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March 13, 2007

28, 29,... Does it matter anymore?

I tagged myself after reading this post by MM. What better time to write about my mother than today? Here's to you, Mom!

Thank you so much for giving birth to me. I know I have asked you a million times why you brought me into this world. But it was always the WHY I wanted an answer for not the YOU. I am glad that you are my mother.

Thank you for letting me be. You never asked me where I was going, what I was doing, whether I finished my home work, how much I got in my midterms, how much was my college fee, ... Instead you told me you trusted me, you told friends and family that I am very responsible, I study well, I work hard and always appreciated me. You don't know how much it meant to me then.

Thank you for celebrating your daughters. I don't remember anyone in our family or friends who absolutely celebrate their daughters like you do. Especially in those times when having 2 girls and no sons made people look at your family with pity. Look who's laughing now!

Thank you for leading by example. You never lie, you never laze, you are generous, brave, strong, selfless and always bursting with energy. I'm not there yet but I'm getting there!

Thank you for always being positive. At times you completely annoy me with your overdose of positivity. Like this one time I dropped a pickle jar on the floor and called you and complained that I had to clean up the entire kitchen and you said "Look at the bright side, you have a clean floor". Nevertheless, your optimism is infectious.

Thank you for disciplining me in so many ways. Remember the time when I was 13 and brought five of my friends home? You gave us Rasna to drink and then we left to play outside. After I came back home, you showed me the clean glasses by the sink and told me that I did nt even bother to put the Rasna glasses in the sink while you took pain to make the drink for my friends. I was so ashamed of myself for having treated you like a maid in front of my friends. That's why I stop with cooking when HDs friends come home for dinner. He does all the dishes. What would I have done without you? That's a good lesson you taught me there, mom!

Thank you for being a wonderful mother-in-law. I ll stop with that because I don't like that word very much especially when I have got a raw deal!

And last but not the least, thanks a million for being this amazing grand mother. Boy, are nt you great? You are everything a girl wants in her grandma and more. Ashu is one lucky girl!

Happy birthday to me! Phew! I managed to complete the post without complaining about my age. Now for giving this post a title... Damn!

The first photo is my mom with me when I was about a year old. The second is with Ashu.


Anonymous said...

Good lord, Ashu looks just like you!!


Anonymous said...

Oops, i forgot to wish you. Happy Birthday, Boo!


Me said...

happy bday boo....:)

...seri unga ammaku indu maadhri neenga ezhudhinaadhu theriyuma??...adhey maari unga appa pathi ezhudhina post unga appaku theriyuma?

Unknown said...

happy birthday boo.


you are right. it doesnt really matter..


and thank god for grandmas!

F e r r a r i said...

Happy Birthday Boo :)

Anonymous said...

happy bday boo :)


Anonymous said...

Hey Boo,

Many Many Many Many Happy returns of the day!! And really Ashu looks so much like you :-)
So, life epdi irukku? Naan PhD mudichittaen (oru vazyiya!!!) and wl be going to Germany in July..
Closer to you!!


Anonymous said...

happy Birthday, Boo

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! That was a lovely post! By the way, like your mom always tells you, look on the brighter side, you will always be younger than me.. Grr...

Kowsalya Subramanian said...

Happy Birthday Boo.

"That's why I stop with cooking when HDs friends come home for dinner. He does all the dishes. What would I have done without you? That's a good lesson you taught me there, mom!"

LOL :)

the mad momma said...

A very happy birthday Boo.. here's hoping the HD cooks as well as does the dishes for you today!!!

And Ashu is definitely a spitting image of you!

Premalatha said...

Happy birthday Boo. :-)

You just have inspired me. I am thinking of doing same for my mother and chithi. I have always blamed them. I must thank them too. I am going to be a copycat this time. Let us see if my writing is as beutiful as yours then I will post it.

Happy birthday.

TypeWriterMom said...

hi boo...
im adding you to my link of must reads coz im jumping into the same boat as you !!suddenly jobless, g-trotting with hubby- expecting first child + incidentally also tam. u give me hope that i may survive :)

Premalatha said...

You look like your mom, your daughter looks like you... :)

Nee said...

