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March 13, 2017

How do I solve a problem like Ashu?

Every year Ashu does something really special and touching for my birthday and I tell myself that I should remember that moment of overwhelming love whenever I am upset or angry with her. But that never happens. 364 out of 365 days, I am impatient, angry, upset, mad, disappointed, etc...etc.. about one thing or the other. Things have been so bad with Ashu these last two years that I even told her 2 days earlier that I don't want her to do or give anything for my birthday and theres no point doing all these fake gestures when she has no respect for me and does nt listen to me and I even doubt if she likes me! (I am a harsh women. There, I said it!) I also warned the husband to make sure she does nt do anything for me. Yes, I spoke in anger but I somewhat meant it too. 

But since she does nt listen to anything I say anyway, as expected she shut herself in the kitchen and was doing something secretly during the weekend. I suspected she was baking a cake because Hd used to sneak out and come and ask me very quietly "what is the difference between baking soda and baking powder", "How many grams in 1 cup of butter", etc.. etc...!! Nambalaukku dhaan vandhadhum sari illai, vaachadhum sari illai!

So this morning dawned and Ashu was already in the kitchen and finally at 7.30 am a cake appeared on the table with fancy looking toast and I thanked them and then the kids went off to school and Hd to work. A friend took me out for breakfast and I had fun and came back in time to make a simple pasta lunch for the kids who come for lunch from school at 12 and go back again at 13.30. I told the kids I am not eating lunch since I had two breakfasts this morning and was going through the umpteen whatsapp groups to see who remembered and who forgot my birthday! (I am also a shallow woman!)

Ashu finished her lunch quickly and shut herself in the kitchen again and I was really curious on what she was doing now! She would nt even allow her sister inside when I sent Antu to spy on her. Uff! Finally 45 minutes later, she set the finished product on the dining table, said bye to me and ran off to school. I took one look and my jaw dropped! 

I hope this overwhelming feeling of love lasts more than 24 hours.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boo!!!

Strawberry rose looks awesome ! kudos to Ashu !


Anonymous said...

You know, I can keep sending this link every day to you as a reminder!! Does that work?

The Visitor said...

Happy Birthday Boo! Have a lovely year.
PS: The responsibility and maturity of first-borns is amazing! The child is the mother of the woman.

the three A said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Happy happy birthday thoughtful of Ashu...such a darling..chumma edhavadhu solladhinga kuttiya and also keep posting pls����

Deepa said...

Omg ! How can can you be upset with such a sweet daughter ! I have written earlier abt the commonality between our second borns and I smile at the exact feeling I share with my first born. They are stubborn creatures with mind of their own but have a heart of gold ! Aanal vaayal kedum :( my second one can weave his way by his shrewdness ! Sorry for the rant , but we had a huge family debate / discussion / argument becos of the clash between me and my FB :( and this post made me realize i aint alone . If it's any consolation boys don't express their liking too ;)

Unknown said...

happy birthday ashu.. don't be so upset and also i have an amazing site to share with you all

Gayathri said...

Hello boo,

I wrote a small note to you, but i'm unable to find your email address. Not that i expect a reply, but i want to send it.

Can you inbox me your emailid to


Me said...

Happy Birthday Boo!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday ungalukku.
Add a jagajaala killaadi to your tags. Paavam unga chamatthu kondhaiya romba paduthadheengo. Sandhadi saakkula aathukarara vera oru idi.
Self ding on shallow woman comment vera. Evlo infrequenta blogpost pottaalum, you still havent lost that touch that we found endearing on your first post.

Panharith said...

If it's any consolation boys don't express their liking too ;)

แตกใน xxx

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