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April 24, 2010

Remembering the Baby Shower.

I read this post of mine today and laughed my way through the comments. One of the high points of my second pregnancy! Happy 2nd Anniversary, Doulas and fellow MTBs. You all are being remembered very fondly today.

Have a nice day! Spread the joy like you always seem to do. :)


Read this post and then this post if you are new here and want the full story. Or just read this post for a summary. I'm nothing if not a shameless self-plugger! ;)


Rohini said...

Happy anniversary to you too, Boo. This has to be one of the most awesome things I was ever part of.

ambulisamma said...

Excellent one and good that you linked it for new ones like me.
I really admire those 3000 mails across globe.

Swati said...

I can never forget that for life was so much fun ..hugs

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