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March 08, 2007

Food guide.

The other day I gave Ashu some mashed potato and she says after one spoon, "Don't like it". (Pidikalai.) I was like huh! I asked her "What did you say?" and she clearly repeats again "Pidikalai". I was speechless for a minute. All of 22 months old and picky as hell.

She likes apple juice but not orange juice.

She likes salty biscuits but not sweet cookies.

We went to Mc Donalds the other day and this was the first trip for Ashu. She refused to eat the Fries. I told her its like papad and gave her one. She took one bite and said Enough. She did nt touch it the next time we went too after 3 weeks.

I have not given her a chocolate yet. So she does nt know even the word Chocolate. When we went to the paediatrician here for the first time, he had a big bowl of chocolates and asked Ashu to take some. She took one not knowing what it was and gave it to me. The doctor thought she was giving it to me to open it for her and opened one himself and gave it to her. I said I don't give her chocolates but the Dr said that it was white chocolate and its OK and gave it to her. She put it in her mouth and was surprised that something can taste this good. The next time we went, I pocketed the chocolate but Ashu understood what was going on and demanded I give the "chocky" to her. Damn the Doctor!

I bought her a lollipop for the first time a few days back. She liked to hold it and occasionally gave it a lick. But gave it back to me after a while.

She eats apples only if they are crunchy not soft but can eat bananas any time.

She has been drinking water and juice out of a straw for the past 4 months. The other day when we had gone out I bought those small milk cartons for her to drink. She thought it was juice so after one sip she refused to drink. And this is a child who lives for milk. So I transferred the milk from the carton to the sippy cup and her whole face lightened up when she saw it and started gulping down the milk from the sippy cup.

Note to self: Throw the cup out of the balcony. NOW.

I giver her corn flakes with milk and banana for breakfast everyday. Ran out of bananas one day so gave her just the cereal. One spoon and she asks me No banana?

She eats her breakfast cereal and curd rice dinner willingly. But feeding her lunch is a little tricky. So I have left the job to the cartoon shows on TV. She eats rice and dal with mashed carrots/spinach/beans/peas/any vegetable with a little tomato rasam and a cup of yogurt for lunch. Everything has to be mashed up nicely and should look like super glue! The speed at which she finishes lunch depends on how interesting the Noddy TV show is on that particular day. The more balloons and bouncy balls we see, the faster we eat!

I have never added sugar in her milk or cereal. She likes them plain or rather she has got used to it. The downside is that she does not want to eat anything too sweet like Kheer or Sweet pongal. And she wants plain toast without jam!

She loves yogurt but does nt want to eat Quark.

I cant figure out this human!

While I was writing this post, Ashu learnt to say a new thing. Today I was feeding her yogurt and she said she wanted "more" after her first cup. Thats a first! :) I have taught her to say Enough instead of No when it comes to food. So little Missy says enough even before the first spoon! And she likes to say it ALL the time. Even after she finishes eating she says Enough as if it was her idea to stop! ;) So hearing "Innum venum" (I want more) was music to my ears! Your wish is my command, sweet heart! Just dont push your luck too far.


Akkare said...

I think you are doing such a great job with Ashu. I have wanted to say this for sometime, but when I read your blog I often hope I am like you when I have a kid. I get the impression that the underconfidence you often complain about translates into an openess to new ideas and opinions. You never seem to say "this is what I think and I am right". I also see the comments you leave in the blogs we seem to read in common and wonder at humble you are inspite of the fact that you are probably doing a better job than most. You should not underestimate what a wonderful mom you are!

kuttichuvaru said...

smart kiddo :-) nice post too!! havin seen Ashu's pics here, I am imagining her sayin these words n doin these stuff!!

Tharini said...

sooooo cute! Loved this post to bits! Only you can do it Booo....turn something so common as a child's eating habits into the funniest rib tickling thing ever! enjoyed it soo much while having my lunch, that I had to abandon my usual laziness to comment, and go wash up and write this in appreciation!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

good job boo..on the post as well as with your daughter.i see you are a smart mom..but consider yourself lucky because form what I see she is not hafl as bad as A..that kid survives on air and water!

B o o said...

Akkare - Wow! Thats most sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me in this blog! It feels doubly great when someone compliments you on being a mother. :)

Kutti and Tharini - Thanks.

Orchid - I know but its frustrating when we go out. She refuses to try anything new! May be she ll be ok when she gets older but knowing that my sis and I were(and still are) fussy as hell, Im not expecting things to be easy!

the mad momma said...

:) eating habits can drive us mad huh?! the Brat too has very strict likes and dislikes and often tries to choose a tie for his father to wear to office. he has not learned to say enough when he's done. he just says no and jams his lips together.. he does say 'more' when he likes something and for those days i am so grateful!!!

Priya said...

Another great post.. I am hooked to your blog.. :)

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