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November 13, 2011

A Milestone I dreaded: The F Word.

Loads of friends have told me how their kids said the F word, how shocked they were, how the kids wanted to know the meaning of the word, how they were stumped, etc.. etc... etc... I kind of worried too but Ashu is a kind of kid who instinctively seems to know what will make me happy or upset and she ll avoid asking anything which she thinks will upset me or get her into trouble. Not always, I can assure. But mostly. So I knew I had a long time before I had to face that kind of a situation. But then, one can only dream!

Ashus best friend, G had come home today for lunch and we were all eating at the table. Antu with her "impeccable" table manners had to say "yuck" for God knows what and G immediately gasped, "Oh my God! Antu just said the F word!" I froze. "Its a bad word!", G added! I was speechless. I looked at Ashu who was looking at G curiously! "She said "yuck", G!", I mumbled. "Really? Do you know what the F word is?", she asked. "Forget me. How do YOU know?", I managed to ask. "Oh my sister told me. It is F***! Its a very bad word and we should never say it!". Very clear! "Thats right! Lets not say it then. Why don't we talk about butterflies? Or fairies? or Rainbows?" The girls started giggling and the situation was diffused. Phew.

Was that the end? Of course not. Come bedtime, Ashu asked me the dreaded question. "What is the meaning of the F word, Amma?" Sigh!

"Have you heard the word before, Ashu?"
Quite a defensive "No!"
"Its just a bad word, Ashu. And you will get into a lot of trouble if your teachers hear you say that, ok?"
"Is it a bad word like Stupid?"
"Its much, much worser that stupid."
"Is it a bad word like sissy?"
"What the F***!" (Ok, I did nt say that! But really!)
"Excuse me? Where do you hear words like these? Dont you guys have classes to attend while in school?"
"I heard it in recess, Amma! A called B a sissy because he said he likes pink!"
"Ok, Ashu! Thats another word you cant use, ok? Thats all Im saying!"
"I ll never use it Amma. I just want to know the meaning."
"We ll talk about it when you are a bit older, Ashu! How about two stories today, huh? Once upon a time..."

Im so making Hd handle it when its Antus turn. Which might even be tomorrow for all you know!


Anonymous said...

It's sad that 'sissy' is considered an insult. Basically calling someone feminine has become a way to bring them down. I'm glad you're teaching your daughter not to use that as an insult.

Sumana said...

LOL at making HD handle the younger one. Surely things turn out alot faster with the younger ones.

Unknown said...
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Vidya said...

Well.... Oh well! It could have been me writing this!! Here is when my junior hit the milestone:

Anonymous said...

...this scares me :O


Anonymous said...

my son whose vocabulary barely had 20 words when we landed in the west and in a week I see him banging on the door angrily saying "bloody" something in an imaginary play! It was shocking and hilarious! :) I dont know if these early exposures are better than me looking at F word in Oxford dictionary at age 21 and wondering why on earth would somebody say it - insult or otherwise!!!
The f word including the one with mother is quite common in college campuses in India also! :) ... casual talk or hip talk at open cafe in college includes these phrases now! so it isnt just the west!

Sri said... 2 yr old daughter actually said "shit" on her 2nd birthday and hubby dont remember when we used it but after sometime realised that she might have said "sit" Thankfully, she hasnt repeated it again!

knee high converse for kids said...

This is really a scary moment.Most of times kids pick these words from friends,tv,movies.

Shuchi said...

LOL !!
I have just a 1 year old but still its scary...
handling kids is quite a task!!


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