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April 11, 2007

How Lil Ashu Got to Prague, Got stung by a Bee and Lived to tell the tale.

Ahoj Everyone! This is Ashu taking over from mom to tell you all about our trip. Like exactly what happened in my view rather than the boring Travelogues mom seem to write. So buckle your strollers and get ready for a Toddleralogue!

Saturday, Day 1:
So its possible for these folks to get up at 5 am after all! But even today, I got up first and asked them to switch off the alarm by saying "Phone, phone"! What would they do without me? We were in the airport at the right time and landed in Prague after an uneventful flight! I sat on Moms lap and looked at the clouds out of the window all the while. I went to sleep while the plane was landing and got up in the hotel room. It had a kitchen too, thanks to me. Hey, I did nt ask to be born! After some brunch, we took a tram to the Wenceslas Square. It was crowded. The roads were all cobble stoned and my poor stroller took a toll for the worse. How it survived for 4 days with the wheels still intact is a mystery! It was quite cold and windy in Prague and it got warm only on the last day so I was all covered up most of the time. I cant understand these folks. They don't take me out at all in Zurich even if its slightly windy. But here they were dragging me with them all through the day in the cold and the wind even though I had a slight cold coming and my nose was running. Talk about being selfish! After doing what tourists do at the square, we went back to the hotel and Mom fed me the packed lunch. Then I went to sleep along with mom and dad to make up for the lost early-morning-sleep. I heard them saying that they have become too old for these kind of things and they are not the young couple anymore who were on their feet all day long. Yeah, yeah! Any reason to take a nap.

After the nap, we dressed up and went for a stroll at the Charles Bridge, Prague's famous landmark. The view was beautiful from there though all I could see was the walls of the bridge from my stroller. Dad carried me for a few minutes and showed me the beautiful

Vltava river and the boats before plonking me on the stroller again. We spent some time souvenir shopping and bought a Pinocchio wooden puppet with strings and all. Though the sales guy made it tap dance and clap its hands, all mom and dad could do is make it kick and jump and it looks as if Pinocchio had a fit! And I cant even hold the toy because they are afraid I ll entangle the strings. What mean humans! Then we went to a Pizzeria for dinner. I would nt taste even a crumb there so I had to watch mom and dad wolf down a whole pizza with a very expensive bottle of Evian. ("Who asked you to order water? We have a bottle in the backpack, for Gods sake! That water was more expensive than the pizza" shouted mom at dad!) Mom had the best cheese cake she has ever had there and how much ever tempting it was, I refrained from tasting even a bit. Moms clueless where I got this stubborn gene from. Take another guess, Mom! Back to the room and I went to sleep after a bottle of milk.

Sunday, Day 2:
Breakfast was good with a selection of breads, cakes, spreads, eggs, cereal, juice and fruits. Of course, I did nt touch any of them. I had my milk and a banana. I like my routine, OK? Then we took a tram and went to the Prague Castle. Bad day to do the castle as it was very windy and chilly that day. But I was a good sport and slept most of the time. The churches were beautiful. I really had to strain my neck to look at them. And there were loads of pigeons and I had fun chasing them. The Golden lane was beautiful with loads of small, colorful shops and a kind lady performed a private puppet show for me. Though it was for half a minute, I felt special. It was a very long walk from here to the Royal Gardens. Though the gardens are nothing compared to the Versailles, they were not bad! (OK, I have no clue what Versailles is but mom said that.) Mom and dad had lunch at a restaurant nearby which was a tourist trap and they had to eat only soup and side orders if they did nt want to go bankrupt! ("Who asked you to go in and sit without looking at the menu? That's why they have the menu outside, no? It was so embarrassing" shouted mom at dad!) From here, we went to the Mala Strana area for some cake and coffee. (I had my milk!) And strolled to the other end of the Charles bridge. We went back to the hotel by 7 pm and Mom made some rice. I ate some so as not to make her mad. At least I think I did!

