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October 14, 2010

Phone Booth.

(Wife calls the Husband at work around 6 pm.)

Wife: Still in office? What are you doing?

Husband: Its not even 6 yet.

W: So?

H: Did I tell you I will be leaving at 6?

W: Did you tell me you will be leaving later?

H: No.

W: Then whats wrong in me asking?

H: Its only 6. Thats why. *sighs*

W: *yells* Dude! You should be happy that you have someone in your life who loves you, misses you and is waiting for you at home with your kids! So stop this sighing business, ok? You so don't deserve me. Heres a person who actually cares about you and you don't even appreciate...

H: *hurriedly* I am sorry. I am sorry.

W: *smiles* Lets try this one more time. When are you coming home?

H: I will leave in another half an hour.

W: Good. See you then. Bye.

H: Bye.

Im sure he sighed again after he hung up.


Sowmya Srikrishnan said...

Wow, I've never thought of asking my husband all this! I have a looong way to go before I become the ideal wife huh.

Loved your response!

artnavy said...

i thought the bell may have rung at the end of the call...

prerna said...

Try not calling your husband for a few days- he will be worried and insecure

yaadayaada said...

You got it good sister! Mine is un-trainable! Gets into defense mode even before I start my lecture!

Anonymous said...

i wonder why this sounds sooo familiar and sooo you

Reva said...

lol.. you're good!! :D

Anonymous said...

Funny title! :) and great conversation.

Girl, you wait till 6 everyday - I admire you! My man comes home 12-2 most days and then back by 5! Even then I feel things are unfair and I am minding kids all day! :) ...

Anonymous said...

Sangeetha swarangal takes the cake :D

Ambika Kulkarni said...

Tried it many times.. it surely works ;)

B o o said...

Sowmya - Ideal huh? Are you sure? ;)

Art - After ten years, I ve given up expecting that!

Prerna - Whats the fun in that! ;)

YY - One cant have it all, woman!

Etc - ha ha! :D

Reva - adhu ellam appadiye thaana varradhu dhaan! :)

Kookaburra - Ah! at last someone got the title. :) 12-2 and 5?!!! Grrr....

Inba - More like abaswarangal, huh? :)

Ambika - Its a wonder the husbands have nt caught on, huh? :)

dipali said...

Too good! These menz, I tell you, and these womenz!!

Divs said...

LOL Boo!!! This one had me rolling with laughter. I should send it to my hubby for sure to just see his reaction and then try it on him too ;-)

Divs said...

Ah except that I am a working mom now...but will save this for later for sure ;-)

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