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June 06, 2006

Long time, no see!

I was blank. Just blank. Could nt think of anything to write and did not feel like writing anything at all for that matter. Probably my creative juices(I can hear you go "huh?" Ok ok, I get the point!) flow only when I am in the cubby hole of my flat in Bangalore sitting on my plastic moulded chair with one leg on the sofa and Ashu crying for my attention! Well, here I am in Bangalore after 22 days. Had a blast in my cousins wedding in Chennai. The weather was nt as bad as I had expected. My dad was staying in a hotel pretty close to the wedding hall and I took sanctuary there whenever I felt like it. And when Ashu had to go potty. And when she had to take a bath. And when she had to change into her next Pattu Paavadai. And when she went to sleep. So you get the picture, right? I was in the hotel room pretty much the entire time! :) It felt good to be decked up in Kancheepurams and jewelleries and pose for photographs after a long time! Ashu was at her crankiest and making her wear the pattu paavdai itself was such a big deal that I did nt even try to keep my hands on her hair! So she had the "just-got-up-from-sleep" look the entire time, much to my moms utter disappointment!

Anyway, its good to be back home but in 2 days Im leaving again to my parents place. On a sudden plan they are leaving for the US to be with my sister for a couple of months and I want to be there until they leave so that they spend some time with Ashu. The remote idea that I could also go with them was completely squashed when I found out that there is a 6 months waiting period for the US visa appointment in Chennai. Anyway, not like that I was desperate or something! :-P

Witchy for missing me! ;)


kuttichuvaru said...

welcome bak!!

Unknown said...

Nice to see you back. Me too sporting the same 'just got up' hairstyle for the last few months. Shame it doesnt look half as cute on me as it would on lil un :(

Anonymous said...

Madras la ivLo naaL irundheengaLe. Sathyam Theatre complex poi edavadhu nalla padam paathengaLa?

BTW neenga AIADMK member dhaane? :D

ashok said...

enne? ADMK memberaa?

B o o said...

ferrari - I was in Madras only for 3 days. BTW, theatre? Adhu eppadi irukum?!!! :) Marandhe pochu! After you come back, if you volunteer to babysit Ashu, mebbe I can get to go!! What say? :)

Like Ashok asks, what AIADMK member? Did nt get the joke, if that was one! ;)

Anonymous said...

Sure. Am ready :D

Neengalum Amma. AIADMK layum AMMA. adhaan kaetten :P

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