pushy. I bet he'd have been the Tenant From Hell, Boo. You've had a lucky escape! Hey, if this means you've got your visa, CONGRATS! :)

B o o said...

SM - I was just kidding. I thought I should have handled it better and avoided the whole drama in the first place!

Revathi - Debatable! :)

Orchid - I thought about an auction too! But too much work! ;)

MG - Exactly!

B o o said...

Me - You are absolutely right and this is all new to me. But thanks to my dad who was here at that time, all taken care of.

WA - The tenant needs the house only in mid Feb. Wont the visa come before that? :(

Shyam - It only makes me more stubborn when people are too pushy! And no the visa is here not yet here. Expecting it next week.

Anonymous said...

should have told him
I have made the decision and I will not be happy renting my house to someone like you :-)

an anon who commented long time back
on the hubby's friend's wife name game dilemma (phew! could hv come up with some handle instead of this)

mommyof2 said...

good decision.. I would;ve done the same:-)

We rent here too and we come across lots of #2 catagory people. After lots of bad experience now we know Its always easy to say "we will let u know later;-)" than pulling our hair out later after renting them the place..

Priya Arun said...

Wow! Boo, you have such an interesting life - you know, meeting such crazy people n all! ;-)

To quote Calvin: Everyone gets good enemies except me. :-P

The Visitor said...

What the stars foretell:
Pisces: You shall be troubled by a persistent "I know all" and you shall react - see here

Anusha said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anusha said...

just sent you an email...and this is to prompt you to check it :)

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