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October 25, 2010

O Re Kaanchi...

Ashu danced on stage for the first time on Saturday. It was a group dance with 5 other girls. I had never thought that Ashu will ever climb a stage, least of all dance in the near future. Shes extremely self conscious. So when a month back, an Indian school mom suggested a group dance by the kids, I reluctantly signed up Ashus name and was ready to accept Ashus decision if she wanted to quit. On the first day of practice, I wanted to beg her to quit because she was err.... not graceful. (And Im being kind here.) Another mom and I were the choreographers and I was cursing Hd for passing on the two left feet gene to our daughter! (of course, hes to be blamed!) She was also the youngest in the group. Us two moms were exhausted after every practice what with making 6 precocious kids dance to our tunes and not to mention all their younger siblings wandering around and distracting everybody at every turn! But we did it somehow. Ashu slowly progressed from not-dancing to exercising to partial-dancing. Grace is a long time away but Im not complaining. ( Cute little girls in cute little outfits! Whats there to complain about? ) I am so proud that she did nt quit. That she cooperated so nicely during practice. That though she was the youngest, she acted mature. That she remembered all the steps. That she made friends. But most of all, that she had fun and enjoyed herself.

Since the successful performance,the choreographers decided to milk the situation and make the group perform the same dance in two more events next month. As long as its not a dance competition, we have nothing to worry. ;)


utbtkids said...

Your sister showed me. Kuzhandhai stage mela yera mattennu bayapadamal, azhaga yeri, marakamal panniyirukale. Chumma two left feet, three right feet-nnu.

R's Mom said...

Way to Go many more such performances and ensuring that your mom eats her words about the 'two left feet'!

Manasi said...

Commenting for the first time.. :)) Must say Boo.. you r very talented.. and hope Ashu gives many more performances like these.. :))

You have a wonderful blog over here and have read all your old posts with dedication.. :)

Niv said...

me too Manasi, have read all her old post with complete dedication:):)

mnamma said...

Soooper Ashu!!! Her pose in the picture seems pretty graceful to me :)

Choxbox said...

CUTE! And pat on the back to the enthu choreographers as well.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Good job Ashu for not quitting !!
Salute Boo .... choreographing kids' dance is NOT easy !! Demands loads of patience.

Manasi said...

@Niv The posts and writing is very addictive and hooks you on.. making it difficult to let go.. :))

Sunitha said...

Congratulations to the little dancer and the choreographer! Here's to many more performances :)

Balaji said...

Always nice to see our li'l ones in the spotlight. Congrats to Ashu :)

anubharat said...

Way to go Ashu, dont listen to your mommy. I am sure with practice and over the years, you will prove your mommy wrong.

Boo, you have tagged it under "kaakaikkum than kunju", apparam enna two left feet, three feet nu. Choreographers aadinadha paatha kozhandainga enna comment adichaangalo ;)

Manoj Kumar Soyal said...

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Anonymous said...

so this previous commenter is actually a real person and just decided to put that comment up here?! WOW ....
couldnt resist commenting on that comment! :))) ...

choreography with kids - hats off to you!

a set of our campus kids are getting trained for Christmas dance and I can see the pressure in all the moms and the pleasure too.

But I am sure YOU enjoyed dancing along right! :))) ... I love it when I do it with my kids as an excuse and I am somewhat jealous of my playschool teachers who can do it almost everyday at noontime with all the kids! :)

More happy dancing for you and Ashu! :)

Anonymous said...

you should post video next time. No excuse! :)

Good job Ashu!!! :)


B o o said...

Utbt - You are just a find aunty! ;p

R's Mom - Laddu in your mouthu!

Manasi - Thanks mucho. :)

Niv - LOL! pop quiz in 10 mins, ready?

Mnamma - coz thats a blurry pic!! ;)

Chox - Thankoo.

CA - I know! especially other peoples kids!!! :)

Manasi - Thanks again. You are sweet. :)

Sunitha - Thanks.

Balaji - It was a proud moment indeed. Thanks.

Anu - adhu kaakakku dhaan enakku illai! ha ha ha! just kidding! you caught the correct point, btw. one of the older siblings made us promise we wont dance in front of the stage before all her friends!!!!!

Kookaburra - oh yes. I had loads of fun with this project. :)

San - Thanks. adhukenna, anupichaa pochu! :)

Sunita (Poppy) said...

So cute! I keep cursing the husband for the singing genes. You should listen to D singing Oh Baby from Endhiran ..on the other hand perhaps not. How can I child of mine be so awful at singing is the question I ask myself everyday and then realize that she's also the husband's child :)

Thankfully she can dance :)

But yeah even D has been participating in all these stage thing and I'm also as surprised as you are about Ashu. Guess we underestimated them huh?

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