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March 19, 2015


It was my "Happy Birthday" last week. Why does 37 seems so much older than 36? Antu gets a kick out of telling "When I am zero, you were 30 Amma and when I was one you were 31, when I am two you were 32,... ". She can't wait to turn 7 so that our ages are in sync once more.  Little joys of life! I told Hd to stop buying gifts for the sake of buying and get me a bicycle instead and he obliged. I realized I have never had a brand new cycle. I always got my sisters bike while growing up. And once I got my Kinetic Honda in college, there were no more bicycles. We bought an used rickety cycle here in Swiss a few years back which we sold when it looked like we were moving to the US! Between breaking my leg 2 years back and Antu being quite small, we four never cycled together as a family. Hd and Ashu used to go once in a while and Ashu enjoyed biking a lot. Then last year Antu took to cycling quite a bit too and this year seemed perfect for the four of us to go biking as a family and the new mountain bike could nt have come at a better time. We set out with our bikes on Saturday. Spring is almost here and it was a beautiful day. While Ashu and I rode like the wind, the two slow pokes lagged much behind. We managed about 10 Kms and loved it. The last 500 metres to home is totally uphill and I almost died. I found a better bike trail without much uphill and tried it out the next day and loved it. Thanks to Hd for the great gift.

Ashu made me a beautiful bead necklace with bottle caps as lockets and her photo and mine in each of the bottle caps and I almost cried when she showed me and wore it proudly the whole day showing it off to everyone. Antu made me a necklace too and showered me with hugs and kisses the whole day. She even refused to go to her BFFs house for a playdate and stayed home with me. Hd took me out for a fancy dinner and we had a great time. A very good friend had a birthday breakfast for me with a few friends at her house and I felt like a school kid going to school on her birthday wearing "colour dress"! It was a great day. Antu was very curious about our "in sync" age and asked, "How old will you be when I am 50, Amma?"  "I will be 80", I said. "And when I am 80?" "She will be dead, Antu", answered Ashu quickly! That kid will do anything to get out of a math question, I tell you.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday boo! Wish you loads of fun bicycling .... The last line mothers punch ;) is always a boo special ...

yaadayaada said...

Ashu made picture locket necklace.. not Antu.. Tch tch tch!
Happy Birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Boo..wishing you lots of family cycle time!!!

Me said...

Happy Birthday Boo!

& YY beat me with that comment...Guessed it was Ashu :)

..Boo is getting old ..showing signs by mixing names :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Burp'day dearest Boo. Such a lovely birthday you had with the girls and the the Hd. Was such fun to read. Let me know when you're in the bay area next and we'll do a belated celebration at my place. You got me thinking about the biking thingie, you know I used to hate biking it from my hostel to the department in Trichy but now here with time constraints and what nots it feels like a luxury to get to do it. I must start doing it again now that spring is already playing peek-a-boo with us here:-)


Anonymous said...

Lovely boo...many many happy returns of the day ....wishing you loads and loads of great times ahead:)...age is only a number for us when two gals are at home;:)

B o o said...

Thank you for the wishes, kind people.

Aneela Z said...

Just for that eat your vitamins, live up to 110 and defy your daughters with maths queries.

Anonymous said...

belated happy birthday Boo.
I love your blog.


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