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December 10, 2005

I can never be a baby again. Ever.

I am having revelation after revelation after being a mother. How can something which is so obvious and just there for all of us to see as clear as the sky NOW did nt even seem like it existed BEFORE? I was always the one at home to say ungodly and unholy things and being cursed for that. Always the one to ask all sort of weird questions too. So one time I asked my dad, "If there is an emergency and you can save either mom or me, whom will you save?" After lots of diplomatic answers, Dad gives up at my persistence and admits that he will save me. I act shocked though I knew he would say it and am ready with my judgment. “You are a good father but a bad husband dad. Don’t you love mom?” By this time, mom interferes and asks me to stop the nonsense and go do something useful. Fast forward 10 years and now I would definitely want HD to save Ashu before me. I completely understand. But what I did nt expect was that I ll lose my importance everywhere at once. Last month at my parents place (weird calling home as my parents place!), the water heater burst and there were fumes everywhere. And in a second my dad picks up Ashu and is out of the house while I am blissfully sleeping in the next room. He did nt even call my name for Gods sake. So off he becomes a Good Grandfather and a Bad Father. Don’t you love me anymore dad? Is it always the youngest member getting all the attention in every family? I completely empathize with you Sis! I understand what you go through every time I am "babied"! It’s not fair. I know. I know that now.

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Anonymous said...

A few years ago, I read this short item in Reader's Digest.

I am recollecting from sketchy memory but the jist is as follows...

The grandparents vist the home of their daughter who just gave birth to a baby. On their first nights day, the grandmother asks her husband to go and check if the baby is tucked nicely in her bed.

The daughter, laying in her bed but not asleep but heard the conversation next room, saw her fatther enter the room, and tuck in his daughter, plant a kiss on her forehead and leave the room, not one moment looking at the baby in the rocker.

Your blog remined me of this incident in someone's life. Even though you father may not express his affection explicity, evey father has a soft corner for his daughter.

Have a great time,
Well Wisher.

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