Happy Birthday!

Crumbling Cookie said...

Happy Birthday Boo!
I hope Hd cooks a scrumptious meal for you! Make sure you get him to do the dishes!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boo :)
The pictures are lovely...your daughter looks just like you. It's my birthday too but at work ;)...I joined my company exactly 7 years back on this date...

Anonymous said...

Hi Boo,

Happy B'day! The counter stops at 29 :) Ashu looks just like you! Carbon copy :)

Have fun on your day!



Anonymous said...

many happy returns :) hope this year brings you much happiness.

lovely pics. lovely post.
hope you had a gr8 b'day.

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Happy B'day Boo! Ashu is a definite copy :), nice tribute to your mom, and so what has HD planned for the day and lastly the you are one yr closer to 30 :)!!

Anusha said...

happy birthday, Dear Boo! And before I could get to it, most of your fans have already stated the obvious - Baby Boo could easily pass for Ashu any day!
And no, after 25, it doesn't really matter freeze it at, say, 28 :)

kuttichuvaru said...

Happy Bday Boo!!

lemme repeat the cliche :p Ashu very much resembles ur baby picture!!

B o o said...

Thanks everyone for the kind wishes! It felt great to see all your comments! Bday post coming up, nothing fun though! ;)

Me - Today my mom called up my sis whos in the US and asked her to check my blog fast and she was all excited to see her photo in my blog it seems! So I heard from my sis! My dad? Well, hes still in denial that Im washing my dirty linen in public! ;)

Sundar - Grandmas rock!

B o o said...

Lakshmi - congrats! Treat yourself on behalf of me! Mail me sometime after you reach Germany.

MM - Even better! We ate out! :)

Latha - I can write an even longer post blaming my mom for everything that went wrong with my life. I was just in a forgiving mood today being me birthday and all! ;)

B o o said...

Lifelern - Welcome! Good luck with the baby. This life aint so bad! :)

Anupama - Happy Birthday to you too! One of my friends shares my birthday too and its fun telling him "wish you the same" on our birthdays!

Orchid - And you are one year closer to...! He he he! We are all in the same boat buddy and thats why Im still happy! :)

B o o said...

Smita, Prabhu, Srivathsan, Priya, Kowsalya, Nee, SM, Poonam, Shobha, @ and Kutti - thank you guys! You all made my day extra special!

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous woman.

Mad said...

Boo! You ROCK! Happy Birthday!

Mad said...

And the resemblence between the little you and Ashu is striking!

Miniyamma said...

Belated Happy B'day Boo!

Ashu's just as beautiful as you!

Artnavy said...

ur mom is so pretty and has aged very very gracefully

so no worries boo- happy bday!

The Kid said...

why is everyone ignoring the obvious fact?

Boo: Ashu looks lot cuter than you... :p

Anonymous said...

Hey boo, Happy Birthday to the Piscean from a piscean! I first looked at the top photo and was stunned how much you look like Ashu. And prax asked me to look at the other photo below and look at how your mother has gracefully aged. Your mother is so pretty! There is a grace about her thats amazing ... and with you and Ashu ... :)

Happy Birthday to you dear Boo

Kumari and Prakash

Akkare said...

(a) Happy birthday
(b) Your mother is gorgeous!!!
(c) Poor HD, Ashu looks exactly like her mamma.

Unknown said...

:) Unlike everyone else the min I saw your photograph I thought, you look like Ashu :D Happy Birthday Boo

The Visitor said...

Looks like I peeped in late :(
13, 14, 15 ... does it really matter ;) LOL.
Many happy returns of the day, Boo.
As Witchy said
I thought, you look like Ashu
I too thought the same. For a moment I thought it was a photo of you and Ashu.

Anonymous said...

Belated birthday wishes Boo. Hope you had a great day.

Manchus said...

Belated Happy B'day to the Greeting Cards addict! I still remember the 'good old days' when after college we used to stop by Aartis (doesn't it rhyme with Archie's) for picking greeting cards for future.

Savani said...

your mom looks breathtakingle beautiful! wow. I wish I looked that good when my son was a yr old!

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