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March 22, 2007

Belated Birthday update.

Last week Hd learnt that he might have to go to Prague for 2 weeks on work. While I ran to pack my bags, I heard a small voice calling me "Amma". Oh yeah, that's right! I cant go anywhere at the drop of a hat anymore! Then Hd explained to me that Czech republic requires a visa, that he ll be put up in a hotel and will be very busy and even might have to work on weekends and it might be tough for me to sit with Ashu in a hotel room for 2 weeks. I wanted to go. I did nt care what Ashu will do. That's her problem! Then I realized that he is right and I ll be moping around after we reach there. Ashu wont have proper food, she might get sick, she might be bored,... So I decided to stay and mope around in a familiar environment. Last week Hd went to Bern to apply for the visa and he took our passports too just in case. The lady in the embassy said she can accept my application too but I had to come in person to collect it. And today I had to go and collect all our passports while Hd stayed home with Ashu. So on my birthday, I got a day out. Yippee! I took a train to Bern and while sitting on the train listening to Tamil songs(Lajjavadhiye! nostalgic song!) in my ipod and reading a book(the curious incident of the dog in the night time. awesome read!), looking out of the window at the beautiful scenery, drinking freshly squeezed orange juice and Hd calling me every 15 mins and putting Ashu on the phone and hearing her voice through the phone, everything was so refreshing! I was in Bern in an hour. Took a tram to the embassy, collected the passports and was back on a train to Zurich in 30 mins. I wanted to do some shopping in Bern but you have the same shops in Zurich too and there were children everywhere in prams and it made me want to get back to Ashu as soon as possible! And I was worried that Hd might set fire to the flat if at all he entered the kitchen, that is! I was back in Zurich by noon and we decided to go out for lunch. So I went directly to the restaurant and Hd came there with Ashu. First time I was going to a restaurant in 6 weeks since I came here. Except for Mc Donald's that is! Stuffed myself with Mini masala dosas, garlic naan and paneer masala. Ashu sat in her high chair and was cutting a tiny piece of paneer into 100 pieces with the silver knife which weighed a tonne. When we finished eating and the waiter cleared our plates, Ashu started screaming and asked the "uncle" to give her plate back. (Uncle, plate, kaanum) Hd and I were rolling on the floor laughing because she had such a gutted expression on her face. When we left some coins to tip the waiter, she pocketed one coin and left. Sweet revenge!

Otherwise, it was just another day, my birthday that is. Flowers, cards, cake and ice cream from Hd. A cute card from Ashu and phone calls from family. No gifts this time. I bought myself a cute shirt last week and told Hd I don't need anything else and not to waste money buying me something I don't need. He listened and I'm happy he did. Hes looking for some serviced apartments in Prague and if it works out, I might go with him for 2 weeks. Now that would be a fantastic gift!

Ok, I wrote this post on my birthday and forgot to publish! Anyway, the Prague plan got cancelled. We are thinking of going during Easter holidays since we have the visa anyway.
But doubtful since I am really scared to travel with Ashu.


kuttichuvaru said...

Many Happy Returns Boo (Belated though)!!

n hope u get to go to Prague n hav a fun time!!

By Deepa and Supriya said...

Happy B'day! Am I envious or what!?!...yo know Prgaue is on my list for must-see places...anyway, you go and I'll write to you for travel tips someday :) and I wouldn't worry too much about are extremely easy when you are'll be surprised..i think there will be enough distraction and every day chores like feeding, sleeping etc becomes a lot easier.

Anonymous said...

The curious incident of the dog in the night time - I loved it, on the other hand the lad hated it. And as to pocketing the tips, the young man still does it and when we leave the table I always have to look to make sure he is not pocketing the money :)

Happy Birthday again Boo

Tharini said...

Go go go Boo. Don't hold back. Ashu will be fine and it will be fun!! You'll see. She sounds like a happy camper and I'm sure the weather's gorgeous.

The restaurant incident was rib ticklingly funny. Sweet revenge indeed.

Tharini said...

Oh yes...a very Happy Belated Birthday to you. :)

2 and 9 is it? (Note how I am not putting those numbers together.)

Tharini said...

Don't asnwer that..for I just saw your earlier birthday post. Just wanted to say, join the club! ;)

Priya Arun said...

(Belated belated) Happy Birthday, Boo! :-)

Now that I've wished you, can I have some of the Haagen Daz, please? I hope it's chocolate ;-)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!Do go to Prague if you can, it's lovely. Think Ashu will be fine-my parents took me there when I was very young too!

Shammi said...

Happy birthday, Boo :) If you DO go to Prague and find yourself bathed in a greenish light, it will only be me, seething with envy :D

ammani said...

Happy Birthday!!! Sorry to be among the ones wishing you belatedly.

B o o said...

Kutti - Thank you. The fun part is more important than the going part! So fingers crossed.

Orchid - I know! Even I did nt think I would be going to Prague when I read your post! If only you had Egypt in your list... ;)

WA - I liked the book too. Its more for adults than children, would nt you say?

B o o said...

Tharini - I hope to visit Prague too. Lets see! 2 * 9 makes 18! I like that!

Priya - Thanks. Its Strawberry and cheesecake, my fav! HDaaz is not very popular here as Movenpick is a Swiss brand. So it was a surprise when Hd bought it for me.

MG - Thanks. Off I go to check flight tickets now!

B o o said...

Shyam - LOL! Of me? Lugging a huge bag and a toddler with a frown in my face? Dont think so!

Ammani - Thank you. These days Im happy if people forget my birthday! They dont know Im one year older! ;)

Anonymous said...

Belated B'day Wishes Boo!!!

the mad momma said...

oh... belated happy birthday.. !!! it sounds like a fun day.. though i still dont have the guts to do it... and prague sound heavenly.. all i do is visit sarojini nagar. dog in the night time made me cry.. hate such books...
my son has more energy than i know what to do with and travelling with him exhausts me.. i know what you mean !!

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