Monday, Day 3:
After breakfast, we went to the Petrin Tower. Mom climbed an Eiffel tower lookalike while dad and I waited down. The view of the city was amazing said Mom. Then we went to a Mirror maze which was interesting. At last, something fun for me! But I still cant figure out how come there were so many "me" there! After a leisure stroll in the gardens, we took the funicular and went down. We reached the Wallenstein Gardens from here and it was beautiful. The weather also improved by now and I had fun running around. Mom changed my diaper in the park bench, much to my embarrassment. That's another thing in Prague. Its either the bathroom floors or the park benches for us Diaperados. And I never want to be potty trained ever if I have to use those dirty bathrooms. Are you kidding me? I would rather sit on my own pee, thank you very much.

After some photo sessions at the garden, we went to the Old Town Square. This is where things get interesting. Dad and Mom see a pastry shop and we go in. While they are almost done eating, I stand by the glass window and stare at the Horse drawn carriages on the street. Mom goes to the rest room and when shes back after 2 minutes, I am screaming my lungs out and dad tells her that a bee has stung me in my finger. Mom is red with rage and spots the bee up on the window and if looks could kill, the entire Beedom would have been wiped out by now. Mom rushes me to the bathroom and holds my finger under the cold water tap while I am still screaming. No one at the restaurant cared except for an old lady and this mom made even more mad! How can no one care about her poor baby? Mom checks for rashes or swelling but theres none. Mom has been stung by a scorpion when she was a child so shes confident that a little bee sting would nt be allergic to me but I can see that shes scared! ("What kind of a dad are you? I was gone 2 minutes and you have let a bee sting her! You are so irresponsible!" shouted mom at dad!) Coming back to me, it hurt like hell Dude! I just wanted to touch the bee for Gods sake! No one told me I should nt be touching bees. Is this the same bird and the bee story parents save for later? I'm afraid you are making a mistake folks. And pray tell me what the birds do? Do they bite? Give it to me dearies, I can face it. It cant be as bad as a bee sting. After I calmed down, we proceeded to the old town square. This was the most picturesque part of Prague and it was beautiful.We saw the Astronomical clock chime and strolled though the shops. Dad wanted to go for a boat ride and Mom wanted to buy some wooden toys but they could nt as Dad forgot to bring his second stash of money from the hotel room. ("And to think I married you for the money", mumbled Mom!) We walked to the Wenceslas Square and took a tram to the hotel and called it a day.

Tuesday, Day 4:
Our flight was at 3.00 pm. So after breakfast, we checked out, left our luggage at the reception and proceeded to Charles bridge to take a short river cruise. But the boat rides started only at 11.30 am. Dad was mighty upset and Mom was all smiles as she can now spend that money on souvenirs! She bought some wooden, hand crafted, hand painted dolls. And yes, I'm not supposed to touch them! Then we decided to take a look at the famous Dancing Lady building and took a tram. Its a modern building and supposed to look like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire dancing. You decide! Then we rushed to the hotel and took a taxi to the airport. The return flight was a breeze too. The lady sitting next to Dad told him that I was an Angel after the plane landed in Zurich. Mom and dad agreed wholeheartedly.

~The End~


Anonymous said...

Achacho paavame.. How come you dint tell me about the bee episode.. Paavam kutti..

Still your bit about the birds and bees cracked me up.. I was laughing like a maniac..

Thatz one get travelogue...

Manchus said...

That was one quick travelogue!! :)

A good memoir for Ashu. Before I forget, pictures are great and Ashu really knows to pose well.(Just like you have picture of yourself in every new dress !!:)

Maggie said...

Yay!Sounds like you folks had fun! Moppet was great little traveller too - are we just lucky, or is travelling with toddlers scarier in theory than in practice? :-)

Good to have you back!

Maggie said...

PS. Loved the 'many-me' photo of Ashu!

Anonymous said...

Great post ASHU..

you are way better than your mom!

BTW next time a bee stings you, apply first aid..


Priya Arun said...

Welcome to the big bad blog world, Ashu! :-) Hope to see more stuff from you (rather than your mom - and hey, that's just between us ok? shhhh.)

As usual, I managed to get pretty envious reading the travelogue :-( would be gr8 if your mom could give us a warning about such envy-inducing places before she actually goes there with you n your dad - we'll conveniently forget her blog for a while then. deal?

And hope your li'l finger is doin' good after the bee attack. Lesson learnt? Ask parents to touch the things you want to touch - so much better that way :-)

Anonymous said...

Brilliant post Ashu...looks like your parents had a great time in Prague ;). I like the way your mom keeps shouting at your dad :)
Hope your finger is better now.


