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October 28, 2011

Jucker Farm.

Last Sunday, we took the kids to Jucker Farm. The day was bright and sunny, just the kind of day to go to a pumpkin farm! It was pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere! Pumpkin sculptures, pumpkin houses, lanes lined with pumpkins, the prize winning pumpkins,... Total pumpkin heaven! The farm had rows of apple and cherry trees and in Summer, they have strawberry and raspberry picking too! We took in the sights, went on a horse carriage ride around the farm, picked apples, sat on the hammocks and rocked, sat on the benches with the gorgeous lake view and drank Sussmost,... For lunch, we ate Pumpkin soup, pumpkin bread, raclette with pumpkin and pumpkin brownies!!! Can you beat that?

Here are some photos.

1. Swiss Army Knife.

2. Odd one out?

3. All kinds, shapes and colours!

4. Orange is the colour of the season.

5. Pumpkin seats.

6. Picking flowers.

7. Bliss!

8. The first prize winning pumpkin weighed 701 kilos!!!

9. Pumpkin Art.

10. House made of pumpkins.


yaadayaada said...

cool pix! cooler tags!

ashok said...

Iam stumped by the pumpkin art! seems u had a blast of a time...enjoy!

mc said...

So colorful! Amazing pumpkin art. Thanks for sharing. Wish we had a farm like that here..'s already snowing!

HINDI SMS said...

very beautiful views.

Artnavy said...

u want to adopt me?

B o o said...

YY - thanks.

Ashok - we saw the guy carving it. he did the other side too! he did it so effortlessly! i was amazed!

mc - *touchwood* the weather has been great here. it was freezing this time last year.

HINDI SMS - yup.

Art - WHY? I want you to adopt me so that I can live in your beautiful house! :)

Choxbox said...


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