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October 12, 2011

The Sound of Music.

Last weekend we decided to show Sis a typical Swiss outdoorsy day out! When a friend suggested we do a child friendly hike, we jumped on the offer. Since we did Elm recently, we knew Antu was ready! This time we went to a place called Alt St.Johann in Toggenburg which is 1 1/2 hours drive from Zurich. We parked the car there and bought our cable car tickets. We took the cable car up to Sellamat. And the Klangweg (Sound Trail) begins here. There are around 23 different musical stations along the way. There are things for the kids to bang, clang, hit... and they get to experience different sounds from stone, wood, bells,etc... The kids looked forward to the next sound station which kept them motivated to walk and the whole experience was fantastic. I loved it. We began the trail thinking that we ll take the cable car half way through but ended up doing the whole (approx. 6.5 km) trail which took us a good six hours including a long lunch break and the various photo sessions.

It helped that most of the trail was down hill. The views were breathtaking and it was a warm and bright day to boot. A pleasant surprise for October! Ashu had company with the friends little girl, so she was set. It was so cute to watch them walk hand in hand. Antu was a good sport walking the first half and sleeping in her stroller in the second half. The trail for the most part was stroller friendly which was a relief. We had lunch in a restaurant at Iltios which had a huge outdoor play area with trampolines, swings and slides and also had more music stations where the kids banged and clanged some more!

From Iltios, we walked and walked to get to Oberdorf from where we took the cable car down to Wildhaus. We were lucky to have reached the place before they closed! We would have been totally stranded if we had nt taken that last cable car! From Wildhaus, we had to take a bus back to Alp St.Johann. The bus ride was around 15 minutes. Quite an exhausting but a fulfilling day! The temperature dipped down to single digit after that lovely weekend so it was a perfect way to end what seemed like an extended summer this year! Ski slopes! Here we come! Rather, here we bring Ashu! :)


Meera said...

Beautiful views!!! Those bells remind me of our trip to Grindelwald last year. I was busy photographing a cow with the bell when it started mooing vigorously and started prancing towards me. Was in mortal fear..of course there was a fence and the cow moved only a few steps but I can be dramatic right?
Its so nice to see Ashu wearing two pigtails...

ashok said...

Nice to see the kids enjoying... seems like a beautiful place!

Anonymous said...

Is this a very European thing? I have been to so many trails in so many states in USA, never observed "kid-specific" or "kid oriented trails"! I should hunt for these in this part of the world. What a cool idea, I can imagine how crazy-happy Daya and Divya would have been if they get to cling-clang and run down a hill too ... wow ... what a creative idea how family-conscious, how nice of them to be thinking on these lines and implement it too ... Is that like a ski-resort where they are trying to get people coming during summer? or actually a government forest area? I keep thinking what would these people be called professionally - the ones who actually come up with these cool ideas and make them happen too! What a job it would be!

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