Priya Arun said...

I have a doubt!!! I could be totally wrong, but then I found no other explanation for that particular photo so -

In those pics on Flickr, was that your dad holding your mom's purse, Ashu? :-)

One wonders ;-)

Anonymous said...

Super post. Enjoyed reading it :)

Anonymous said...

That was one cool & hilarious travelogue! I'm guessing Ashu is going to be one helluva blogger! Keep it coming!

The photos are beautiful btw!

B o o said...

S - Saved the worst for the last! ;)

Manchus - Shhhh....! Now dont go about telling tales about me in this blog!

Moppets Mom - You are right about it beign scarier in theory! Especially for a nutcase like me!

B o o said...

Srivathsan - You guys do know I wrote the post right? ;) I ll remember the honey treatment the next time I deliberately let a bee sting HD. ;)

Priya - I have competition at home! Hmm...!
To be honest, Prague would nt be in my top 10 list in Europe! (No offense meant, Orchid! :)

Anupama - Shes ok. But says "bumble bee bit me" and shows her finger whenever Im about to scold her for some mischief! The little monster!

B o o said...

Priya - NO, NO and NO! As the title of that photo says, that was the view of the city Ashu got sitting in her stroller all day long! Peoples butts and crotches! ;) And please stop wondering!

Ferrari - Thankoo.

Pooks - Thank you. Let me write all the things I want to write pretty fast before she takes over then!;)

Unknown said...

Ashu, you are born blogging and travelogue writing genius....looks like you're going to write your momma off the page...Loved it...

TypeWriterMom said...

great travelogue - always wondered what babies think while being bumped around in their strollers by over - enthu parents. Now I know :)

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

you know what.. my productivity in office was very very high since you had mentioned you will not be blogging :) now today i knew there will be an update and starting from yours i am continuously bloghopping. i am an ardent fan of you[r blog] :)

As for this post.. i felt jealous that you have visited so many places and now prague.. but after the snaps .. i didn't feel that bad.. i cannot enjoy bridges and castles ;) :)

Hope Ashu is ok now.. most of the dialogues said by ashu's mom to ashu's dad - deja vu. abi says - why all moms and dads do the samething :-)

Mathangi Thiagarajan said...

Oh ashu.. u r far far better than ur mom! keep it up... :D
u look really cute in the photos...
hope ur finger is fine..

kuttichuvaru said...

wonderful post Ashu!! n cute outfit with the Pink Jacket n scarf btw!! guess ur mom shld leave the blogging to u here after!! u rock!!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow,the pics are great but Ashu's narration takes the cake hands down:)Too bad about the bee sting though.This was such a great post!

Praba Ram said...

Hi Ashu -

What a cute post! Felt sorry for the beesting. You are an angel!

Boo - couldn't help luaghing at if looks could kill, the entire beedom would be wiped....:-)

K had one of those last summer...i still feel my heart sting when I think about my daughter's scream...We for a moment didn't know what it was...Then she told - something went zzzz near her, and stung her in her crying voice...poor thing...these stingers...

Terri the terrific said...

I insist that Ashu continue blogging. She seems to have inherited her mother's funny bone.

B o o said...

Kiran - The only person I wont be jealous of is Ashu, I guess! So thanks! :)

Lilfern - Ha ha! This is still my version!

Kowsalya - Thank you, thank you, thank you! You have made my week!

Mathangi - Why am I not offended by comments like this? Thank you! :)

B o o said...

Kutti - I value potty training more than blogging! Once thats done, may be blogging will be next! ;)

Fuzzy - Thank you. At last somebody comments on my photos! I should have put that in BOLD!

Praba - I swear I gave that bee such a mean look that I surprised myself! And saved the same look for Hd as well! ;)

Terri - I hope thats all she inherits! :)

The Visitor said...

No one told me I should nt be touching bees. Is this the same bird and the bee story parents save for later? I'm afraid you are making a mistake folks.


The lady sitting next to Dad told him that I was an Angel after the plane landed in Zurich. Mom and dad agreed wholeheartedly.

Finally something that mom and dad seem to have agreed on. If it weren't for your binding force, I wonder where mom and dad would've been now, Ashu. ;)

Erick said...

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