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November 03, 2009

Ashu & Antu at 16 months.

Im sorry but I cant help doing this! :) Especially when I still ve some of the old clothes! Bear with me please.

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Anonymous said...

just toooooo cute I would say..u should continue this with all the outfits you have saved...for viewers pleasure:))


Aparna said...

This is one amazing blog. I have been hooked on to it and I have read all the posts in reverse order( from 2009 to 2005, at work, hope my boss is no reading this). I am single still and yet I kept on reading.
Your kids are super cute and u are super-mom. Keep blogging !

yaadayaada said...

Send me the bigger version of the pix now!! So cute!

Balaji said...

am so jealous that u r able to do this :)

Timepass said...

cute pic..BTW Boo I am waiting for the pic of antu with the broom just like how ashu posed ( i saw it in ur photo blog)

Sachita said...

very cute dolls. This is one snap where both of them look clueless, are they really overwhelmed by the pattu pavadai?:)

MLC said...

aaru vithyaasam sonnaa parisu undaa?:-p .. cute kuttis!

Choxbox said...

utttterly cute!

R's Mom said...

R you kidding me..I thought they were the same kid :) They look so much alike and the best part is you actually saved all the outfits...:)

sole said...

sooo cute...two girls are so much fun...wish I had two girls too..but on second thoughts, one of each is great too...hmm tough we really have a choice no!

neha vish said...

That's remarkable! How does the young 'un feel about the hand-me-downs? My sis refused them - claimed I had no taste. (And this was when she was 6)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Utterly butterly delicious .... your girls !

Manchus said...

Drishti sutti podu rendu kuttiesku. Lovely pictures :) Wish I could zoom and see them better. Send me pic by email.

This is one of the best Akka and Thangai picture.

Lakshmi said...

This is the cutest; love this. I have kept my older one's outfit only from age 2 and my younger one will be 2 soon. I cant wait to do this!

Great work mom!

Rush said...

Ashu and Antu look adorable! The mottais, the pattu pavadai....cutiepies!!!!

Sandhya said...

Oooppss..I cant believe they are not the same....very very should keep doing will be a great pleasure to go through later.

And BTW, I have been trying to read through your blog for quite some time. Infact, this is on of the missions for the weekend! I am sure I will enjoy it thoroughly!

Poppy said...

Accho romba cute pa. Wish I'd done the same!

Nagesh.MVS said...

two girls are so cute.Please do more posts on this.

Don't stop please ..
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dipali said...

@Neha: I guess at sixteen months Antu's too young to have an opinion on this!
@Boo- I can honestly not tell which girl is which!

B o o said...

Bhavani - I dont have that many of Ashus clothes until the age 2. but have every outfit from age 2. so its going to ge boring after Antu turns 2, I guess! :)

Aparna - Thanks a lot!

YY - sent.

Balaji - dont be. its a nightmare now storing Ashus clothes. Im running out of storage!!

Timepass - will a pic with vaccum cleaner do? :D

Sachita - no. they are pretty clueless at that age! :)

MLC - LOL! Im sure there are more than 6.

Thanks Chox.

Rs Mom - Like i said, saved only the very beautiful ones. I think the shaved head makes them look more alike than they actually are.

Sole - Nah! Kids are fun. period. But dont tell the kids I said so! ;)

Neha - right now, Antu is too young. But as a second one, I did nt have any problem wearing my sisters clothes. More the merrier, I thought! :D

CA - thanks.

B o o said...

Manchus - thanks.

Lakshmi - same here. i kept very few of the ones before age 2. i think it ll get boring from now on!

Rush - thanks.

Sandhya - thanks for the lovely comments you are leaving in my old posts. always nice to see someone enjoying my old posts.

Poppy - are you keeping poppins clothes now? are nt you going crazy storing everything? sigh!

Nagesh - thanks.

Dips - really? i think its coz of the mottai. but i can see that Antu is going to have curly hair too! god save me!

Sojourner said...

Hi, I landed on this blog, searching for "kokkendru ninaithaayo" :) because of this comment.

I read on and might keep on reading.

Just one thing though, I am familiar with the image in the title. That is a copyrighted submission on[here]. Please consider changing it. You appear to have enough pictures of your kids to create something very original :)

B o o said...

Sojourner - Thanks for dropping by.

The photo on the header is part of the template. Its from finalsense. Check this link if you need proof -

And dont sue me please!! ;)

Sojourner said...

I am familiar with that template too :)

I am not the owner. You need not worry about me ;)

Anonymous said...

Lovely... please keep posting such photos, I am a sucker for such posts. BTW, they look so much alike, which is the main point of this post I think :)


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