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November 22, 2009

Car conversations - part 2.

Remember part 1? Something along the same vein...

So we were driving home from school.

Me: Ashu! you know what? Amma got my first speeding ticket, boo hoo! *makes a sad face*

Ashu: oh ho! what ticket amma?

Me: You know theres speed limit on the roads? Amma went too fast one time and the police have sent me a ticket by post.*makes a sadder face*

Ashu: oh ho! so is Appa at home?

Me: No. hes at office.

Ashu: when will he come? will he take care of us?

Me: what do you mean?

Ashu: When you are gone.

Me: *knowing very well whats coming* gone where?

Ashu: When you are gone to the jail, appa will take care of us, right?

Me: !!!!!!!!

Like I keep repeating myself, that that person,...!


Parul said...

Don't worry, Boo, I will bake a saw in the cake and deliver it to you. What are friends for, right?

Chandra said...

Boo, she reminds me of my elder daughter (now a doctor). Whenever I read out similarities from your posts, she just denies.

Praveen said...

LOL hahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahahh

aamam yen tag pannala post-a? :)

buddy said...

funny post!

Timepass said...

So how long is ur stay in jail??haha

Anonymous said...

one wonders if we are becoming wiser or they are!!!

Shobana said...

That that man/woman/child that that kavalai!! Can't blame them, can you??? Very funny though!!!!!!

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Ashu really has got her priorities right ....
Well so does Cantaloupe :(

The Print Lover said...

This reminds me of my manager's conversation with his daughter. He was explaining her grandma's passing away and her next question was if her dad will also die one day. He said "It will happen one day. But not until she is old enough to take care of herself". And she goes "ok before you die, teach me how to drive so I can go everywhere myself" :)

utbtkids said...

LOL, that is so true, that that person, that that kavalai. Thinking abt a book titled 'A&A say the darnest things'?

Poppy said...

*Goes away muttering something about ungrateful tykes*

Raj said...

evalo nal bailla vandhu irukeenga? :-)

inthakalathu kids r amazing....

A said...

same blood here a week back...
chk out

dipali said...


Sojourner said...

right... that that person (includes you too right?)... :)

ashok said...


B o o said...

Parul - With friends like you..!! at least bake the cake long enough this time!! ;)

Chandra - A doctor?? *dreams Ashu with a steth*

Praveen - marandhe poiten!

Buddy - :)

timepass - adhu dhaan ellaarume maatikittome!! ;)

Etc - forget wise, im growing dumber!!

Shobana - im not blaming at all. as my mom says, she has got it to survive the jungle out there! ;)

CA - kids these days, huh!

B o o said...

Print lover - LOL! Wish we were kids too!! Who wants to be politically correct all the time?? its no fun!

Utbt - first you!

Poppy - say that again.

Raj - LOL! this is a no bail life already!!

Sojourner - of course! why else do you think I started a blog, duh!

Ashok - :) yourself. Long time.
A - LOL! out there to get us, are nt they?

Dips - please tell us they grow up to be less selfish!! yes, i can go look at myself in the mirror but i dont want to!! ;)

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