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March 28, 2007

Update on Ashu at 23 months.

Here is the last update when shes still one. Sigh!

--> I can see glimpses of two already and it is very interesting. You never know when she ll say what!

--> She said "Welcome" when I thanked her today. So cutely and with a smile as if "I'm surprised myself that it came out of my mouth!"

--> She has to have
closure for everything. Its bye TV when the TV is switched off, bye diapers while changing diapers, bye Pooh after reading Pooh book, bye doll when she puts down one doll and picks up another.

--> She showers kisses on her dolls. But only if we are nt looking. She becomes very conscious if we are looking and says "bye doll" and throws it!

--> She says "Sorry" even if I bump into her accidentally.

--> She ll say "Come Amma" and take me somewhere. It ll be to flaunt her creativity - the green block above the red block or a tissue paper torn to 100 pieces or her doll under a book. The "Come Amma" will be said with a "You ll like what you see. Come with me" tone!

--> Absolutely no sentiments for her. Its "bye appa" when she needs amma and "bye amma" when she needs appa. "Bye doll1" if she needs doll2. "Bye book1" if she needs book2.

--> Shes easily scared and I startle her a lot.

--> Obsessive compulsive about so many things. If she passes a room, she ll close the draws, smooth the rug on the floor, keep the phone in the base, keep the magazine under the table,.... Every thing has to be in its place and I did nt teach her to do any of this.

--> At last she has her own room with kiddie furniture and kiddie stuff. I love it more than her.

--> She sits on her stroller without fuss when we go out and almost always dozes off within half an hour.

--> The other day we went to a friends place for dinner. They have a 3 year old and I noticed that Ashu was nt tempted to take any of her toys. When she went to touch her cycle, I told Ashu to ask permission first. She did nt but she did nt touch the cycle again either!

--> She saw Pinocchio's figurine in a friends place and said "Elephant!" Now if this is nt logic, then what is? (On her defense, the liar's nose was unusually long!)

--> She starts crying if she cant find me while playing hide and seek.

--> She does nt like it if we laugh at her and never repeats the word/action again. So we have to be really careful not to laugh. Such an ego!

--> She is so careful, so careful that its so annoying! She ll crawl under the table and then crawl out back so carefully making sure she does nt stand until shes well clear off the table and will keep at it until her butt hits the wall! She ll hold onto us for dear life while we carry her or make her stand at high places. She ll take one whole minute to climb down one step and if the steps are too deep, I have to hold her hand. Its a different thing that she ll get hurt in totally unexpected situations.

--> Only now she has started associating children with their names rather than the generic baby, boy or girl. And she remembers the names quite well.

--> She saw Thomas train in another friends place and liked it very much. Last week I asked Ashu what she wanted for her birthday and if she would like Thomas. I just asked it in passing and did nt even think she understood. Then Hd asked her couple of days back what she wanted for birthday and she says Train! We asked her what train? And she says Thomas! Now we don't have a choice, do we? :)


Anonymous said...

Ashu's room is so cute!!
well done boo !


Anonymous said...

why is she standing in the corner like that? Time-out? I'd even enjoy time-outs in that cute room.

Crumbling Cookie said...

That is such a beautiful room Boo! And Ashu's a big girl now, isn't she?
Pinochio an elephant, of course YES!
How long has she been sleeping on the toddler bed? Rolling off??

Itchingtowrite said...

cute dress

the mad momma said...

A few days more for the Brat to reach that milestone and I so get what you mean... but more than anything it breaks my heart a little... i still count his age in months...

Anusha said...

oh look at that wonderfully color coordinated room right from an ikea catalog! are you sure you didn't just photo edit Ashu in??!

it is amazing how similar some of Ashu's traits are with K's (closure, ego, showing off, dropping off her mom like a hot cake, yada yada...) we should meet for a playdate :)

By Deepa and Supriya said...

I recognise all the stuff in just took the easy way out didn't you...recreating an ikea room, smart boo!
Li'l A has shades of OCD too :) and sometimes I think they are born with all the right qualities and somehow we manage to chnage them to become like us ..ofcourse our intetnion is to be good parents
Leave her alone Boo..looks like she is a great kid, good manners and all!

B o o said...

Thanks Sangeetha! Its straight out of an Ikea catelogue!

Sandhya - Shes beside the bag of blocks trying to take one out! And she does nt get the time outs in her room as per a babycenter "advice"! ;)

Itchy - She was wearing a worn out Tee and I just put on the Cardigan over to conceal it for the photo! ;)

B o o said...

SM - She has nt rolled off thanks to the side railing the cot has. A sleepy post coming up! :)

MM - I wrote a depressing post and decided to not post it because it was so depressing! 23 hits you real hard man! :(

Shobha said...

Pretty, pretty room and Ashu looks just lovely :)
Her antics sound delightful and you must be so proud!

B o o said...

@ - That would have been an easy task and free too! ;) A playdate will be swell! Now why could nt HD find a project in US? :(

Orchid - I dont have a creative bone in my body to put together a room all by myself! Selecting was the easy way out but bringing all the stuff home and assembling was a Herculean task! Another subject ready for my post! :)
Leave her alone? *insert evil laughter* Not even if she begs me to! ;)

B o o said...

SS - Thanks. I am indeed proud! Are nt all moms?

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

MM - I wrote a depressing post and decided to not post it because it was so depressing! 23 hits you real hard man! :(

Am I the odd woman out then? I feel happy as abi gets older. :)

Priya Arun said...

OMG, that's the most cutest room with the cutest girl ever! :-) Have you started saying 'go to your room' for them time outs? ;-)

Unknown said...

What a beautiful room, for a beautiful little girl... great that she's tidying up after herself too....

Rohini said...

The 'Come Amma' sounds so cute. Ayaan shouts Chalo! and his tone is more like "You'd better listen to me or else..."

kuttichuvaru said...

awesome :-) cute room for Ashu!!

IBH said...

that is a damn cute room! so how did u come up with the color coordination?

Ardra said...

tho I dont leave comments, I come here regularly, just dropped in to say Hi! I enjoy reading your posts, I like your sense of humor ( the post on time out was real fun read) and Ashu is so absolutely delightful!

Artnavy said...

I love Ashu's room
and her last pic is so sweet

Does she like being kissed?A big kiss to her!

And yes Tell me more abou Thomas Train

Alpha said...

Hey boo, Been such a long time. Wanted to check on Ashu! Wow, she has grown into a pretty lady and has taken interior decoration. great work on the room. Man, I better be more regular..soon she'll be married away. Nice things you've done to your site too.

Tharini said...

Congrats to Ashu. She sounds like such a easy to handle toddler. :) Her room's very plasing. Nice work!

Akhil's the same in the being extremely careful bit. He gets that way esp., in the park!

Btw...interested in this?

B o o said...

Kowsalya - Its just that she wont be one anymore... :(

Priya - No time outs in her room! ;)

KK - Thanks. She does nt tidy up alyaws!! ;)

Rohini - She even wriggles her finger at me when she says "come Amma"!

B o o said...

Kutti - thanks.

IBH - Its purely Ikeas color coordination. Pink and red for girls and dark and light blue for boys! ;) I just chose the items!

Ardra - Thanks.

B o o said...

Art - Kiss delivered! :)

Alpha - LOL! It seems like that to me as well but I was thinking more like "off to college"... ;)

Tharini - Shes easy to handle alright if you are ONLY handling her all day long! ;)

desi witch said...

she is sooo adorable!

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