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April 25, 2008

All set for the Oscar Speech.

OH. MY. GOD. is all I have been saying over and over again from the time I got up. Yaada Yaada called up first thing in the morning and began to shout at me for posting the blog and then going to blissfully sleep while the whole group was trying to undo what I did. A huge apology for my reckless behaviour. What else can I blame other than my childhood where I always had to do something rebellious and reckless to draw attention away from an over shadowing sister! ;) But man, did it feel good to read all your comments first thing in the morning complimenting me in the smarts department! ;) It was totally worth losing sleep over! Of course, Hd could nt understand why I was smiling like I have just won million bucks! :) Well, what does he know?

Thanks seems to be such a poor word to use right now. But Thanks Guys. You don't know how much this means to me. While the cat and mouse game was fun with a big F last night, when I saw the website today, I just died and went to heaven.

MayG - Where were you all this while? Though I know you from the comments you have left in my blog, you did nt have a blog until a couple of months back, did you? And to think you had a major hand in all this just blows me away. You are truly an amazing person. I salute!

The Riddlers! Where do I begin?
Altoid, Gauri, Kiran and Sue - Whenever we meet, a drink/cofee/lunch/dinner/dessert or all of the above is on m, Deal? I was rolling on the floor laughing when I went to Sunitas blog and read the clue for Monas Blog. Gangster Ajit just called out to me "Mona Darling" and I swear I could hear his voice! Just because we are preggies, we don't want to be left out. We want our own riddles too! We demand it! So don your thinking hat again and come up with something, OK? Pretty please?

Suki darling - Your message for the moms was the most touching for me. You don't know how valuable it is. And I cant help but think how juvenile I was when I was your age! (Ah, darn! There I go. Its the beginning of my end. "When I was your age" indeed!) Whatever are you doing hanging around these baby blogs? :)

Timepass - Seeing the picture of Goddess Gharbarakshambikai unexpectedly amidst the other messages gave me goosebumps. My moms from that village and we believe our family is blessed because of this Deity. I have been to the temple loads of times when I was a child, with HD after we got married, while pregnant with Ashu and also when Ashu was a baby. So your message was extra special to me. Big Hug!

Tharini and Gauri - Hugs, hugs and more hugs to both of you for this wonderful, wonderful idea and boy, am I glad you are my friends! Where were you guys when I was in college? ;)

Dipali, Usha and Eves Lungs - Aadarsh Pranaams/Namaskarams. That you took time for us lot means so much to me. I truly hope that when I am at the place where you are now, with the same dignity. Its great to hang out with you guys, not to mention it makes us feel younger! ;)

Prema - I should have guessed you were involved in this too when I saw your comment. If I am the prime minister, you are the president lady!

Yaada Yaada and Utbt - Traitors both of you. One would nt even acknowledge that I was burning midnight oil to solve the riddle and go and ask how Ashu is doing! Who cares? And the other blood traitor, the one who cant keep a secret, who told the entire bay area that I was pregnant the minute I broke the news to her, who has always shared EVERYTHING with me would nt even help me when I asked her if it was 2As mom or 2Bs mom her riddle was referring to! True Death Eaters to the bone, both of them! And am I proud or what? ;)

And thanks each one of you. Will leave a comment in the shower blog. At this rate, my thank you speech will never end!

And whoever came up with that phrase??? Have nt heard of short logins and passwords? I shudder to think what if all 65 of you had decided to post the riddles! Thank god for small mercies! ;)

And you mom Trios - Poppins, Kodi and Moppet are going to be child prodigies and so are their siblings what with your code cracking abilities! I just filled in the blanks and without your excel sheets, I would nt have known where to begin! And the return rhymes are so cute, Maggie. Is there anything you guys CANT do? :)

And wow, the surprises dont seem to end. Thanks a bunch, DDMom. (Details later after the other MTBs join in!) It sure is a "keeper"! ;) Awesome idea. So what next? :))

And when can we join the discussion group? We want more dirt and theres also one on one thanking and bashing to be done!

Desi Girls Oscar Speech.
Poppins Moms Oscar Speech.
Moppets Moms Oscar Speech.
Kodis Moms Oscar Speech.
Random Vignettes
Something to Say


Premalatha said...

Boo, you mentioning my name makes me feel guilty. :-) Other than reading all emails, which I haven't finished yet, I didn't do anything.

You are such a enthu party and a clever girl. I (everyone) loved the way you went crazy. Bless you. :-)

Usha said...

aha, so this is what has been happening. I came in the last minute thanks to Dipali and didnt have the whole picture. Thanks for explaining the whole thing.

Of course my best wishes are always there with all of you young MTBs. God bless you all.
Looking forward to the joy of hearing all about the new arrivals.

Altoid said...

Thank you for the kind words, in fact when I was writing riddles, I was very tempted to riddle for you MTB;s as well :). So, sure we'll put together something for you.

