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December 01, 2005

List of things I missed and make me feel good to be back.

Multi cuisine restaurants (Indo-Chinese! Here I come!)

Close up lemon and mint tooth paste (Can I eat it?)

Tamil TV channels (for now at least!)

Ashu's 'stay at home' grand mom (not for long though!)

Wet grinders (Home made idlis and dosas, yum!)

Auto rickshaws (irrespective of the drivers)

Fresh lime soda (sweet not salt please!)

Door delivered groceries (100 gms of mustard seeds. No, that’s all. Nothing else. Thanks!)

Seinfeld re runs on TV (Joy forever!)

Buying bangles and bindis in the fancy stores (Why 'fancy'?)

Touching both my cheeks while passing by pillayaar kovils in every street. (I once did it looking at a movie theater. I ve been away too long!)

Power cuts. (Sometimes! There should be some thrill and mystery in life, right?)

Flowers (Jaadhi, Malli, Mullai,...)

Knowing that my parents don’t need a visa to visit us. (:-)

Feeling that I am home. (Priceless!)

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