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January 28, 2012

The One with the New Ipad.

I am alive! I am alive! Acute bloggers block and a busy,busy January made me neglect this blog for quite a long time. It has not even been three weeks since we came back from the US but feels like a year already. Numerous school events, dinner parties and potlucks and organizing a surprise baby shower made my life super busy. Not to mention the new dining table, coffee table and side board we bought which we had to assemble all by ourselves. The side board is still lying on the floor in various pieces. Wonder when its time will come!

The kids? Oh, they are enjoying the winter. Its snowing outside right now and Antu is doodling in her doodle board while Hd and Ashu have gone skiing. Life is good especially from the indoors! :)

Ipad has made an entry in our lives as well. A very indulgent Bil (and Sis, I should add!) gifted one to our family. I say family but he gave it to Ashu!! Now you know why we visit US very frequently! ;) Anyway, what with Bils Ipad and the new Ipad, both kids were sitting with one ipad each all the time while we were in the US. If not that, there was the TV of course! What it being vacation and all, I tried to let it go. And since I was coming back alone with the girls, (Hd left a few days earlier) I gave in and loaded all kinds of apps in the ipad for the kids to play in the flight. (Because stupid American Airlines does nt even have a TV and its a loooooooong flight!) While going from here, Ashu drew and colored page after page in her drawing book. Antu read her books again and again or heard music. But of course everything changed while coming back because we have the ipad now!! And to top it off, both of them refused to take turns and were fighting for the ipad! Hello? I was bored too! I needed the ipad to play Temple Run as well!! And once when Antu howled and refused to take turns, I completely lost it! Shoved the ipad in my bag and told the girls that they are being total brats and they are grounded forever! The rest of the flight was quite peaceful, I should say. Once we reached home, I sat them down and told them that they are nt getting any screen time the rest of January and they agreed. And from February 1st, we ll go back to our usual routine. Which is 30 mins TV on Wednesdays and one movie on Fridays. Weekends are flexible. They can watch a bit if we are home.(and depending on how crazy they drive me!) And they can choose if they want to play something on the laptop or watch TV. This was how it has been for the past one year.

It was quite a shock to Hd more than the kids when the new rule of total ban was imposed! Especially in this cold weather when we cant even go to the park after school! He was sure I ll become even more badhrakaali than usual and started coming back late from work! But problem came from a new angle. Antu got up the next day after the ban and asked first thing in the morning, "Is today February the first?" "No, Antu. Its 11th January." She came back from school at 11.30 and asked "Is it February the first now?" "No, Antu. There are 20 days more to February." 3 pm - same question. 4 pm - ditto. By 5 pm - I was ready to switch on the TV!!!! But resisted and let Ashu handle the questions! Ashu dragged her to a calendar and showed her that February is long time away and not to make it any longer by asking this question every hour!!! Ashu had technical doubts though. "Does it mean no TV, no ipad, no laptop?" "Can I still check the weather in the itouch like I do everyday?" "What if I need to used the laptop for my homework?" "Can I see photos in the ipad please?". When the answer was NO to every question, she knew I meant business. Once we went to a friends house for dinner, she refused to watch TV there with the other kids saying that its not Feb 1st yet! Antu has no such qualms, of course!

Honestly I thought that the ban would last a week and I would be at wits end by then and give them a talk and lift the ban! But by one week, they did nt even ask for TV or Ipad anymore and started inventing so many cools ways to play that I was so thrilled! They made a TV out of the packing materials of the dining table one day. And once the dining table was assembled, they pretended that the narrow glass top of the table is TV and camped under the table and watched "Tangled"! (Hd tried to over rule the ban right about now!) The long white thermocol piece was painted and used as a road and they played with cars! Books were read by dozens. Shelves were organized and Antu were perpetually dress-upping all the time! Like today, they spent an hour playing "One hundred adventurers". Which is to run around the house with a measuring tape and hunt for things which are exactly 100 cm long!! Innovative or what! It has been so much fun that Im looking for a loop hole to continue the ban all of February! But Hd being the softie he is has told me sternly that I can not do that! All because he forgot about the ban and showed something to Antu on the ipad one day and she came screaming to me saying, "Its not february 1st yet, its not february 1st yet!" What can I do? I cant help being a terror to my kids!

Anyway, I totally get how some people dont have TV in their house. Its so liberating. Even though TV was always rationed in our house, it always bugged me that they watched TV when they could be doing so much fun stuff! Especially with Antu. At least Ashu would always prefer a book or a story or painting over TV. Antu was/is a total addict! She would even sell her parents to watch Dora! But then, the apple does nt fall from the tree. At the ripe old age of 16, I skipped +2 physics tution class because the timing clashed with Doogie Howser MD! One cant fight Karma, thats for sure!


Choxbox said...

Awesome! And tell them you meant Feb 1st of 2013!

yaadayaada said...

Meanie mom!!

utbtkids said...

>>one day and she came screaming to me saying, "Its not february 1st yet, its not february 1st yet!

Still laughing, with tears in my eyes :))

Now, I have to implement some kind of ban for the husband. He is killing me with sad puppy dog eyes, mournful expression and lots of sighs - the man wants HD TV and I am not letting that happen.

Sachita said...

Antu is all you, isnt it? :)

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Congratulations .... you know the first few days are the hardest. Once the kids really get the message clear, they almost forget about it. I find it harder to follow the rule all because of BP ... he just melts at the sight of his daughters. The kids are easier to handle.

Neera said...

Totally agree! And even I fall in love with the kids' creations out of everyday things although Vansh just needs an excuse to the bring the whole house out to the living room - blankets, pillows, suitcases because they are always on a world tour!!! Yeah how much we sacrifice by not letting them watch TV and chosing to clean up the big mess! I hope it pays off in the long run!
I wonder what was your friend's reaction when Ashu said no to TV at the dinner.

--Sunrise-- said...

Ha, Boo akka/aunty, I simply love this post! I read it before, but re-reading it again has given me a new perspective on it... why, you ask - because my THREE YEAR OLD COUSIN (I kid you not!) got an iPad for his birthday, and I now completely understand what you mean about kids being glued to the iPad! He is only three but he can play all sorts of games on it etc. etc. Maybe I should show my auntie this blog post, as she herself is going through a phase of working out how to discipline the kid with the iPad! :) He pulls that adorable puppy face when he wants it, it's so difficult not to give it to him..

When I was Ashu's age or so, my parents used to ban and discipline me with books because they were the one thing I loved and could not keep away from. Now the new generation has changed so much that bans and disciplines come in the form of 'screen times' and REWARDS come in the form of books... sigh!

Absolutely amazed at the creativity of your two girls, amazing how kids can flourish in their imagination given the right push and nurturing, think you need to give yourself some kudos too there! ;)

dipali said...

I'm glad you are my friend and not my mommy! (Just joking) Yes, life can be great without TV. I need to wean myself off it again.

bigindianwedding said...

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