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May 15, 2006

Feeling hot, hot, hot!

I am in Kumbakonam. Translate that as I am burning alive. Hot is not the word Im looking for. It’s like sitting inside an oven. I ll sympathize with the potatoes every time I put them in the microwave hereafter. Poor, poor potatoes! Last time when I came to KMU in Jan and saw the fan in the bathroom, I thought it was too much and told my dad so. But this time Im asking him why could nt he have got an AC for the bathroom. Sitting in the loo and reading a book looks like a luxury now!

I made the stupidest mistake by deciding to come to my parents place in the middle of May. Friends are going to Ooty and Kodai and I come to Kmu. I am in India for summer after 5 years. In Kmu for summer after 15 years. So u figure! But ( there’s always a but thank God) I am in my "PARENTS" place and (there’s always an and too, thank you again God!) Ashu is having the time of her life. True to the word, she’s running around as a jatti kutti, playing with my mom, dad, cousin, grandma, uncles, aunts, niece and occasionally coming to me. So in that sense, I’m having a great time too!! We miss her father occasionally! :)

After 5 years, I’m eating Mangoes. My favorite fruit of course! They taste even better now. So far I ve had Imam Pasandh, Bangana Palli, Kaadhar, Ottu, Paadhiri, Malgova, Sendhura, Baadhaami, Alphonsa and Kaalapaadi. I’m waiting for the love of my life, Rumaani(Ever eaten them?) which is available only at the end of the mango season. They are round with the smallest kottai(seed) and tastes like heaven! I’m drooling while I am typing!! :)

Will be here for 2 more weeks before going to Madras for a wedding! Kaancheepuram Silk Saree - Madras - a wriggly baby in Pattu Paavadai - I think I ll get an idea how hot it’s going to be in hell!! I just hope I get my favorite mango there too or is it asking for too much?


anantha said...

Sounds like you are having fun. We are following Ashu's (and yours and HDs too) over Bloglines these days. So please excuse the lack of comments on your "occasional" posts

ashok said...

I agree..nothing like too waiting for it patiently :)


Anonymous said...

Kaadhar appadinu maambazhama?
Kaadhar appadinu pakkoda dhaan theriyum :-D
rumaani is that juicy mango? Which you squeeze and drink/eat? :-D
Andhralu famouslu mangolu aache adhu

B o o said...

Anti - good to know you are around!

Ashok - Wow! Greetings from one Rumaani fan to another!

Ferrari - I can differentiate only a few varieties of mango. The rest, the mango connoisseur
of our house, my mom tells us! Rumaani is round with a very, very thin skin and smallest kottai. It has the right kind of sweet I like. Not too much inippu and not too much pulippu! U can squeeze and eat it too but to me its a sacrilege!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Now I remember. The mango I mentioned was rasaalu :-)

kuttichuvaru said...

now u r makin me so longing for all these mangoes!! poor me!!

btw, gud to knw Ashu is havin fun!!

Anonymous said...

Now, a solution to ripen mango the right way

Unknown said...

Hmmmm ippo yaaravudhu ennanna mambazham kmu la kedaikudhunnu list kettomaa :P Enga oorla alphonsa mattum dhaan kedaikkum and I have to travel miles even for that, its just not fair :((

B o o said...

Ferrari - Rasaaloo??? Adhai mattum edhuku vittu vaipaanen? Adhaiyum try pannidaren! ;)

kutti - that was the point of the post! he he he!

Anon - thanks for the info. Now u ve scared me!

5 years Witchy! 5 years! Cut me some slack and let me brag! :)

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