Till then enjoy the shower of blessings and take care


Tharini said...

Hi Baby Boo! :D

Enjoy the shower book fully first. Entry to the inner realms will be a little after.

This time you are forced into patience!!!

rayshma said...

it's been amazing to know how bright u all are! :)
shall drop by regularly now... afterall, baby Pinocchio shares my zodiac & all! ;)

mnamma said...

Super duper, excellent work Boo!!!! Loads and loads of hugs to you.

Just Like That said...

Somebody said somewhere..(you'll know where soon enough) ;-)
if you MTBs are this smart when pregnant, what were you before? Razor sharp????
LOL! Go pat yourself on the back some more, honey, you deserve all of it and more.
ROFLd at your comments and posts.

Just Like That said...

And yeah, hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

mine's up too!
-kodi's mom

Lavs said...

Mine up too!!

Anonymous said...

Glad all you MTBs liked what we did :) :)
This was truly a team effort, I'll pass on the credits to all involved.

Next time you are on webcam, ping me okay? I'll touch your feet on the screen.

Daisy said...

Booooooo- you are suc h a clever nut.. I am so impressed.. Hugs right back to you.. and it was such a pleasure to work with the wonderul Doula gang on this project .. Thank to you and the other wonderful MTBs for that..

Collection Of Stars said...

Glad that ou enjoyed the whole show :)
And you are one curious and smart cookie :)

Mystic Margarita said...

Boo....You sure are one smart gal! Loved the way all of you worked as a team and got the party rolling. All of us loved every second of it. Will drop by regularly now. Love and hugs :)

mayG said...

awww... speechless!

Maggie said...

You don't give yourself enough credit Boo :-)

Something to Say said...

errr ummm boo..... my preggie hormones are making me lil woozy....but there was an online baby shower. Mujhe kyon nahin bataya???? What the F was I doing?? (Serves me right - for disappearing like that!)
And its taking me sometime to go from blog to blog to read up on all the parties involved. And you did sum it up succinctly.
O BTW - congrats on the pregnancy. How're u doing? When r u due?

Sue said...

Glad you liked it, Boo. :) We were eagerly anticipating your response, and boy did you respond!

Squiggles Mom said...

You all were super smart :)). I loved the way you went after it!!! I'm so proud of all of you.

Anonymous said...

Could you explain this post and the previous one please

Quite lost..

Do remember, there are other non-mommie , non-preggie bloggers who read your blog

B o o said...

Sharadha - Apologies! I got caught in the excitement and assumed the posts were self explanatory. Around 70 bloggers got together and threw 8 of us, who are pregnant, an online baby shower. My previous post at the end has the links for the treasure hunt. At the end, we got a beautiful website full of pregnancy and baby gyaan and not to mention, friends for life! :) And the post before the previous one is about how I found the riddles in so many blogs and could nt figure out what was happeneing and the hundreds of comments which followed were us Preggies trying to solve the riddle and the "Doula gang" (the group name of the bloggers who threw us the shower) trying to pull our legs! Is it clear now? I ought to do a mini post instead of this comment perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

Nice blog you have here! I'm glad of the treasure hunt thing for a different reason - stumbled across some great blogs following the trail! :-)

Will keep visiting from now on, love to read about Ashu's antics and yours. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much
That's very sweet of the 70 people!! and congratulations to all of you !

dipali said...

Such a lovely post, Boo. God bless.
It is wonderful having all you amazing young friends- you keep us young in spirit.
(Wipes away actual tear from side of nose).

Imp's Mom said...

Hi Boo, stumbled through your sleuthing across the various blogs, real super smart of you :)

Congratulations and God bless!

Sukhaloka said...

Wow, Boo, do they give awards for best acceptance speech? Then again all of you MTBs have left us grinning ear to ear with tears in our eyes, with your overwhelming responses!

Don't let me make you feel old, please!
And yes, I'd love to have as rich an inner life as Dipali has when I'm her age - sometimes she out-youngs me, if you know what i mean. :)

I say it again and again - as if we hadn't had enough fun in the making of your baby shower, you guys made it all sooo much more worth it!

Subhashree said...

Happy Birthday to Ashu!

And the Oscar speech was sweet. Can I link this post in my blog :)

Mona said...

aww :)
i loved my own riddle too, it was rather good wasn't it?
i wonder who composed it.
and dude, when i saw how fast you were moving i was super -intimidated by how sharp and committed you were!

Trishna said...

hahahha this is so much fun!I kept imagining your reactions..and its so much fun to read all your posts..Glad you girls enjoyed..Though,my hubby was worried about you girls ,all preggie losing your precious sleep!I told will be all worth it :)
Wasn't it?

Unknown said...

Hello - such a loving mention .Its lovely having such clever young girls around us - you have no idea how young it makes us feel- all the very best to you and your loved ones . It was great fun !

Anonymous said...


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