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August 21, 2011

Radha Krishna!

My mom is a major Krishna Bakthai. This time in India, she gave me all the jewellery she had bought for the kids and asked me to dress them up. Once they were dressed, she took them to everyones house in our street and flaunted them. They came home with arai dozen Marie biscuits! On that note, Happy Krishna Jayanthi/Gokulashtami/Janmashtami everyone!


Mum's delight said...

Lovely snap. They both like they're enjoying it tremendously! How do you celebrate Janmashtmi here? Do you go to the Shree Krishna temple?

noon said...

Tooooo cute!!!

The Visitor said...

Ashu looks so grown up! Time flies.
Happy Gokulashtami Boo.

ashok said...

nice to see them enjoying their roles...

Me said...

awesome krishnar & radhai...& happy gokulashtami boo

Vidya said...

lovely! they are dressed/decked so nicely!

A and A said...

Very Nice! Same thing happens in our town(? or village) too. My parents and in-laws love to do the costume thingy(Mostly krishna and radha, occasionally madisar :)). Very amusing for my nieces. Now I have to see what is waiting for my babies :)

Anonymous said...

super cute.. Ashu is very tall now..
did you make cheedai for Janmashatami?

Sujatha Ramesh

cantaloupes.amma (CA) said...

Happy Janmashtami !

Choxbox said...

verry cute!

B o o said...

Thanks guys. FYI - only costumes supplied by mom. I take full credit for the dressing up! :)

Mum's delight - check out my recent post. thats how i celebrated Janmashtami! :))

Anonymous said...


mc said...

Romba romba azhagu. Costume and dress up - totally worth it! And Ashu's turning out to be so gorgeous.

Islam said...

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