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April 06, 2007

Ahoj, dekuji, Na sheldanau

The three words I bothered to learn in Czech. The only 3 words! Its hello, Thanks and Good bye respectively. Will come back with more words on Tuesday, if I come back that is! Wish me luck!

Happy Easter folks!


Mona said...

nope, i haven't had the baby yet, though i wish!! i'm done waiting and waiting and then waiting some more, lol.
the last week's been insanely busy with family!
i promise i'll put up an announcement within days of baby Z/H getting here.
have a great easter weekend!

Fuzzylogic said...

Ahoj boo!this is my first time here and you truly have a wonderful blog.Dekuji for the link at indianmommies blog.Na sheldanau for now and will surely be back and hope you had a great Easter weekend!

Me said...

if you are a veggie then you should know the Czech equivalent for veggie ...

Artnavy said...

oh - so u went to cezh as well- wow

anush shares teh bed with us but sometimes i wonder if it is good for her- well i tell myself she is very young as of ow

u have been tagged- pl take it up

Shobha said...

Dear Boo, Thanks so much for stopping by and for being such a sweetheart ..

I just read all the comments on the parenting dilemma and you have such a gift for balancing things out .. all your responses there were spot on and you express yourself in such a wonderful & unoffensive manner always.

Glad you're back :-) Love,SS

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