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December 29, 2005

This child is the mother of this woman.

Another lesson learnt today. Since there’s no baby cot here, Ashu sleeps on a thick mattress on the floor. She falls down if she sleeps on the cot. I also close the door as I want her to sleep peacefully without any disturbance from the TV, calling bell or the phone.(The real reason being, I don’t want her to get up in half hour and get cranky and eat my head!) Usually she gets up and cries and I go and pick her. I also check on her every 30 minutes. Today I heard her cry and opened the door a little. She was sitting behind the door. I saw her in the mirror and did nt open the door anymore. She heard my voice and stood with her hands on the door and actually shut the door again. I did nt know what to do. She might fall down and hit her head on the floor if I opened the door with force. So I opened the door an inch and asked her to move away. Of course she did nt understand. I did nt know what to do and like I always do when I’m in a fix, called my mother. She came and held the door while I put my hand through the gap and tried to grab Ashu. She sat down and I pulled her with one hand. She fell sideward and cried as if it’s all my fault. Yeah, right!! My mom was narrating another story where a child locked the door from inside and started crying and how they had to break the door and enter. I hope Ashu never does anything like that. I don’t like breaking and entering. Moreover my dad would somehow blame it all on me and take custody of her. This from the man who mistakenly put 4 scoops of kolamaavu (rice flour) instead of detergent powder in the washing machine today and was wondering why there was no froth!


Anonymous said...

Boo - thank God yr dad doesnt enter the kitchen - otherwise he wud've done the reverse & put detergent in the sambar & wonder y its frothing up!!!!!!!!!! Take care abt ashu tho. Jaya

Unknown said...

Can't stop laughing at the kolamaavu instead of detergent. You are not making this up are you? Hilarious. Dads!

B o o said...

WA - I swear! He did! Thank God he does only his laundry. :)

anantha said...

Kola maavu in the washing machine... LOL

Mona said...

well, atleast he didn't feed ashu the detergent mixed with milk.

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