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May 20, 2006

Made in Switzerland.

For Whomsoever it may concern:

This is to certify that Ashu is an Indian citizen and NOT a Swiss citizen. So stop asking me "Swissarland citizen aa?" As far as I know, only in the US a baby becomes an US citizen by birth. It's no so in Europe. And after I say NO, don't give me the, "Then why the heck did you have her in Swiss" look. I did because I lived there then and I felt that the medical facilities were better there than in India. And loads of other reasons which are nt that important now. But I am glad I did. I got the best of both. I had an Indian citizen and I had better service. What more can I need?

To that particular person who goes about telling everyone he sees, "This is my grand daughter, made in Switzerland":

Even though you are technically correct, cut it out Dad!


Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha!!! And some more Ha Ha Ha! :-)

Anonymous said...

let ur Dad have his fun...

Anonymous said...

It is funnier to read your the wrote than it would be if someone heard you dad say that...

Great writings!

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