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January 19, 2007

Five point me!

There are a million things I have not written about myself in this blog or anywhere else for that matter. They are either very personal or very embarassing or involves someone else. Some stuff, I planned to write in my later posts. A little at a time, you see! Anyway, now I have to think about five of them and list them here thanks to our friendly Witch. Any reason to talk about oneself. Here I go...

1. I have the mother of all inferiority complex.
--> Oh! She writes so beautifully! I am nothing compared to her.

--> Oh God! She has taught her one year old the alphabets? I am a bad mother.

--> Wow! She has kept such a beautiful home! I am a horrible house keeper!.

2. I am L.A.Z.Y.
--> I dont step out of the house for days together.

--> I have NEVER cooked anything for myself. I eat toast for breakfast, sandwich for lunch and toasted sandwich for dinner when I am alone.

--> I call up the corner store and order bread to be home delivered.

3. I hate it when I know I am right and the other person is wrong but I cant do anything to prove it. I absolutely hate such situations. I come home and shout at HD, call my sister and complain and even write about it in my blog. I just cant let go. Logics like "You know you are right! Why do you want acceptance from near strangers?" dont make sense to me.
For the record,

--> Alex Haley won a PULITZER award for Roots. Not a Nobel prize for literature. If HD's Ex Boss's Wife is reading this, please be a bigger person and accept that you were wrong and I was right. FYI, this happened 5 years ago in Lake District, UK when we went on a trip together.

--> Big Five means Lion, elephant, Leopard, Rhino and... BUFFALO. Not Giraffe. Dont argue with a person who had spent a fortune on an African safari and had just returned. Especially to a friends friend. Especially when we are never going to meet again. It kills me!

--> Tiramisu has alcohol in it. Yes, even if YOU carefully selected the best from the store and served it for dessert. Even if it has nt got any, when a pregnant woman says she does nt want it, let it go.

4. One blog related thing about me. I take loads of time to write a post. Then I save it as a draft. Few hours or even few days later, I read it again and decide if I want to click publish or not. But I have only 2 posts in draft right now. I wrote them almost 8 months back. So chances are that they ll never see day light! Also, I take too much time for my own good to leave comments as well. Should I or should nt I? I hate myself! * Took me 2 weeks to click publish for this post. *

5. Ihadanimaginaryboyfriendwheniwas17andIledallmyclosefriendsbelievethathewasreal. Heevenwroteletterstomeandsentcards!

There! I am done.

If you have decoded the fifth point, keep it to yourself. And the comments too.


neha vish said...

I love point 3. And umm.. about point 5... umm.. :D

Anusha said...

Ok, I can't keep comments to myself after a post like this. It could have been me writing this post (but of course the end result would not have been so articulately put or funny and it would have longest sentences ever). Point 1 -check, Point 2 - check, Point 4 - check.
Are we related?

Anonymous said...

LOL @ number 5 :))))

the mad momma said...

yup.. this is my post..
I am lazy in terms of not getting out of the house for days because i don't wanna change out of my pajamas.
I never ever ever ever cook for myself and i have lived away from my parents for 11 years now.
i have to have everyone agree with me when i am right.. yup.. completely with you on that point.
# 5... :D now its just our little secret and of course the entire www

Akkare said...

1 - check
2 - check and probably worse than you when you add the fact that sometimes when Orwell is out of town I dont even want to have a shower
3 - check check
5 - not check. But after writing that how you can feel inferior to any other blogger is beyond me.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Nice- honest and revealing! point 5 made me :) and as for point 4 I am totally opposite.....I wait till I there is this intense desire to write and almost instantly post it...sometimes even without running a spell check on it :)

Anonymous said...

Tee hee, what's your zodiac sign? I suffer from point 3 affliction majorly...years later I remember how I was right.Not good for the health I tell you.

Crumbling Cookie said...

Could be my post pre Ananya. Yeah even #5. Except there were no letters/cards.
Wonderful Boo!

B o o said...

Im my enthu to post, forgot to tag people. So consider yourselves tagged.
Neha - Care to reveal five more things? ;)

K's Mom - You are it. Lets see if we are really related!!

WA - I insist you reveal five more things!

MM - I knew I should have tried to be more cryptic on #5. Damn! :) And you are it too!

Akkare -I deliberately left the shower part out! ;) Now you have 5 more things to write! Ha ha!

Orchid - I am like that in real world. Talking before thinking. So Im making it up in the web world! ;) BTW, you are it too!

MG - Im a Piscean. You? I think WA tagged you too, so you are double tagged now!

SM - Wow! At last someone who relates to #5. We should talk! ;) And of course you are tagged too!

Anonymous said...

You are not alone with point 5. I did it when I was 15. Still feel embarrassed to talk to "those" friends.

What to do these girls were pretty "well developed", but I was quite an ammanji, had to do something right?!

Wanna hear the tops?! My BF was the ad model for complan! Whew what was I thinking? I already told you I used(past tense is debatable) to be an ammanji.

Artnavy said...

Hmmm- u draft and then publish

but u certainly sound the most humourous and spontaneous of all

i am so much with u on the people arguing that their stand is right when it is not

where are the pics of the SA safari? just got a souvenier of that from my appa

B o o said...

T&H - You are right about the embarassment part. I ll be embarassed in my next life too!! ;) But it was fun while it lasted, no regrets there!! LOL!

Art - And the irony is that even when I know I am 100% right, I dont argue aggressively. I just say may be you are right and end the debate. :(
We went to Tanzania. You can find my short travelogues here:

Nee said...

1 and 2 - gosh Boo! It's like you're in my head.
3 was just hilarious.
Ahem, Itotallydidntgetnumber5dontworry.

Anusha said...

just read your travelogues, way tooo cool!!!!

K's Mom - You are it. Lets see if we are really related!!
hehehe :) nice try! is that punishment for commenting on your deep, dark fives :)

Something to Say said...

wow ... good stuff boo.... now I REALLY know you :)

Premalatha said...

1. you joking. yours is the most popular blog, popular mom and your house looks tidy and beautiful in all photos.

B o o said...

Nee - LOL! Thanksalotforunderstanding! ;)

K's mom - Do the tag if you want to. No pressure. But I ll let you know that Im dying to read yours! ha ha ha!

S2S - Are you sure? Like I said, I have a million more things!!

Latha - Looks can be deceiving and in my case it is!!

Story Teller said...

2, 3 & 4th points were interesting to read.. (oops.. am i a stranger in your blog btw.."

mommyof2 said...

interesting post again:-)

same #1 & #2 and lol@#5:-)

#3, why can't u prove it.. take their # or email id, come home, google the matter & call back or send them the details;-)

#4, your posts are very interesting so u shouldn't worry about your #4. And I have read others comment saying how good you are so delete #4:-)and release ur posts from dark draft room;-)

JK said...

my God.... Boo , you seems to be a replica of mine... what else i can say!!!!

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