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March 24, 2011

Gotta love this girl!

Ashu: Amma! Come and play a game with me.
Me: Not now, Ashu. Im making dinner.

(2 mins later)

Ashu: Amma come!
Me: Im not done yet. Why dont you play something with Antu? I ll join you when Im done.

(5 mins later)

Ashu: Amma! What game do you want to play?
Me: Anything. You choose.
Ashu: Ok. Come.
Me: ASHU! I ll come when Im done, OK? Dont keep calling me.
Ashu: But Amma...
Me: Shush! I dont want to hear one more word.


(I spot her playing by herself with some sight words flash cards.)

(A good 15 mins later)

Ashu: Amma look at this!

And this is what she had done with the flash cards!

I laughed and joined her for a game. I even let her win! :)


Anonymous said...

That's so sweet of Ashu!!

yaadayaada said...

She is such a darling!

Trishna said...

Woww!!soo sweet!!!

R's Mom said...

Thats so sweet :)

dipali said...

So cute!

cantaloupes.amma said...

Aww .... Ashu very sweet cutie !!

Boo ... you let her win ???? What a magnanimous sacrifice !!! Good going there ...

A and A said...

What a Sweetie

Reva said...

Ashu'vin porumai, Boo ku perumai! :D

noon said...

So cute! I loved the way she arranged the cards to give you the message. Hey Boo - what games do you play with them? I don't know what kutti games to play with KG when I have some 2o min with her...other than pretend games...she is so difft from KB. Even Hi ho cherry o which he used to love when he was 3.5 - she doesn't have patience for after 5 min.

sushil kumar said...

I will surely bookmark this. Great blog

Subha said...

How nice! As another commenter had asked, can you please post some games that you play with both?

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