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May 02, 2006

Birthday Party.

Thursday was one of the most unforgettable days in my life. My first Anniversary as a mother and how else can I prove myself than to throw a party?! And I do think it was a big hit and thereby qualifying me as a good mother, don't you think? Ashu was in full form from the morning, refusing to eat and refusing to sleep, etc.. Thankfully she slept for a while in the afternoon and after our apartment neighbor started drilling her ceiling, she got up. Guess I did nt invite that neighbor for the party! Guilty as charged! :(

Anyway, in the afternoon HD and I went to collect the Noddy cake from the other end of Bangalore. Being egg less, my very orthodox family dared to taste it. So that itself made the trip worth it. My In-laws landed in the afternoon and my dad came in the morning. So Ashu did nt know what hit her with both her doting Thathas in tow. Around 5pm, the mayhem started. 6 adults and a baby to get ready for a party! That both the Thathas took only 6 mins flat to get ready did nt make our lives any easier. Feed Ashu, clean Ashu, dress up Ashu, comb her hair, put hair clips, put bracelet, put the hair clips again as she had removed them, look for the bracelet she had removed and thrown, find her shoes, .... Man! it was really bad! And the weather was so hot that we were sweating and panting. Then we got ready and left for the Hotel. There were guests even before us. Huh oh, bad start!

The decorations were really superb. Since it was one of those rarest days with not much traffic jams, the entire office team of HD landed up by 7.15. By 8pm, the crowd got bigger. And we decided to cut the cake and start dinner in spite of my "cake connoisseur" cousin being prominently absent and making HD worry about her! ;) We had a lotus candle and when u light it, it plays a music and opens up and the petals will have a lit candle in each of them. That was really pretty. I did nt know such things existed a month back. Guess I ve a lot to learn! "Happy Birthday to you" followed and we posed for the photograph with cake in hand. The cake then disappeared to be served in the buffet for dessert. Meanwhile, the caricaturist was drawing away to glory. All the guys raided that corner and formed a long line. The caricaturist started sketching doubles. The best thing about it was that he ll just draw a big face and draw a small body with some subtle things about that person. Like my grandma with a knitting needle and a ball of wool. My cousin kicking a football and most of the guys with a bottle/glass in their hands! That was really a touch! I loved it. He signed them with the date and wrote "at Arushis Birthday" and laminated the paper with sticky cling film. That was cool.

There were around 20 kids between 10 and 6 months of age. I was distributing party hats to them and making sure I had return gifts for everyone. Some tattoo paints, books, cute clocks, pencils, toy cars, games, etc.. Around 105 people much to our surprise. I did nt think I knew so many people in Bangalore! The food was excellent though after all the excitement I could nt eat anything. Ashu was happy most of the time. She was amazed at seeing so many kids and practiced walking in her shoes. HD's friends were playing doll with her. But she did nt sit or stand even for a second for the photographer to take a picture. Now I know what they say about toddlers! I just hope I lose at least a little weight running after her. She was wearing a simple pink frock. I cud nt find anything grand. But at least she was comfortable in it. Anyway, just like that she turned ONE and became a toddler from a baby.
ps. Thank you everyone for all your kind wishes. It really means a lot to me. Thanks from HD and Ashu too! :)


kuttichuvaru said...

Happy to hear it was a grand success!!

Anonymous said...

enna boo engala invite ae pannala :-(
Just kidding..very nice to hear that the bday party was a great success!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! That sounded like so much fun. Wish I could've flown from the U.S. to be there:-) The caricaturist was an amazing touch. You have to post some photos though

Anonymous said...

Thatz a cute caricature! The guys has done a nice job!

Blogeswari said...

Cute caricature of your daughter. Engaerndu pidicheenga inda caricaturist-a?

Good to know that the party was a huge success. Have fun,Ashu!

Anonymous said...

Seems to have been a wonderful party & the caricature is chooo chweeet with the 2 rabbit teeth coming out!!!! I think u will need to post the address of yr lotus candle shop. They have a new customer next time I visit blore!!!! Good idea.
Congrats to you & HD for planning & conducting such a wonderful evening for Ashu - Jaya

Anonymous said...

nice to know the function went on well.

nice caricature. Verum thanks thaana? cake, saapadu ellaam kidaiyaatha?

B o o said...

Kutti - Thanks! Me happy too! :)

Lakshmi - Invite varalayaa?? This Indian postal service, I say!!! ;) Jokes apart, I did nt want to post the invite without actually meaning it! But u dont do the same for ur wedding, ok?!!

Deepa - Thanks a lot. Even I did nt know that the caricaturist will be a hit. Just plain luck!

B o o said...

S... - Yes they did. But the photographer made it up for them with a lousy job. Not so great! :(

Thanks Blogeswari! The guy who did the hall decor suggested the caricaturist actually. We reluctantly agreed to keep the kids busy but as it turned out it kept everyone busy! :)

Thanks Jaya. You get those candles everywhere I guess. No problem, I ll get some for you.

Dubukku - Thanks to you too. OH God! Its really embarassing when I get questions like this and you dont give up, do you?! ;) Refer my answer to Lakshmi. But next time U come to Blore or I come to ur part of the world(!), nichyamaa there will be a treat. ok?

Unknown said...

and before you know it, she will want keys to her own car !!

happy birthday to Ashu.


Anonymous said...

danks. saw your reply to Lakshmi

//But u dont do the same for ur wedding, ok?!!//

-- try pannaren. ethukkum veetula wife a kettu solren :P

Anonymous said...

how expensive was the caricature artist?

Anonymous said...

where did you get teh noddy cake from!!??? please let me email id is

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