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November 29, 2009

The One in Which Hd Gets Another Year Older.

Me: Dude! What do you want for your birthday?
Hd: iPhone?
Me: That you re going to buy anyway. What do you want from me?
Hd: I don't know.
Me: Come on! Help me out here.
hd: I cant think of anything.
Me: Lets go shopping. Pick whatever you want and that can be my gift, OK?

So on a Saturday, he takes Ashu for swimming class. Once hes back, gets the kids ready and drives us across the town to a mall. Mom and I get some groceries done on the way while hes in the car with the kids. Then we go to a mall. He takes the kids and my mom around while I look around a shop to buy something for him. No luck. But I end up buying gifts for my sister, friends, clothes for the kids,some glass bowls,... I join them and Hd says he ll go keep my shopping bags in the car and come back. In the meanwhile, I go to another shop and end up buying clothes for myself. Hd takes the kids on a toy train ride. I go to yet another shop and buy more stuff for me and the kids. Then I try to focus and get a generic gift for Hd. Nothing special. Hd goes to a shop and buys booster seat for Ashu. We meet and he takes all the stuff to the car again. I ask him not to peak into the bags. He promises. Then we do another round of groceries and he drives us back home.

Feeling guilty of making him slave to get him a generic birthday gift, I decide on a personalized gift. Some funky coupons would do. A dear friend(Congrats mayG!) had shared some coupon templates earlier and all I had to do was to type some cool stuff and print them out. And then I find out I cant edit word doc in my laptop. So when I tried to sneak in to Hds laptop and edit it, I locked out his login. Hd found out and he had some very urgent, important work to do and got very mad at me. After apologizing a million times, he let it go. But not without a warning. phew! Then I sneaked again(what did you think?) only to find out that the printer was showing error messages. Sigh! Clearly not my day. So I called Hd and asked him. He fixed the printer and I had to ask his help again to give a print command. I asked him to close his eyes and not to look at what I'm doing. He obliged!

I guess it shows that its the 10th birthday of his we are celebrating together. And he even had to clean up the kitchen once I was done with the cake baking! Poor guy! I think he ll use one of the coupons first thing tomorrow! :D (the coupon holder is free of any housework for one whole day! :)

Happy Birthday, R! I might hog the TV remote all the time. I might get mad at you for the silliest of things. I might never take the trash out. But I love you in my own way. By hugging you when you feel low. By encouraging you to chase your dreams. By being there for you when you need me.



Me said...

Happy b'day boo's HD!!!

yaadayaada said...

Happy Birthday to your HD!

rashmi said...

isnt it so tough to buy clothes for guys...i go through same confusion everytime i had to gift hd samething..

Happy Bday to ur hd :-)

R's Mom said...

Hahahaaha! Thats so cute...happy bday to your HD :)

Sumana said...

LOL i was laughing through your post. Maan Do the women like shopping is a wrong question, What do they not like about it is the right one. Finally i am hoping you gifted something to your hubby.

utbtkids said...

Boo, you have given him the greatest gift of family and the pleasure of taking care of her highness. What else does he need?

B o o said...

Thanks everyone.
Utbt - try selling him that! :)

deepa said...

Love this coupon bizness. It means I can spend his birthday allotment on myself and just have to print out some stuff and hand over with major kisses and mush, right!!!

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