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December 13, 2005

Destined to use diapers.

Pampers and Huggies were equally good when I was in Swiss and the newborn diapers were exceptionally soft in Huggies. Now after coming to India I ve been using Pampers imported from Vietnam or Saudi Arabia. The quality is nt as good as it was in Swiss but only slightly so. But Huggies are more popular here as they are made in India and almost every Medical shop sells them. Once when I was stuck at my hometown because of the rain and my pampers supply ran out, I bought Huggies. They look nothing like the Huggies I know. Look like plastic and the quality is appalling. If you think it is cheaper, you are wrong. They are as expensive as the imported Pampers. I soon changed to Pampers and for a month using up those Huggies one per day since I bought them with good money and did nt want to throw them. Then yesterday Ashu was hit with a very bad bout of diaper rash. In these 7 months, what I thought were rash was nothing compared to this one. It was quite bad and Ashu was screaming and I could feel her pain. 2 hours of 'that' Huggie and this happens. How can the same brand have such a huge difference in quality in 2 different countries for the same price? I am baffled. And of course I am throwing the rest of the huggies in the trash.

Speaking of diapers, I am getting lot of heat after coming back here. Mothers here give me a look of disapproval for using diapers. They think I am selfish. Selfish? I would ve jumped out of a window if I am selfish. I have nothing against cloth diapers. But I just think disposables are more convenient and I am thankful that I can afford them. Changing disposable diapers are as humiliating and humbling as the cloth ones and no difference there. I can save time and spend more time giving Ashu attention then doing dirty laundry. If disposable feeding bottles were in the market, I would gladly buy them too. Try washing the bottles with your baby curled at your feet and you will know what I mean. And it is supposed to be my life and I can do what I am destined to do. The whole universe conspired to let me use the disposable diapers, so leave me alone!

ps. I have finished reading the Alchemist and needless to say, I just died and went to heaven.


Anonymous said...

Achacho paavam paappa...

Anonymous said...

ohhhh i get this so much!
thank you!

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