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June 23, 2006

Ashu - Dated today.

~> She is almost 14 months old.

~> She saw her first rainbow today.

~> "Suttum vizhi" song from the movie Ghajini is still her favorite.

~> Since she has done damage to her favorite Noddy book, he has been retired.

~> Her favorite is a book with pictures of animals now. Of the 35 animals in it, she points to the goat and says "Aadu". I am really proud of her!

~> She calls me, her dad and my mom as "Amma". Even though I pretend as if it does nt bother me, actually it does a little bit!

~> The fevicol bond is still stronger between her and my dad. I am still amazed why.

~> When asked what her name is, she very cutely says "Taashi". I am thinking about renaming her!

~> When a guest gave her a book she took it from him and said "Thans" much to my amazement. But has nt repeated it since then. Guess I was just hearing things!

~> She can point where her head, ears, ear ring, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, tummy, hands and legs are. But she always gets only 8/10 things right. Did I say I am proud of her?

~> She loves kids and calls everyone under ten as "Paapaa".

~> She unscrews her ear studs and loses them. Once she put one of them in her mouth and gave me a heart attack.

~> If you give her a box or a bag full of assorted stuff, she ll be occupied for 20 minutes. But the same box/bag won’t work the second time. Because we have photographic memory!

~> When my 3 year old niece comes home to play, Ashu does nt share her toys with her and snatches them from her. She also does nt like it when my dad holds other babies in his arms. I am really wondering where she inherited this from?!!

~> Her shaved head is really funny to touch now!

~> She is still in the "beautiful-in-every-photo" phase! Probably she ll be as long as I live!


kuttichuvaru said...

tats really a nice write-up!! Havin seen Ashu's pics, I cud imagine the visuals to most of the points :-)

Alpha said...

vely theet..ok fine, i dont sound as cute..but i did try to drive the point.

ashok said...

ha! interesting! :)

Anonymous said...

Miss her so very much!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi amma,

This blog is very nice. Thank you mummy.

BTW, I can talk very well but you dont seem to be understanding me. And I can understand everything you speak. I wanted to say that I really dont like when you fight with daddy.

I sure can type, though.

Anonymous said...

that was an amusing read... you must be a very proud mother... :)

Anonymous said...

Last line was very touching :)

The Kid said...

How on earth did you find me ?

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