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May 08, 2006

Was it wrong?

This happened yesterday. I was organizing the photos in my computer. There were so many that I did nt where to start, what to do. It got really frustrating. Should I put together all of Ashus photos into a folder? Should I put them month-wise? Should I make a list of photos to be printed? Should I write the all the photos in a DVD? Or only the ones I have nt made copies of? What if its more than 5 GB? Should I delete all the blurred photos? Should I rotate the photos and keep the copy of the original?

If you have had a Digi Cam for the past 4 years, you ll know that I'm talking about. Especially since we have lived in 3 countries in these 4 years. We go, take photos, burn them in CDs, make another copy just in case, make another copy for my parents, make another one by mistake,... and now I don't know what to do. Should I start from scratch and make DVDs now? Anyway, the confusion apart, I started organizing the photos we had taken in the past 6 months to be written in a DVD. And then I find that Ashus first 6 months photos taken in Swiss are missing. I remember seeing them a couple of weeks back though! I got a shock. But I knew we had a DVD made just before leaving Swiss and thats how we got the photos in this PC in the first place. So started looking for that DVD. It was nowhere to be found. Searching for a Disc in my house is like, for the lack of a better phrase, looking for a needle in the hay stack! There are discs in every cup board, every draw. I started panicking when I did nt find it where it was supposed to be.

One look at HD and started wondering if it ll be worth dragging him in to this. Because it ll take at least 15 mins to tell him the entire back ground and then another 15 mins of blame game and then I ll be the one to find it anyway because hes a person who cant even find an elephant let alone a needle in a haystack. But like the mistake I always seem to make hoping that one day he had to know where something is, I ask him if he had seen the DVD. 15 mins of "Which DVD? What is in it? Does it have a label? Do you know what else is in it other than Ashus photos? Did you see it in the CD folder we have? Was it in a CD case? I copied it as soon as we came to India. You ll find it in the computer. Search for it. Thallu, let me search. Ok, its not there." This time I was prepared and did nt eve bother to shout. I did nt have the strength. Then he starts looking for it in the exact same places I have looked. As if by miracle he ll find it. He does nt understand that its not a miracle that I find things for him in the exact same place he says he looked for. I have eyes! He does nt! So like expected, he does nt find it. I am really beat by now. I am about to cry. Then it hits me. "Check if its still in the DVD writer? You might have forgotten to eject it." Now he goes and looks for the external DVD writer we bought when we were in Swiss and now of no use as we got a new PC with a DVD writer. He finds it thankfully. The power chord is attached and I hit the eject button. There! The DVD if sitting smugly! I give one dirty look at HD and take the DVD.

I sit before the computer and go back to my organizing. A slow trickle of tears flow from my eyes. At the relief. At the "what if..." At the absent minded professor. At technology! Expecting an apology and a bear hug, I turn my head to see my dearest Hubby Darling gone back to his Sudoku! (He is hoping to crack his first one before Ashu starts solving them! He does nt know I ve already started training her when hes in office. So you don't ve much time darling!) I got so angry. What do you do when you cry and want attention but no one notices you are crying? Pathetic, no? Even though it was a silent tears kind of a crying, I managed to bring in a sniffle. A soft sniffle, Then a loud one, This got to get some attention. I mean, the man cant see. But surely he can at least hear! And he does. I get the apology and a bear hug too. But the moment is lost. Because of that damn sniffle! I could nt help myself though. So tell me now, was it wrong?


Tharini said...

Dear Boo,

Didn't read thru the entire post yet, but I thought I'd put in my 2 cents abt photo organisation...

1. Organise earlier photos by month, assuming u took pictures every month of her firstyear. That wud make most sense.

2. If there;s any special occasion, like her bi'day for instance, orangise it in a separate folder by occasion.

That shud cover all your photos right?

Do make a back-up of all the folders on a DVD and name that 1st year treasure! :)

And yes, make a separate folder of the ones u want prints for, and they will already be existing in thier individual months folders.

Hope this helps.

Tharini said...

Was it wrong....hmm?

I think u already know the answer to that one! :)

Anonymous said...

Nothing wrong in it Boo..the hug in the end makes it all worth!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

//A slow trickle of tears flow from my eyes. At the relief. At the "what if..." //

//A slow trickle of tears flow from my eyes//

--For what?? lost and found?...hmmmm WOMEN!!!!!! :p

Premalatha said...

Since when Balan read this (above article), he doesn't miss a single opportunity to refer this.


Just couple of days ago, after a heavy discussion about "life", (our life in specific), couple of minutes silence, both were looking at the ceiling,
Me: You know, you should understand how frustrated and disappointed I have been, it is not just a day or two...
Balan and Me together:
Balan: yeah, few days.
Me: few years:

Me: what? few DAYS? what are you, you a******!!


Yes, he did not miss the opportunity to refer the article.

Wundergal said...

Talk abt the power of the snifle... my man is blind and sometimes even deaf... increasing the volume helps!!! And like someone already said the hug is worth the snifle[s]..

Dadoji said...

You know the *real* tragedy? The husband does not have any right to expect a hug for a change. The man always giveth. Alas, we have forgotten the art of sniffling! Tears shed over a movie or a book don't count.

Anyway, your blog reminds me of many things long gone. My compliments. I will be here more often.

The Visitor said...

*sigh* I'm thinking of all the opportunities I missed to give a hug - an entire lifetime :(

Just Like That said...

Oh dear... Is HD my Hubs'twin, by any chance?
Hubs can't find an elephant in a haystack either, even if its sitting right on top! Laughed at your post a lot, am sure will feel less irritated with Hubs after reading this.

Glad alls well that ended well. Feels odd to be writing comments ages after its happened, but am commenting anyway.

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